08 November, 2013

Secret Recipe November 2013 16th Anniversary Promotion

November is going to be an awesome month because Secret Recipe is celebrating its birthday, and so am I! How I'd wish I'm Sweet 16 again! Secret Recipe is whipping out something awesome from its kitchen this month in conjunction to its special anniversary promotion. Have you tried yet?

From 16 November to 30 November 2013, Secret Recipe is having a Candy-Crushing set meal promo. Each set meal comes with 1 beverage + 1 main course + 1 starter OR dessert, and you only need to pay RM16 for these. Super worth it or not!! 

ALL 6 different set meals are available everyday, so I don't mind trying each of them on a daily basis! First to catch my attention is of course the sweet treat from Set A. Chocolate and ice cream just can't go wrong for the sweet tooth!

Set A: Sweet Tooth Booster Meal
Hot chocolate + Pie of the day + Single scoop ice-cream

Having a comforting glass of hot chocolate topped with creamy chocolate sauce makes a great start of the day! Having a choice between Shepherd Pie, Black Pepper Lamb Pie or Chicken Cornish, the pie of the day is freshly baked daily and served piping hot from the oven. 

I thought the pie is the lightest set meal among all, but I guess I am wrong when my stomach starts struggling to accommodate the remaining half of the chicken cornish. Don't belittle this gigantic puff, it is very well-stuffed with raisin, carrot and chicken floss. Every bite is bursting with aromatic crispiness and juicy goodness from the meat. Splendid!

Set B: Divine Bonus Meal
Soup of the day + Caesar's salad + 2 pieces of mini burger

For the health conscious, here's something you're up for. Crowned with sliced eggs and croutons, the Caesar's salad comes in a generous portion and well-complemented with the creamy pumpkin soup that is simply satisfying for the growling stomach.

Set C: Power-Up Combo
Soft drink + Noodle in tom yum soup + Tempura prawn

I did not get to try the tom yum noodles, but I saw every other diner there had a bowl of this. It is probably one of the most sought-after Asian dish among the patrons at Secret Recipe. Well, I will put it into my must-try list during my next visit here.

Set D: Mega Treat Combo
Soft drink + Grilled black pepper chicken + Tempura shrimp ball

If you have an ample appetite, the grilled black pepper chicken rice with corns is a great choice as an energy booster. Having the right consistency, the sauce is well-suffused into the chicken when it is grilled, leaving the tender meat so smooth and flavourful.

Set E: Candy Cooler Combo
Soft drink / Iced lemon tea + Chicken burger with fries + Single scoop ice-cream

Fancy of American cuisine? How about a big burger with crispy chicken slice (They use real, high-quality meat instead of patty) and some crinkle-cut fries? Then let's finish off the meal with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Set F: Sweet Dual Crush
Coffee / Tea (2 cups) + Cornish / Pie (2 pieces)

To be honest, Set F offers the greatest value for money, because you're paying one price for a meal for two persons. I'd recommend this for snacking or during tea break with my lovely girls and family. 

I have tried the lamb pie for a few times, and it remains as my personal favourite because of the crispy thin crust filled with abundance of lamb chunks. Despite of the deep flavours, I am glad that the black pepper is not overpowering the juicy flavour of the meaty portion. 

Special Promotion for WeChat users!!

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I feel as if Secret Recipe knows that I'm celebrating my birthday and it offers a RM16 OFF for ANY whole cake on 16 November 2013 throughout Secret Recipe outlets nationwide.

Who wants to buy me one whole cake for my birthday? Please be quick, only on 16 November!

Choc Cheese Berries (RM7.50)

My favourite in Secret Recipe is still the range of cheese cakes. Topped with a swirl of mixed berries pulp fillings over light chocolate sauce, the cake has multiple layers of flavours and texture that combine perfectly as a delightful creation. The chilled cream cheese, complemented with a rich blend of dark chocolate layer with cocoa biscuit base is surprisingly not cloying at all. 

Oreo Cheese (RM7.50)

The marriage of cream cheese and chocolate is like getting the best of both worlds. This piece of delicate and extremely gooey cheesecake is loaded with finely crushed oreo biscuits. The bursting flavour of oreo cookie is very evident inside and at the base, providing a crunchy biting enjoyment.

With these awesome deals, I hope you enjoy November as much as I do!

For more information, please visit Secret Recipe at
Website: www.secretrecipe.com.my


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