13 May, 2015

Komura Japanese Restaurant @ Corus Hotel, KL

If you are in the mood for a hearty, wholesome and down-to-earth Japanese meal in the middle of the city, the place to go is Komura Japanese Restaurant in Corus Hotel which is  strategically located within 5 minutes walking distance from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Situated at the lobby level, Komura welcomes you with cobble stones pathways leading to the serene ambiance of Tatami rooms, private cubicle rooms and teppanyaki counters where diners can enjoy an intimate dining experience with comfort and ultimate privacy. It does not have any public dining area like other Japanese restaurants do.

To elevate the level of privacy, each room has its own sliding shoji door, while waiters at Komura are always ready to serve you as you press the button provided on the table. 

 Sashimi Moriawase @ RM188 for 8 varieties

What not to be missed at Komura is the platter of fresh sashimi served on a bed of ice. Diners can choose up to 8 varieties of raw seafood such as tuna, yellow tail, butterfish, vinegar-cured mackerel, salmon, octopus, prawns and scallop. 

While sashimi are served colder, we are delighted that wasabi prepared here has stronger and more pungent flavour. True connoisseurs will definitely love the refreshing flavour of seafood with an instant kick of wasabi.  

Tempura Moriawase @ RM38

If it's fried dish that you fancy, the assorted tempura consisting of prawn, fish and vegetables is great as a side dish for communal dining or as the main for bento set. Unfortunately, the soggy and oily exterior is quite disappointing. 

Unagi Kabayaki @ RM58

Next to arrive on the table is the well-marinated eel grilled to perfection. It has a nicely seared crispy skin on the outside paired with juicy flesh on the inside, coated with a very thick sweet soy sauce dressing, which is the right accessory to the meat. 

Spider Maki @ RM38

A visit to Japanese restaurant is not complete without a taste of the sushi roll. Every mouthful of the gigantic spider maki has a little bit of everything--- the deep-fried soft shell crab, chunks of avocado, fish roe, crunchy salad and mayonnaise dressing, which adds texture to the dish. 

Oh look at the thick piece of white soft shell crab meat!

Matcha Azuki @ RM18

After you have cleaned the plate out, let your tummy settle and choose your dessert ranging from hot Japanese pancakes and red bean soup to the cold, soothing ice creams and fruits. A double scoop of green tea ice cream with large dollop of red beans is popular among others, but I personally find it a tad sweet for my liking. 

 Apart from relishing the fine traditional dishes, diners can sip on the imported Japanese ‘Ocha’
or fine premium sake to complete the sumptuous meal.

Set lunches are available while ala carte meals and selection of steamboats are served during dinner. On weekends, Komura offers ‘Eat-All-U-Can’ buffet for lunch and dinner.

1. Considering the price for the given portion, it falls on the high side. Bento sets are of greater value for money if you want to fill up your stomach. 
2. It's a great place to enjoy tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur city centre. 
3. Recommended: Unagi Kabayaki

Komura Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor
Corus Hotel
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2161 8888 (ext 120/121)
Website: www.corushotelkl.com
Facebook: fb.com/corushotelkl
Business Hours: 12noon - 2:30pm (Lunch) / 6:30pm - 10pm (Dinner) daily


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