16 June, 2013

Yves Rocher: Encounter with The Lilac Box

If you're a frequent shopper, I bet you've seen the Yves Rocher outlets around major shopping malls throughout Malaysia. Well, it is not something new for me, but at the same time I'm not very familiar to this beauty brand. 

Therefore, I'm grateful that it collaborates with The Lilac Box to organize a beauty workshop for us to know more bout ourselves and the brand itself. 

Backed by strong history since 1959, Yves Rocher is a prominent beauty brand that transforms the French botanical garden into beauty products including makeup, skincare, bodycare, fragrance and even men's care!

Strawberry and blackberry exfoliant and body lotion are some of the star products that lure me with their ultra good smell! For the sweet and feminine range, there are plenty of fruity flavours that make me feel as if these products are edible...

The strawberry exfoliator smells even sweeter than the strawberry jam at home!

Knowing their products alone isn't sufficient, because we need to know which suit us the best! The skin analysis by Yves Rocher's personnel is going to reveal the answer in split seconds.

This skin 'scanning' machine looks like the one used by optometrist. 
It captures the picture of my bare face...

....which looks like this on the screen. The genius who invented this system is going to tell me what type of skin I have and which area of concern should I put more care on. 

Thank god my skin age is 4 years younger than my biological age! 
I'm 17,  yay!

Hydra Vegetal 24-Hour Intense Hydrating Gel Cream

In terms of pigmentation, roughness, pores, acne and roughness, everything is under control...but uh-oooh for my UV spots! The beauty consultant recommends me to use more sunblock since I always stay outdoors T___T ...And always remember to apply this gel cream at night!

It is actually one of the latest, best-selling product in Yves Rocher. To my liking, it is a very flowy, slightly milky and non-sticky type of face cream. Infused with Organic Witch Hazel Water, this feels more like a lotion for me. Now I'm convinced that it is able to intensely hydrate my skin for 24 hours

Today is my first day of using it, and I'm on my way towards achieving fresh and rediant skin!

Discovering your scent personality is just as important as knowing your skin. WHY? Because wearing different fragrance tells people different personality bout yourself, so be careful not to wear the wrong one that delivers wrong signals ya!

Woody, floral and natural scents by Yves Rocher are on display.

Un Matin Au Jardin Series- Rose, Lilac, Citrus

Through the personality test, I fall under the category of 'natural' person who loves simplicity, carefree and appreciate simple pleasures in life. So enjoying the freshness and delicate scent of flowers in bloom should be part of me.

Agrumes En Fleurs EDT (Un Matin Au Jardin series)

Strongly recommended by the fragrance expert, this Agrumes En Fleurs EDT exudes a strong citrus scent that instantly freshens up my mind and soul. I simply love the minty lemon fragrance!

Naturelle: Fresh Sparkling EDT
How bout some oceanic scent for you? :) 

Best matched with my personality, this bottle of Olive Oil Body Lotion is specially for me. As much as I love pickled olives and the oil, this body lotion smells pretty similar here. Very mild in scent and it makes me feel closer to nature.

Yves Rocher is having sales up to 70% now! I had so much fun shopping with the girls, after our lunch date with Yves Rocher and the guys behind Lilac Box, Kygan and Rudy.

Before the event comes to a close, there is a lucky draw session for us girls! Who isn't hoping to own the full set of Yves Rocher cosmetics which is the grand prize of the day!

Thank You Kygan for picking my name!
 I won myself a consolation prize that worth RM145!

Here's my new love: Limited Edition Eyeshadow for Smoky Eyes

Rudy, Jennifer, FiShiee, Kygan

Overall, I love my second date with Lilac Box after the previous one with REN Skincare. Although it's a short 2.5 hours session, I have tried and tested almost all the products of Yves Rocher. If you ask which product do I recommend, I think the body care (Shower gel, lotion and exfoliator) would be my best pick!

Can't wait for the third date with The Lilac Box and Yves Rocher's sister company.
Stay tuned! :) 

For more information, please visit: 
International Website: www.yves-rocher.com


  1. OMG FiShiee you so fast!! :O Looks like a really nice event. :D

  2. wow i wanna try that system too! my skin probably age like 30! TT

  3. why does some beauty products looks tasty hahaha

  4. I think I will dare not to try on that skin scanning machine >.<


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