01 July, 2013

BLOOP Candy Makeup Party x HiShop

Hey Sweeties! Do you recognize this cute pinky kiosk at Sunway Pyramid? It's BLOOP!

To be honest, I'm a frequent shopper at Sunway Pyramid (coz' it's so near to my house!) but I hardly drop by at BLOOP to stock up my cosmetic supplies......until HiShop Malaysia recently organized a Candy Makeup Party for the girls, and I finally get to try all the lovely BLOOP products!

 BLOOP is a beauty bar for the trendy ladies nowadays by offering various lines of products including makeups, nail polish, perfume, skincare and cosmetic accessories.

The woman behind BLOOP has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, backed by a global team of experts that understand what YOU desire for your ideal cosmetic! Thanks to their innovations and the technology advancement, Bloop has made makeup so easy and fast...let's see how...

Our Candy Makeup Party commenced with a personalized nail pampering session 
where we had fun with our favourite nail polish.

Anyone fancy the Crackle Nail Polish?

Bloop is all about the women empowerment and pursue your dreams. 
Now unleash your personality with COLOURS!


Cute Kimmi Doll EDT, Perfume and LOTS More!

A welcoming speech from BLOOP. Celia, the Brand Elevation and Architecture Manager 
gave a brief introduction of BLOOP.

Meet the founder of BLOOP, Mrs. Chan! She gonna show us the basic makeup demo...

Step 1: Water Base Makeup Remover
Gently lifts and dissolves makeup for face, lips and eye area

I always love water makeup base remover that keeps my skin moist while effectively removes the waterproof and long lasting makeups on my face. This does a pretty good job, and pretty moist for the most delicate eye area :)

Step 2: Marine Cleansing Gel
Purify and refine skin with comfort and softness 
Contains soothing plant extracts for sensitive skin

Step 3: Marine Botanical Toner
Restores pH, moisturizes skin
Tightens and refines pores

Step 4: Marine 4 in 1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Antioxidant healing with maximum skin protection
Moisturizes skin with rich pure aloe vera

Cleanser and toner are must-haves for my daily skincare regime, but this is my first time trying the aloe vera gel. Instead of day / night cream, BLOOP introduced a gel-based moisturizer to lock moisture in your skin and it smells really great!

Foundation MakeUp
From Left to Right:

Step 5: Cream Foundation SPF 25
Non-oily cream foundation to smooth out imperfections and protect skin.
Locks in moisture, perfect for everyday use.

Step 6: Two Way Cake
Ultra smooth and velvety soft powder adheres to skin to cover imperfections.
Absorb sebum and sweat, giving skin a luminous flawless look all day.

Step 7: Blusher SPF 25
Silky soft and refined mono powder blusher allows colors to stay long and smooth.
Comes with soft bristle brush that provides a sheer soft application for a natural blush look.

The Cream Foundation SPF 25 is something impressive for me! Why? Because a very thin layer is sufficient to cover my pores, giving a smooth complexion. And the best thing is it's not oily at all.

Powder foundation is something I normally use too, but this has a 360° rotating mirror that eases the application, especially when I'm driving hahaha *although it's not recommended to put on makeup in the car*

Eye MakeUp
Step 8: Cream Foundation SPF 25
A good eyeshadow palette is probably every girl's best friend. Let's have fun! 

I told the BLOOP staff that I wanted something natural yet eye-catching. 
And here's the result! 

How bout some kawaii Lip Balm for you? :)

Lips MakeUp
Step 9: Candy Duo Lipstick

It has a matte lipstick on one side and a matching shiny lipgloss on the other. 
After applying color on the lips, add some shine to make your lips more kissable!

Thank You for the great assistance throughout the makeup session! :)

A Candy Makeup Party wouldn't be complete without CANDY

BLOOP is probably the sweetest organizer ever! 
Thanks to the Candy Crush lookalike jelly beans and M&M candies to satisfy my sweet cravings.

Irresistibly Good Mini Doughnuts!

FiShiee, Kah Mon and our petite sweet treats ♥♥

The sugar dose didn't just end there! There were plenty of sugary candy, 
marshmallows and Snickers that reminded me of my childhood good time

Cupcakes, anyone? 

Before the party came to a close, congratulations to the Best Candy Makeup winners and Lucky Draw winners! They've gotten RM100 cash voucher to shop at www.hishop.my! *envy*

Here's my verdict: 
Overall Experience with BLOOP:
1. A diversified, pocket-friendly brand for the teens and young adults especially newbies to makeups. 
2. Lots of sweet-looking cosmetics and beauty products to choose from--- All come in numerous shades and colours that suit different personality. 
3. Recommended: Nail Polish, Marine Cleansing Gel, Marine 4 in 1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel

At the end of the session, I finally understand BLOOP's makeup equation:
Bloop = Make Up - (The Fuss) + Fun x Your Imagination!

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don't forget to subscribe to HiShop at http://www.hishop.my/subscribe!

Claim your exclusive RM20 rebate by entering the discount code:
*With minimumpurchase of RM99, valid until 31 August 2013

For more information, kindly visit: 
HiShop Malaysia Website: www.hishop.my
HiShop Facebook: fb.com/hishopmy
HiShop Instagram: @hishopmy
HiShop Twitter: twitter.com/hishopmy

BLOOP Website: www.bloop-bloop.com
BLOOP Facebook: fb.com/bloopinc
BLOOP Instagram: @bloopcosmetics
BLOOP Twitter: twitter.com/bloopcosmetics

BLOOP Store Locator: 
Klang Valley
Wisma Haniffa KL
Parkson, KL Festival City Mall
Sunway Pyramid, LG1.65 (LG Floor, Old Wing)
The Store, Pacific Hypermarket Mentakab
Genting Highland First World Plaza, LOT F/L 2A.33 (Level T2A)

Ipoh Parade, G40 (Ground Floor)

Sunshine Square, First Floor, Bayan Baru GAMA, Georgetown
Parkson, Gurney Plaza

Kota Bharu
Parkson, KB Mall


  1. I love the name. Bloop candy is really cute. Absolutely appealing to the girls.

  2. Yeah, I remember Bloop! Would always see it whenever I'm in Pyramid, but never really had the chance to look and see the products.

    I must really take a look at it now that I'm thinking of getting an eyeshadow palette. =D

  3. Love all their products has colourful and cute packaging (:

  4. I don;t use such product so i guess i'll focus on the sweeties haha


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