07 May, 2014

Review: Samsung NX Mini Interchangeable Lenses for Fun Shooting!

Good day, lovelies! So do you remember my previous post about my new baby, Samsung NX Mini? I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and totally fall in love with its versatility and portability! I promised you guys a review on the camera, so now let's unveil the NX Mini.....

If you do not already know, Samsung NX Mini is a pocket-friendly mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that's claimed to be the thinnest and lightest on the market. Design wise, its solid premium metal body with a luxurious leatherette finish looks cool and chic for both men and women. Its lightweight design also means that it can slip in a pocket, for photography anywhere and everywhere.

Samsung NX Mini comes with a Micro SD card, lithium battery, lens, strap, charger, micro USB cable and a guide. The best thing among all is, NX Mini is bundled with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5! You can edit your RAW pictures beautifully using the software :)

Just a brief heads up about Samsung NX Mini camera:

 20.5 megapixels BSI CMOS Sensor
 Ultraslim design - 22.5mm thin and 158g
 3-inch Flip Up (180-degree) and Touch Screen
 ISO 100-25600
 Advanced Wi-Fi and NFC integration
 5 colours available: White, pink, mint green, brown, black

If you're looking for something compact yet powerful, I couldn't think of any camera other than NX Mini! 

Despite of the compact design, Samsung does not compromise on its quality and functionality. It is able to change lenses for the ever changing needs of photographs you want to shoot in your everyday life. If you need an affordable semi pro camera, I think NX mini would serve you well!

Samsung has introduced 2 NX mini lenses (NX-M) which are optimized for use with the 
NX mini body, providing a variety of options to meet individual shooting preferences.

NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Prime Lens

The Samsung NX-M 9mm pancake is a truly compact lens. I'm surprised that it is super slim with only 13mm thick! Good to fit into my smallest clutch for dinners :) Its wide angle gives an optimum angle for shooting landscapes and self-portraits (Yay, selfies!)

The wide angle gives a fuller frame perspective of the street, and I love tilting the screen to take pictures from low angle so that they appear more professional. Now, every NX mini owner can be a pro!

Here's an amazing shot I got while exploring the heart of Kuala Lumpur ;)
I didn't know that the city has such magnificent view of historical buildings!

Be it landscape or portraits, I think Samsung NX-M 9mm does a great job!

Dealing with food photography is simple with this wide angle lens. I find it very useful when I want to emphasize one object, with a great deal of blurred background in the photo. Closer objects are emphasized and farther away objects are de-emphasized, but more props would be required to complete the background composition.  

As I'm currently into food photography, this wide-angle effect is an useful tool I learned from creative photographers.

Under low light condition, I select "Night Scene" SMART mode in the camera when shooting food. To my delight, the images turn out to be equally crisp with well-balanced color composition. And I don't need to use any flash! Totally love it!

"Selfie" seem to be the most frequently used word among girls nowadays, and this lens gives the perfect angle to take self-shots with its flip-up screen. Just switch the camera to "Beauty Face" SMART mode, and every shot will be perfect. Furthermore, the camera also comes in handy for beauty product reviews where I need to spam my blog with plenty of my own face.

The selfie picture (on right) turns out to be crisp and smooth regardless of the brightness of the background. Goodbye dark circles, pores and blemishes! It's great for my #OOTD shot in front of the tall mirror too.

This picture was taken during our clubbing night at Prodigy KL. The camera works well under low light condition with the powerful flash that is enhanced with red-eye reductions. Now...Selfies can be so awesome anytime, anywhere!

♥ ♥ 
NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 ED OIS Lens

So far, I've only tried the 9mm lens and am absolutely loving it. If you need an everyday lens for all types of pictures, NX-M 9-27mm makes a great choice. Stylish and slim enough to fit into pockets, it is a micro-compact standard zoom lens that offers a variety of shooting options from wide-angle to telephoto shots, with optical image stabilization for sharp results. 

If you're looking for more advanced lenses, you can use 15 NX lenses with NX mini camera 
by using a specialized NX-M Mount Adapter. These lenses are sold separately. 

Overall, I'm happy with my 9mm pancake lens for self-portraits, street and food photography. The camera is a convenient gadget as I'm always on the go. Hopefully I can test the camera with telephoto and zoom lens soon! :) Will update you guys with the result soon...

For more information about Samsung NX Mini, please visit Samsung Malaysia.


  1. Love the interchangeable lens compact camera. I had a Sony type. Been with me for 2 years and loving it.

  2. Ahh! Always been loving this camera. So glad to have read a review on it and proved me right that I should really go get it! :3

    Please check out my blog. :)

  3. Thanks for so much info! I was really thinking if I should get this or the canon s110


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