Monday, November 17, 2014

[Giveaway] Miacare CONFiDENCE Colored Contact Lens

Hey lovelies! Do you remember my review on the most comfortable daily disposable Miacare CONFiDENCE Colored Contact Lens? Just wanna share some good news with you guys, now you can stand a chance to win this and experience the ultimate comfort yourselves!

If you're seeking for extra oxygen penetration, UV protection, double moisturizing agents and comfort for long hours, you just can't go wrong with Miacare CONFiDENCE, the world’s first and only EautraSilTM Hydrophilic Silicone Technology silicone hydrogel contact lenses that gives 6 times MORE oxygen to your eyes!

My black colored Miacare CONFiDENCE makes my eyes sparkle during both day and night! Do you want the natural big-eye look it creates?

miacare Tell-A-Friend Facebook Contest
Miacare is running a contest on its Facebook page where you stand a chance to win TWO boxes of Miacare CONFiDENCE by telling them why #alldaycomfort is all you ask for in a pair of contact lens:

How To Join?
      Step 1: Like Miacare Facebook Page (HERE)
   Step 2: Like THIS post and comment on the post “#bettereyehealth is important to me because…..”
      Step 3: TAG at least ONE friend and SHARE the post on your timeline!

The more you SHARE, the higher your chances of winning!


Thanks to Miacare, THREE (3) lucky winners will win TWO boxes (10 pairs) of Miacare CONFiDENCE daily colored lens worth RM100 for two boxes! It comes in 10 pieces per box from power -0.00 to -12.00, so those with perfect eyesight or serious short-sightedness can try it too. 

How To Join?
      Step 1: Like Miacare Facebook Page (HERE
      Step 2: Go to my Facebook Page (HERE) and tag 3 friends on THIS post.
      Step 3: In 15 words, comment on this blog post, "I want to try Miacare because...."

For more information,
visit or


  1. I want to try Miacare because I want to have a pair of sparkling eyes like Ohfishie. :)


  2. Hi Fishhhhie,

    I want to try Miacare because I have not discovered a perfect pair of comfy lens yet after years of wearing lenses. =D

  3. I want to try Miacare because I want to have perfect eyesight to enjoy my daily activities! It's such a bummer when you're having fun or just doing normal stuff and then your contact lens starts feeling uncomfortable, thus ruining your day and plans. :(


  4. I want to try Miacare because wearing spectacles is a HAZARD! I don't want people knocking into my face. No joke :)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  5. I want to try Miacare because of the advantage on UV protection which can protect my eyes from getting serious astigmatism :)

  6. I want to try Miacare because it can give me comfort wear so long hours which other brands can't offer!

  7. I want to try Miacare because I would always want to try on new product. New product surely come with new technology which can serve us better.

  8. Hi =]

    I want to try Miacare because I think the eye is the mirror of the soul, and I belief that Miacare can help me to create a charming beautiful big eyes.

    Jenny Ma

  9. I want to try Miacare because wearing contacts for long hours gives me major discomforts; hoping Miacare can be my saviour.

    Thanks for the give-away ^-^

  10. "I want to try Miacare because it gives my eyes 6 times oxygen and comfort after wearing it a long day!

  11. I want to try Miacare because I want to be confidence just like you, with the newest technology of contact lens! Just like the Taiwanese model, be myself, be pretty!

  12. Hi dear,
    I want to try Miacare because I need CONFiDENCE, and naturally beautiful, healthy eye with ultimate safe at the same time.

    Wendy Chan


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