16 October, 2013

Confessions of A Flight Attendant with EduFly

After watching the popular TVB drama, Triumph In The Skies 2 (冲上云霄), I secretly wished to grow few cm taller so that I can be an air-stewardess. The airplane will be my workplace, and I get to meet people from all walks of life and travel around the world. A glamorous career up in the sky, imagine how cool is that!

"If you have a Dream, Go get it!" 

People often say that dream can become reality if you strive for it. 
Thanks to EduFly and Nuffnang, I can be an air cabin crew for a day!

To be a flight attendant, it is best to have a minimum height of 157cm bare-foot for female (165cm for male). What if I'm short? No worries, certain airlines set high requirements but local ones like Air Asia is not so strict in that. It's more important to have basic etiquette,  good personal image and strong interpersonal skill for an airline cabin crew. That's why I was at EduFly Aviation training centre to groom myself! 

What is EduFly?

EduFly is the only Cabin Crew Academy in Malaysia that provides a full-fledged 2-months intensive training course that answers all your worries with the following benefits:
  • EduFly doesn't train you for the interview; it directly secures the job for you.
  • EduFly provides training as if you already got the job.
  • EduFly uses ICAO and DCA approved syllabus which is a standard use for airlines.
  • The training includes safety regulatory courses that will help you pass the license examination.

And you only need to pay the course fees AFTER you successfully fly as a cabin crew with any airline. In other words, it's a job guaranteed training course! You don't have to pay anything if you can't get a job after that.

Lesson 1: Grooming and Deportment 

There we were at the grooming classroom. I used to admire the female flight attendants, all so well-groomed in their sleek uniforms. And all the girls put extra effort into their look, they are so pretty in a professional way. What's the trick behind it? Make Up! And we totally transformed after the makeover.

The bubbly lady in blue was our makeup guru of the day who is an experienced flight attendant of Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Our Asian face needs more colours to look more energetic and friendly to the passengers in the plane, so she did a demo on Daphne and Ashley, and yeah we spent hours playing with the eye palettes and makeup tools.

She also shared with us her experience of flying abroad, with New Zealand as her current most visited country. Apart from the basic salary, all cabin crew are given additional allowance for every trip they make, depending on the distance and duration of each flight. Sometimes they can earn thousands just from one trip! Imagine how lucrative the job is =) 

Arigatou sensei, do I look more presentable after the makeover (plus the scarf around my neck)?

Next part is the hair! An air-stewardess' hairstyle is always locked in a bun or twist, do not let down the hair or tie them into a ponytail or braids. Jane's was the basic French twist, so elegant looking and nicely done.

 It's my turn! But my hair is too thick and short for French twist, so let's try another pattern.

 Mine was a bun, secured with a hair bun sponge. Bangs should be swept sideways.

Jane and I. Oh I forgot to give some color to my lips.

They also tested us on the minimum height our arm can reach when lifted up. Qatar Airways and Emirates have the highest requirement among all. Then we learned the basic gestures and movement as a flight attendant. A smile is of course a powerful weapon for this job, so keep smiling and radiate happiness to the passengers. 

EduFly Academy is also equipped with lots of facilities, so that we learn in a fun way. 
Front Desk 

Lounge / Waiting Area

Lesson 2: In-flight Service Procedures at the MockUp Airplane

At EduFly, you can feel the atmosphere in an aircraft cabin. You'll be taught how to communicate with your co-workers, serve the people on board with flight meals, and attend to their requests.

Welcome on board! This area is under my control today hahaha

Enjoyed my airline meal while having class. Lol
Elie, Jessica and I were busy taking pictures on the plane too.

Great job, Jane!

Plain water is too boring for you? I serve whisky too!

 Lesson 3: Safety Emergency Procedures and First Aid

Members of the cabin crew were expected to play much of a role in emergencies. Imagine if there is no doctor / medical practitioner on board when somebody is suffering from serious ailments, the flight attendants are the first ones to come for rescue.

Demonstration by one of the students at EduFly.

More pictures of what they actually do during this course module.

Anyone needs help? I'm ready with the fire extinguisher and hailer!

The cabin crew training course also includes:
  • Theory of Flight
  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Preparation for Job Interview
  • Final Exam and Mock Interview
  • English Conversation for Cabin Crew

We have graduated!!!
I had a fun day in the life of a cabin crew with the girls!

Thank you to the trainers for spending the day with us, I've learned alot from them!

Before we bid goodbye, let's have a group photo with the principal of EduFly,
the management staff, trainers, students and my favourite bloggers.


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Come join EduFly and “Dare to Dream”!

EduFly Aviation Academy
Level 5, Wisma Naza, 
No. 12, Jalan Sungai Besi, 
57100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Website: www.EduFly.edu.my
Facebook: fb.com/edufly01
Twitter: @edufly1


  1. Wahhh can la... all potential cabin crew except for the colourful hair... u gotta dye that shyt to black first :P

  2. What a nice experience! You look pretty with the neat fringe^^

  3. Wah all pretty girls. Wish i could join too, sounds fun and i'm sure i can learn something... but too bad, i'm in Penang T.T

  4. unfortunately the only thing I can fly is kite.. ok actually I can't even fly kite. :/

  5. Hello Head 姐! Where are you flying to today? XD

  6. Very interesting and special experience indeed!

  7. this is so cool! one day air stewardess.. it was my dream when i was a kids because i love travelling around.

  8. wow!! this is so cool! i wish i can join , but i'm like one cm shorter ==''!!!


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