31 March, 2014

Cake Deco DIY @ Cake Sense TTDI

Speaking of Cake Sense, it reminds me of my memorable birthday few years ago with its best-selling Mango Yoghurt Mousse Cake. In fact, I am a huge fan of their desserts such as oreo cheese cake and New York red velvet. If you're a cocoa lover, you'll die for their rich chocolate cake too.

Established in December 2005, Cake Sense has been my family and friends' favorite since they opened an outlet near my house. Today, the business has expanded into over 12 outlets around Klang Valley, all conveniently located within shopping malls and neighbourhood.

Recently Cake Sense has just launched a new experience by offering customers a chance 
to decorate and personalize their own cakes at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail outlet. 

Feeling that the conventional cakes are too boring? Now you can create the cake of your dreams! Given a plain cake, you can top it with your favourite decorations and write your personalized message on the cake. In short, just DIY your very own birthday, seasonal and specialty cakes. 

It's time to unleash your creativity and show your love!

The cake comes in two sizes: 5" at RM35, and 7" at RM50, each inclusive of a choice of three (3) types of condiments / toppings. If you want your cake to be more fancy, each additional type of condiment will cost RM1.50. 

For special toppers, it ranges from RM2.50 to RM15 depending on the size and type.
Pom poms - RM2.50
Flags (Small) - RM2.50
Flags (Big) - RM4.00
Sunflower - RM9.00
Ballerina - RM12.50
Banner - RM15.00

4 simple steps to design your own cake: Choose, Sprinkle, Craft and Top It!

Step 1: Choose Your Cake: Chocolate or Vanilla Sponge flavours at the size of 5" or 7" 

Step 2: Sprinkle It: Pick 3 types of condiments of your choice

The bottles lining up along the shelf are the condiments available at Cake Sense. 
From the selection of 24 types, I'm sure you'd find your favourite there!

The condiments come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. 
Love the colorful beads, chocolate rice and jelly beans!

Step 3: Craft It: You'll be given 3 colours of cream to draw / write onto the cake.

Step 4: Top It: Add on the special toppers (Flowers and flags) for a prettier party look!

Let's begin now!

Here's one of the samples done by the staff there. With vanilla sponge topped with
marshmallows and colorful beads, the cake looks so dreamy and adorable right?

Here are some of the condiments we pick to decorate 6 whole cakes!
And I picked red hearts, silver beads and chocolate rices for my 'romantic' chocolate cake :)

Just some tips to share with you guys. Always begin with the side, where I choose to wrap my cake with colorful beads. Moving on to the topping, you can sprinkle the condiments and pipe the coloured (and edible!) buttercream icing to draw onto the cake. 

Kak Lily and Kelly were busy decorating their creations too :) 

Tadaa! Presenting to you my masterpiece of hearts and chocolates
Red, white and black are perfect colour combinations  

Yummy! Do you want to try the moist chocolate sponge layered with light chocolate cream?

I had fun decorating the cakes with the fellow bloggers! The satisfaction of designing a cake specially for your loved ones is indescribable :) And I'm surprised that the process of decorating was pretty quick. For a good 15 minutes, I believe you'd be able to decorate it beautifully. 

Premade designs are also available in the house. Look at the Lemon Sky Ruffle (RM80) done by the pastry chef at Cake Sense! The beautiful ruffled icing design is so detailed and I love its soft vanilla sponge cake layered with thick lemon chantily cream.

Parents' Day is around the corner, don't wait to create a heartfelt cake for your beloved mother and father during this special day! You may bring your kid there to have fun too :) 

Cake Sense offers a wide variety of bread loaves, buns, cakes and pastries.  
While waiting for your family or friend to decorate the cake, you may want to check this out!

Cheese To Bar: French Cheese Avec Des Fruit

Browsing through the shop, I spotted another favourite of mine! Cheese lovers would definitely enjoy this rich decadent cheese stick layered with cookie crust. It looks like a miniature New York cheese cake to me, so cute yet compact =) 

Anyway, if you're looking for a memorable celebration with your family and friends  be it birthdays or special occasions,
you'd definitely want to surprise them with your very own DIY a personalized cake and express your love there! :)

Cake Sense TTDI
26, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No.: 603-7727 0176
Website: www.cakesense.com
Facebook: fb.com/cakesense
Instagram: #cakesense

29 March, 2014

SALE! Shoppping Spree at Rakuten

Hi lovelies! How often do you organize your wardrobe? Only once a year during spring cleaning? Now it's time to shop for new clothes and renew your closet, because Rakuten is having SUPER SALES from 1 to 10 April 2014!

Rakuten, the Japan’s number one online shopping site offers a huge variety of products from fashion and beauty to gadgets at discounted prices. I found lots of Japanese current fashion trends on sale at amazing reasonable prices. 

TokiChoi is one of Rakuten's priority fashion merchants, featuring the best outfits from Japan.

From pastel colors and lace materials to vibrant colors and floral pattern, how can I not love them??

And my package from Toki Choi was recently air-mailed to my house from Taiwan! 
I'm glad that the international SF Express mail is so speedy and efficient :)

YOCO features lace and chiffon materials in soft, pastel colours that bring out the romance of the outfit!

While Mayuki boasts a variety of bold prints and floral patterns to create the sophisticated city look.

Under Toki Choi, my favourite brands are Mayuki and Yoco!

How about matching your outfit with affordable clutches and bags from Bagstation?

 PGmall - The bags I bought are ranging from only RM35 to RM45. What a great steal for Taiwanese fashion bags!

Afraldo - More fashion brands are coming your way at Rakuten!

Poh Kong - Beauty accessories, and best gift ideas for your girlfriend, sister and mother.
Don't forget to visit Luvclo and Crocs for comfortable yet affordable fashion wear!

On top of the ongoing Super Sale, Rakuten has exclusive ‘Time Sales’ that offers 1000 items at special discounts at specific times only. You can also earn up to 10 times Super Points at certain times during the Super Sale. 100 Super Points are worth RM1 which can be spent on products across the website during the next purchase.

If you're a LINE user, come grab the FREE Rakuten Happy Panda stickers,
a series of 16 limited edition stickers. Just download it by scanning the QR code above =)

Let's start the Rakuten shopping experience at www.rakuten.com.my!

28 March, 2014

Review: Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Hello pretties!! ♥ Today's topic is a beauty talk about the bestselling yet affordable eyeliner in town!
Miss Hana 花娜小姐 - Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Pen 不晕染防水眼线胶笔 @ RM32.90

If you're looking for affordable yet nice eyeliner, Miss Hana is one of the highly recommended products among many beauty bloggers. I have long heard about it, and thanks to Natta Cosme I finally get to try this popular product.
Taiwan #1 Best Selling Eyeliner 

Miss Hana is a Japanese cosmetic brand, but the eyeliner I got here is manufactured in Taiwan. The instruction on how to use the eyeliner is well-written on the box, but in Japanese and Chinese...I'd wish I am able to read them.
With this awesome eyeliner, let's flaunt our confidence through an electrifying eye contact!

Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner comes in 4 colours:
01 Night Black 迷夜黑
02 Galaxy Black 银河黑
03 Choco Brown 亮瞳棕
04 Golden Brown 星光棕

Some people prefer liquid eyeliner to create the fine, sharp line, whereas the others love gel type for easy drawing. But Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner is able to create a beautiful definition for the dramatic makeup look, whether you want a thin line or thick gothic line! 

Look, it is so pretty right! Comes in a simple, sweet-pink packaging, the eyeliner grabs my attention among the rest. Opening its cap, the tip of the eyeliner appears like a thin crayon, so smooth and precise. But you'd need to sharpen it after some time for a more defined line.

The ease of using this waterproof eyeliner is just like what described in many websites. It is super smooth, easily glides onto the eyelid and very easy to use even for beginners. If I were to have any complaints about this gel eyeliner, then it would be its tendency to break once I'm not careful.

If you ask me, I will definitely rate 5 stars for this product! The heart of the eyeliner is soft and you don't need to put extra effort to draw vivid lines around the eyes. In fact, I am amazed about its long-lasting effect without smudging and having panda eyes after a long day. Can't believe that it is 100% waterproof, sweatproof, rub-proof and even oil-proof! You'd love its effect of staying prettily on the eyes even after 8 hours without any touchup.

And I got the two basic colours here: Night Black and Choco Brown :)
Now let's see how it works!

01 Night Black : For deep night black color, the box is slightly peach in colour,
make sure you look carefully at the label and don't get the wrong color ya!
The application of this gel eyeliner is quick as it glides smoothly onto the eyelid, and able to fill the gap around the corners of the eyes and between the roots of lashes. Personally, I feel that the basic black liner is great for daily makeup even when I'm rushing for work!

Can you spot the difference? I love its solid color that gives
a vivid effect of enlarging and brightening the eyes.

03 Choco Brown : Best to create the kawaii Japanese look!

The choco brown color is rather dark, but not as solid as the black one. 
On my skin, I think the color difference will be more obvious under bright sunlight. 

Nevertheless, brown is a lovely color that matches well with Asian complexion. Love the nice quality and beautiful effect on the eyes! Sooo.....why do I need to spend much money on other branded eyeliners? =)

I have tried applying it to work in the morning, without having to touch up throughout the day. And I don't see the slightest smudge when I return home at night! AMAZING! Despite of that, it is easy to remove using oil-based eye makeup remover :) No more residue around the eyelid after cleansing...

Proven to beat many brands of eyeliners in the market!

#1 100% Water/Sweat/Rub/Oil-PROOF and it lasts for one whole day without smudging!
#2 It is able to create sharp, precise line for any eye makeup look you need.
#3 Rating: 5/5 Repurchase? Definitely! I'd love to try Galaxy Black and Golden Brown color too.


All my readers can enjoy RM5 discount by quoting "MISSHANA" when purchasing any colour of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner at Natta Cosme. Coupon expires on 15 May 2014, be quick before you miss the offer!

For more updates on Natta Cosme, please visit
Website: www.nattacosme.com
Facebook: fb.com/nattacosme
Instagram: instagr.am/nattacosme
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