15 June, 2013

Fairy Beauty: Fairy Whitez & Fairy Blossom

Recently I was introduced to a health brand exclusively for woman (Guys can take too, no harm ya!), Fairy Beauty which is specially formulated in New Zealand.

Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom is similar to collagen drinks that help you obtain eternal beauty and good body health, but in a safer way. Introduced in April 2012, Fairy Beauty uses advance bioactive nanotechnology to help solve wide spectrum of beauty and health issues with its Fairy Beauty Natural Botanical

During the workshop organized by Fairy Beauty, I learned that 
Fairy Beauty solution helps you in 5 ways:

1. Relieve (Eradicate free radicals and toxins)
2. Repair (Restore damaged tissues)
3. Rejuvenate (Increase metabolism and regeneration of new calls)
4. Replenish (Enhance viltaliy and revive youthfulness)
5. Reserve (Defend aginst premature aging)

We were glad to have MayJune (陈įžŽå›) to share her experience trying these beauty products. Amazingly, her body started showing positive changes only after few weeks of consumption!

Fairy Whites (10 bottles x 22ml)

First product from Fairy Beauty series is the Fairy Whitez. As the name suggests, it helps enhance your skin complexion with the goodness of marine peptides and healing plant extracts such as mulberry and lingonberry.

1. Reduce wrinkles
2. Skin brightening
3. Reduce dark circles
4. Reduce pigmentation

I want to experience skin that stays young forever too!!

Special thanks to Fairy Beauty, I was given 1 month supply of this product. 
It tastes mildly sour (I have tried even stronger flavour!),  probably because of the berries and kiwi extracts. For me, I love the sweet sour flavour that opens up my palate early in the morning :)

For best result, take 1-2 bottles daily before breakfast. And I've been consuming it for a week now, so far I feel that my skin has less breakouts and not as pale as before. The effect is quite evident that I think I should continue consuming it and share with you the results!

You may wonder if it causes weight gain / hormonal disruption. Fortunately, the answer is NO.  It is safe to drink for all ages above 16 (Yes,even for guys!).  However, pregnant women should avoid taking this ya.

Fairy Blossom (10 bottles x 22ml)

Another product from Fairy Beauty is the Fairy Blossom, specially curated for ladies. This is even more awesome-- I can haz a sexy, attractive and confident body within 2 weeks of consumption!

1. Breast enlargement & firming
2. Relieve menstrual problem
3. Improve bone and joint health
4. Balance hormones 
5. Replenish vitamins and minerals

For girls, one of our main concerns is menstruation pain that is unavoidable each month. Some of my girlfriends will feel tired and moody all week long, but thanks to Fairy Blossom, say Bye-Bye to the pain and enjoy your day! :)

Please do share this with your Mama, Aunty or elder women around you! Fairy Blossom also helps to reduce menopause symptom-- Meaning lesser mood swing and firmer breast!

Shyly, MayJune shared that Fairy Blossom is pretty effective for bust enhancement. However, for prolonged effect, you should continue taking it by reducing the dosage to 1 bottle every alternate day.

FiSh & MayJune

Each box has 10 bottles (22ml each), retailing for RM89 per box.

Fairy Whitez and Fairy Beauty are currently available at Caring Pharmacy, AEON Wellness Pharmacy, Farmasi Alpha and independent pharmacies nationwide. They are coming to Watsons and SASA in this July! 

For more information, visit:
Website: www.fairy2u.my

Contact: 603-6257 3700 / 3722
Fax: 603-6257 3755
Email: enquiry@fairy2u.my


  1. such a good product and fishiee will be fairer everyday! :P

  2. well that's a great product for girls at it seems yummy haha


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