31 December, 2015

Note To Self: For A Better 2016

Warning: Very lengthy and wordy personal post ahead
Let's take a quick glance on what had happened throughout 2015!

Dessert, dessert and more desserts! Did I really eat that much in 2015? LOL. Since you guys love my dessert posts so much, I am going to post more of these in 2016 :P

But looking back at all 232 blog posts throughout the year (Wow I didn't know I'm so hardworking in updating this blog!), it took me a while to recall what had I done or achieved so far. Then I realise 2015 was not bad at all :) 

January: 2015 began well with the biggest Party of The Century (Blogged: HERE)
where I met Him Law and plenty of Hong Kong and Taiwanese artists.

February: It was all about celebrating Chinese New Year with friends and family (Blogged: HERE), but we received an unfortunate news that we would never be able to meet my uncle again. Thanks for looking after me so well for the past 22 years :') 

March: Was having finals this month, hence slowed down on work. Nevertheless, it was a great collaboration with Philips for its beauty gadget, truly one of my most favourite tools till now (Blogged: HERE)

April and MayThe year continued with a lot more blogging-related work which required more commitment from me while juggling between my full-time and part-time studies 7 days a week. I couldn't recall any moment that I could actually take a break. So yeah my schedule was crazy, and I literally worked like a machine. On the bright side, it meant more tummy-satisfying cafe hopping sessions for me (Blogged: HERE)

June: Unofficially graduated from MMU as a Bachelor degree holder after spending 5 years there.
Not the best result I could achieve, but I was pretty satisfied as the efforts were well paid off :)

June: Short vacation to Bali, one of my favourite beach holidays during my short break (Blogged: HERE)

July: Managed to work with one of my favourite brands, HONDA (Blogged: HEREwhich treated us a fun day out. And it was my first experience playing watersports such as flyboarding, jet skiing and stand-up paddling. Thanks for the opportunity and amazing memories with the bloggers! 

August: Did a hair makeover like finally! I kinda miss my bright burgundy hair now (Blogged: HERE

September: Official graduation was what I had been looking forward to. Felt really thankful for having my family, close friends and university mates to celebrate this special day together. And thank you CPA Australia for presenting me the Book Prize award as one of the best accounting students! (Blogged: HERE

October: Visited my dreamland, Hello Kitty Town in JB. Imma die-hard Hello Kitty fan
if you do not already know :P Thanks for the fun moments, girls! (Blogged: HERE

October: One of the best collaborations of the year is being a blogger ambassador for Number76 Hair Saloon! It really makes a difference when my hair is being taken good care by the team at Starhill Gallery outlet. Can't wait for my next hair makeover before the upcoming Chinese New Year! 

P/S: Check out my new sidebar banner for Number76!

November: My favourite month of the year because it was my birthday!

Thank you Seeties, Grand Millennium KL and Resort Suites Bandar Sunway for the amazing stays during my birthday week. Special thanks to those who celebrated my birthday,I felt so blessed to have you guys around (Blogged: HERE

But life just gave me lemon when days were the happiest for me. I was involved in my very first car accident two days after my birthday, and was admitted to the hospital for a night. Definitely not a great time for me when I had to deal with the insurance, the police etc. I promise to be more careful in 2016!!

December: Sat for the remaining 3 ACCA papers, recovered well and it finally allowed me to call for another vacation. Siem Reap, Cambodia is indeed a heaven for all photographers. Spending a week there made me realise there are lots more unfortunate ones in this world, and we should be grateful for whatever we have in life, no matter how difficult life can be at times. 

Overall, 2015 has treated me fairly well. I didn't realise I have achieved so much until I do a self-reflection. Thank you each and every of you for supporting my blog, thank you clients for being so patient with me throughout the year, thank you my family and close friends for the unconditional support and care. And thank you God for showering me with lots of love from people I met.

Referring to my post one year ago: New Year’s Resolution: 15 Do's and Don'ts In 2015, I think I only managed to achieve less than half of them! Time to work on them in 2016 perhaps? *procrastinating much?* LOL. 

Every year begins with a fresh, blank page of a 365-page book and I always promise myself that I'd write a good one. I learn that it is never too late to become the person you always hope you could be, to love the way you have always wanted to love, to travel to the place you always wish to be. 

As life is a learning process, I hope 2016 will be more fruitful and filled with happiness

8 Do's in 2016

1. Blog More Often like Good Ol' Times
I feel sorry when this blog is becoming a site with more and more ads. I am not sure how many of you actually read my personal posts, but to be honest, I still prefer writing my own personal stuff. I hope this year I can craft more posts that talk about myself, my daily life or just random things I've been through.

2. Care More About People Around Me

Life is not just about yourself. More often than that, I tend to care too much about people or things that I shouldn't, and neglect those who actually deserve better. So I just want to spare more time caring about my dearest family and friends who have cared so much about me all this while.

3. Spend Time Wisely
Well, this sounds very vague. Everyone has different definitions of spending time wisely, some may think spending time to earn more money is "wise" while others may think taking some travelling time is "wiser". It depends entirely on yourself, really.

To me, I just want to stop wasting time on people, things or events that do not worth my effort. Every second ticks by and there is no rewind, hence living life to the fullest and make it worthwhile is important :) 

4. Do What You Deserve 
When someone treats you like you are just one of many options, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation. It's not pride-- It's self-respect. I am learning to not give part-time people a full-time position in my life, and never settle for anything less. One day, I believe I'll meet one who sees me as a choice and not as an option. *fingers crossed* 

5. Set a Goal and Work Towards It 
Goodbye to the student life, it is time for me to get a proper job and work towards the next goal in life. Earning more money and travelling further are definitely in my list of resolution!

6. Have a Better Health 
I realise I fall sick a lot during 2015, especially approaching year end. It really didn't feel good, and I had to put my work at halt for a couple of weeks because of that. Hope to take better care of myself and stay healthy in 2016!

7. Treat Myself Better 
Honestly, I have been overworking myself for the past year. Believe it or not, I have been attending classes in 2 different universities, for 7 days a week. Along with the blogging jobs and events to attend, I could hardly breathe. It is a really bad idea, thus now I am learning to slow down a little and enjoy the process of living each day more :)

8. Get into a Relationship
I always say my life is too hectic for a relationship. But as I grow older (LOL sounds old, really!), I realise there is no one person on Earth who can be "too busy" for another person. It is just a matter of whether he/she is willing to take up this commitment and sacrifice along the way.

Anyway, HAPPY 2016!!! Let's toast for a better year ahead!
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