14 September, 2013

Travelling Tips: Internet Roaming with DiGi

Greetings from Singapore! 

I just came back from Singapore some time ago, and the trip was absolutely fun except for one part... that is my shockingly high mobile phone bill! Well, at that time I didn't realize that money is burning away every second I use data roaming overseas! 

Lesson learnt. For my upcoming overseas trip, I will not repeat the same mistake because DiGi now offers ultimate deal for roaming via mobile phone, computer and even tablet. Being one of the market leaders in Malaysian telecommunication industry, DiGi Roaming enables you to roam with 41 operators worldwide at a daily max cap from as low as RM32/day

For a heavy data users like me, I'm always on my smartphone to browse on Facebook and Instagram, to constantly reply messages on Whatsapp and LINE, while checking my emails every couple of hours. 

When I'm doing these again abroad, I will make sure I activate my data roaming so that I won't be charged more than the daily max cap. With DiGi, data usage of 3MB and above will be charged at a flat rate of RM32/ RM36/ RM56 per day

Since the rates differ in various countries, do check the latest roaming rate at digi.com.my/roaming.
Just select a country of your choice, and the roaming rate will be displayed.

Whereas regular users will be charged based on "Pay as You Use" method.

Data usage less than 3MB will be charged at: 
• RM10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM32/day
• RM12/MB with 10kb charging block for RM36/day
• RM18.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM56/day

You may wonder how much is the 1MB used according to different individuals. If you have a picture with an average size of 60KB, you can upload about 15 pictures with 1MB. For Whatsapp messages, about 1000 messages (without attachment) can be sent/received via Whatsapp for 1MB, based on about 1KB per message.

I can now Instagram my picture from Singapore for as low as RM32/day,
No more bill shock when I travel and dataroam overseas!

Time to be a DiGi user, and surf the Internet with confidence when you travel overseas!

To find out the latest rate for specific countries, kindly log on to digi.com.my/roaming
and enjoy your trip without worrying your bill there!


  1. I also burnt my pocket when I used the sim card that I bought in Spore to surf the net. LOL

  2. I need this internet roaming cause i know some countries don't offer free wifi... better be safe right? :)

  3. Very nice information sharing.I am also using DiGi Telecommunications .It is a good data roaming service provider .I was previously using another network plan .For using the sim i unlocked my mobile from TheUnlockSpot.com.

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