20 April, 2015

Review: 10-in-1 Professional Makeup Brushes - Natural Animal Wool

Time to play around with brushes! 

To me, makeup brushes are longterm investments for flawless complexion. I seldom splurge on expensive brushes, but when I do, I'll make sure they're really good in quality.

In fact, good brushes need not be expensive. For instance, I manage to get 10 pieces of Cerro Qreen professional brushes at less than RM70 during my recent haul from Natta Cosme.

Cerro Qreen has been a popular Taiwanese brand that sells loads of cosmetic accessories. My previous set of makeup brushes (which I blogged about it HERE) is from Cerro Qreen too!

I love how it always offers its set brushes in a protective PU leather case to keep the brushes clean and organized. It comes handy when travelling and I can also save from purchasing any expensive case separately.

1. Powder brush (Goat's Hair)
2. Blush Shadow Brush (Goat's Hair)
3. Foundation Brush (Fibre)
4. Large Eye Shadow Brush (Pony's Hair)
5. Eyelash Brush (Nylon)
6. Eyeliner Brush (Fibre)
7. Small Eye Shadow Brush (Pony's Hair)
8. Eyebrow Brush (Fibre)
9. Fan Brush (Goat's Hair)
10. Lip Brush (Fibre)
(Full description of all the 10 brushes is available on Natta Cosme website)

Well, actually for daily basic makeup, 10 pieces of brushes can certainly do more than what you need. But I find it very cool to have pretty carmine red colour wooden brush handles than the classic black and white.

Look at the bristle, they are made of natural pony's hair and goat's hair that gives wonderful strength to hold your makeup and perfect for contouring. I love how versatile it is to help achieve dramatic matte look or a soft, smoky shade.

The No.1 brush that I can't live without is the large Powder Brush,
don't you agree that setting loose powder on the skin using the brush is so easy and quick?

Same goes to the Blusher Brush that gives a more even coverage and blends better around the cheeks area.

This set of Cerro Qreen professional brushes has two eyeshadow brushes: Large and Small. I prefer the latter one that can complete my smoky eye look within seconds. It's great for highlighting the undereye area too :)

Lip brush is equally important for me, because I often have dry lips :( To conceal the imperfection, I find that using a brush is better than direct application of the lip gloss itself. Plus, this has very fine fibre that feels gentle on the lips.

Recommended for both basic and professional makeup!

Overall, the quality of the brush is pretty decent for such affordable price. The multi-functional brush set is perfectly complete for eye, nose, lips and face makeup. I'd definitely fit it into my luggage bag during my next vacation! 

CERRO QREEN Fashion Makeup Brush Set Natural Animal Wool - Carmine Red (10 pcs)
is currently available at Natta Cosme:


  1. Your photo's are really nice! And I love your reviews as well.

  2. at RM70 for the whole set, it is really affordable! ^^


  3. Quite cheap ah!



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