11 January, 2016

Hanna & Kent Beauty Store @ Da:men USJ + Giveaway

Following my previous post about my first experience in the latest Da:Men USJ shopping mall, I had a great time shopping in the mall, and would therefore love to show you guys a great local brand that I bumped into.

Hanna and Kent, the icons of this brand are so kawaii!

Providing brilliant solutions for your skin and body, all Hanna & Kent's products use only high-quality natural ingredients (Hence, it works well even for sensitive skin!) imported from different countries to deliver nutrients effectively for young adults. You can find them in-store and online internationally. 

Bio-Cellulose Mask (RM13.50 for 1 / RM63.50 for 5)

The Number 1 product I personally like here is the good quality bio-cellulose mask, that has excellent hydration and 16 times stronger absorption power. It comes in 5 types for different functions:
  • AquaBoost (Hydrating)
  • SnowyWhite (Brightening)
  • Pore Purifying (Deep Cleansing)
  • Gentle Soothing (Calming)
  • EverYoung (Revitalizing)
 What's special about bio-cellulose mask is that it is made of fermented coconut juice,
and the texture is 500 times finer than plant fibres that you usually find in normal mask.

I sample a small piece of this mask on my hand, and the thick, translucent jelly-like mask sheet is much softer and sticks better on the skin. Once it is placed onto the skin, it is well-fitted and does not move easily, hence help the skin to absorb every drop of essence easily.

*MUST TRY* The star products of Hanna & Kent!

Well, doing masks alone is not enough. But instead of visiting beauty salon for your monthly facials, you can just DIY your own treatment at home with this excellent beauty care kit in easy and cost-effective way-- Hanna & Kent Home Facial SPA (RM95.30), consisting of 1 Scrub (10ml), 1 Serum (5ml) and 3 pieces of Bio-Cellulose Masks-- which you can pamper your skin for 3 times! 

Full-sized Daily Care Set (RM112.30) / Traveling Kit (RM38.10 per set)

[Blue] FreshLucent Soft Refreshing Cleanser (150ml), Toner (150ml) and Essence (50ml)
[Purple] SebumControl Deep Action Cleanser (150ml), Toner (150ml) and Essence (50ml)
[Green] GentleRelief Balancing Cleanser (150ml), Toner (150ml) and Essence (50ml)

When choosing the suitable daily skincare for my skin here, it does not take too long as the ranges are pretty straightforward. For all skin types especially dry skin, the FreshLucent series is the best as it provides long-lasting moisture balance and skin translucency. Oily and combination skin should go for SebumControl instead, to control sebum production and tighten pores. 

As for my sensitive skin, I prefer GentleRelief which is packed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming properties. The chamomile flower extracts make it smell refreshingly good too.

Apart from basic skincare, our skin needs plenty of UV protection to prevent aging. For daily use, the basic Daily UV Defense SPF30 PA+++ (RM59.90 for 50g) works fine as a feather-light whitening facial sunblock for a moisturized, radiant and translucent skin. The best thing is, it is made of 100% Plant Origin Active ingredients.

But I personally prefer the Corrective UV Defense SPF50 PA+++ (RM63.90 for 50g) which comes in beige tone, to give an even complexion and natural-looking finish. The coverage is okay and good to use for makeup-less days :) 

Zap Acne Away Pimple Cream (RM31.70 for 20g)

If your skin has acne issue, this natural pimple treatment may help. With its antibacterial tea tree oil content, this pimple gel is slightly cooling and able to effectively reduce pimple size and redness. Apply diligently and you'll see the results in a couple of days.

Hanna & Kent is not just all about skincare;
It also has a colorful range of luxurious mango butter Hand Therapy (RM25.30 for 25g).
I am surprised that they use mango butter instead of the usual shea butter to give smoothing and moisturizing effects to the skin. Neither do I know the amazing benefits of mango butter! -- Rich in Vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants; and treat skin rashes, sunburn, insect bites and stretch marks.

The texture is much lighter (Not thick, sticky and creamy type), so I love how it spreads easily over the skin. A very thin layer will suffice for easy absorption, leaving the skin soft and pleasantly scented.

Summer Rose, English Lavender, Creamy Vanilla, Floral Fruity and Citrus Verbena.

5 beautiful scents, for your precious hands :) The romantic Summer Rose scent is my personal favourite, followed by lemony Citrus Verbena for its fresh and zesty touch. 

Hanna & Kent Merchandise Corner
Meet Baaboo, the little plush toy of Hanna and Kent, along with their tin containers, and couple mugs.

Girls' shopping time is always the best; Don't forget to bring along your girlfriends to shop for Hanna & Kent and enjoy its grand opening deals together! It is having BUY 2 FREE 1 STOREWIDE promotion until 18 January 2016, so don't miss it!

5 lucky winners will get ONE Biocellulose mask + 10% discount voucher (Valid until 29th Feb 2019)

How To Win?
1) LIKE Hanna & Kent Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hannaandkent
2) Leave a comment below, stating why do you like Hanna & Kent?
3) Include your name and email address in the comment box

*Winners need to visit Hanna & Kent outlet at Da:Men to redeem the mask
as you get to choose the type of mask you want.

Hanna & Kent products are also available in Watsons Malaysia, Hermo.my and more!

Visit Hanna & Kent at:
Da:Men, USJ: Lot G-41, Ground Floor
Gurney Plaza, Penang: Lot 170-05-09
Queensbay Mall, Penang: Lot 3F-37(A18)

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