31 March, 2016

Magnum Pink and Magnum Black Ice Cream Party @ Aloft KL

"What mood are you today? Playful pink, or sophisticated black?"

Magnum is no stranger to us especially for those with strong cravings for premium chocolate ice cream indulgences. When Magnum recently introduces its latest Magnum Pink Pomegranate and Black Espresso ice cream flavours, it has proven to us that its high quality ice cream is not just delicious, but also can tell our personalities and everyday moods. 

Magnum Moodology: Are you feeling Pink or Black? 

I am wearing the Magnum sensor tag wristband that records my "mood" throughout the party. As soon as the machine detects me, I can pick the color that rightly reflects whatever I am feeling at each station. For instance, Pink represents fun, playful and spontaneity, whereas Black stands for elegance, classiness, and sophistication.

Magnum Magnificient Stage: In fact, it is a stiff competition between Pink and Black.
Guess which one gains more votes at the end of the evening?

The evening kickstarts with amazing performances from the Black team and Pink dancers, followed by a speech by Mr Rakesh Mohan, Chairman Unilever (Holdings) Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Throughout the evening, we are wowwed by one performance after another, such as the special medley performed by the renowned violinist Dennis Lau that reflects the elements and moods of Pink and Black, as well as a powerful performance by Ning Baizura, Malaysia’s songstress singing a medley of Pink and Black beats.

Unilever Malaysia's esteemed Marketing Director, Vincent Chong and Chairman, Rakesh Mohan officially launches Magnum Pink Pomegranate and Magnum Black Espresso as the newest members of the Magnum family!

Magnum Pleasure Bar: Themed Desserts and Drinks
Look, the machine is able to detect my name, how cool is that!

Music and good food come hand in hand at Magnum party. We are then treated with more mood-related activities such as the striking Magnum Pink and Black Pleasure Bar where the barista skillfully prepares interesting concoctions inspired by the two new ice creams. Desserts are served based on the pink and black theme too. 

Magnum Black Cocktail with Guinnes Stout, Frangelica and Kahlua
Magnum Black Mocktail with Espresso, Sprite and Topped with Lychee

My personal favourite goes to the pink desserts; So lovely and sweet!

Make My Magnum Booth: Customize It All! 

As part of Magnum iconic serving method, the Make My Magnum station allows us to personalize our own Magnum Pink and Black with the exclusive Pink and Black toppings. I prefer adding the flower petals, gold beads and dried fruits to add a feminine flair to my Magnum Pink :P 

Have you tried these flavours before? Magnum Pink is a pomegranate flavoured ice cream with delicate swirls of Pomegranate sauce, coated with pearly pink Belgian chocolate. Tangy and sweet, ideal for the ladies!

On the other hand, Magnum Black is a thick layer of premium dark Tanzanian Chocolate wrapping around the smooth vanilla ice cream, swirled with Black Espresso. I prefer this flavour as I get to enjoy the best of both gourmet coffee and chocolate. 

I manage to take some personalized Pink and Black photos at the Magnum Moment photobooth with the babes, but before that let's have some shots at the iconic "M" first. 

Thanks Magnum for inviting us over for such a sweet and fun party! :) 

To discover more on Magnum Pink and Black, visit www.MagnumPinkandBlack.com.my,
as well as more updates on Magnum Malaysia Facebook Page: facebook.com/MagnumMalaysia 
and Instagram page at instagram.com/Magnum_My

30 March, 2016

Unwrapping Festive Hampers: Thank You for the Thoughtful Gift!

The Chinese festive season has long passed for this year, and I finally have the time to unwrap the hampers and gifts from fellow sponsors. I just couldn't be more blessed than this, thanks for remembering me during special occasions! Truly appreciate the gift from you guys :)

Among the hampers, I notice some are in really good quality. Well, my definition of being "good in quality" is about having premium food stuff (not cheap cookies and sparkling juice) in a hamper that offers good value of money.

I am not sure what do you like to see in the hampers you receive during festive season, but of course it will be high quality food for me! Forget about those cookies, snacks and chocolates (Ugh, not to mention items that will expire very soon), I prefer something more traditional that I can share with the family during special occasions.

I don't remember telling anyone about my preference for hampers, but I'm glad that some really gets something that I like. The beautiful huge packaging makes the gift look so expensive, and true indeed, the content is not bad at all!

Let's unwrap it and take a look what's inside...
It contains 5 items in total, sitting on a festive embroidered basket.

Old Aged Chang Bai Shan Ginseng (长白山特选人参)

There is a box of Chinese ginseng, quite okay in terms of quality considering
its light, vibrant color and sizeable portion. But anyway I can't be sure until it is cooked.

Smoked Scallop in Can (罐装烟熏扇贝)
Smoked Oyster in Can (罐装烟熏牡蛎)

I am sure those boxes in hampers usually remind you of the empty content in it. Or perhaps it is just me who have several bad experiences with hampers, but this round it surely doesn't disappoint. I am happy to see a high-quality rectangular tin can in each box, each generously filed with scallops and oysters respectively. 

Smoked Scallop in Can (罐装烟熏扇贝)

The smoked seafood exudes a strong smoky aroma as soon as the can is opened! Drenched in oil, the scallop and oyster are actually cooked and ready to be eaten straight away. But for festive season, they are definitely a delicious topping for the prosperity toss! 

Since festive season has passed now, I can easily add them as side dishes to my rice or noodle dish. Plus the preparation is easy, just microwave it or cook together with anything you love :) 1 can is sufficient for a perfect meal for two.

Smoked Oyster in Can (罐装烟熏牡蛎)

Grade A Mushroom (特选A级花菇)

My mom is the happiest to see "flower mushrooms" in the hamper which she can use for our daily meal. I totally understand why this hamper is more suitable for families; everything is edible and so entwined to our Chinese traditional diet. 

Oh, and the last item is the premium Chinese Anxi Tie Guan Yin (安溪铁观音) tea.

Overall, I am sure this will be a cheaper gifting alternative than those chicken essence hampers that we usually buy for our relatives and family. All the items are labelled "九鼎香", so I assume it it a hamper from the famous JDX Hamper (九鼎香) supplier because I have seen it widely available in all AEON Jusco outlets.

Plus, they are an expert in producing Chinese teas that we usually have in bah kut teh or dim sum shops.
Anyway, I will definitely keep an eye at this brand the next time I wanna choose festive gifts for my relatives and clients!

27 March, 2016

Review: ACACIA Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream, Aqua White Emulsion, Instant Intensive Hydrating Mask

Recently I notice significant changes on my skin after those late nights of working. I feel really sorry for the skin, but thanks to Acacia Malaysia for introducing something good to repair my current condition. It's Acacia's signature products-- Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream and Aqua White Emulsion.

Formulated in Belgium, Acacia skincare series combines the best of both worlds--
The goodness of plants and the innovative technology to bring the best out of it. 

ACACIA Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream (竹炭美白活气泡泡霜) @ RM160

To me, cleansing is the most important first step in my skincare regime. Without a thoroughly cleansed skin, it is unable to absorb the nutrients that follow. I have seen various charcoal-infused skincare, but why exactly is charcoal used in the beauty formula?

Then I realise Charcoal is highly effective in absorbing impurities deeply and re-energising skin. Plus, the anti-oxidant properties from Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E help to "wake up" the skin, protect skin against UV damage and get rid of free radicals. 

Each pump of the charcoal cream turns into bubbles immediately once exposed to the air. The tiny bubbles are able to: 

    ❤ Cleanse and remove dirts deep from the pores
    ❤ Repair damaged skin cells
    ❤ Reenergize and promote youthful skin
    ❤ Smoothen and whiten skin naturally
    ❤ Soften and moisturize skin
    ❤ Balance oil levels and capture antioxidants
    ❤ Detoxify and remove dead skin cells

HOW TO USE: Apply after cleansing, gently massage when it turns into grey foam, and rinse thoroughly. 

Using two full pumps for the entire face, I note that the bubble cream oxidizes very quickly, so the massage technique must be done quickly until it turns into grey foam before it dries on the skin. I love how the tiny foam is able to penetrate deep into the pores and thoroughly cleanse through them. 

After rinsing, the skin feels so smooth and soft, free from impurities.
And the best part is, it doesn't bring any tight or uncomfortable sensation on the bare face.

ACACIA Aqua White Emulsion (150ml) (嫩白保湿乳液) @ RM160

After cleansing and toning, what comes next is to overcome the dull and dry skin issues. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin type, I am sure many of us can't get away with the dull skin tone issue due to our tropical climate. The key benefits include:

    ❤ Whiten and repair skin
    ❤ Moisturize skin for up to 1000 times and lock in moisture
    ❤ Keep the skin supple, soft and glowing
    ❤ Soothe and calm sensitive skin
    ❤ Reduce redness, peeling, swelling and inflammation
    ❤ Reduce stretch marks for pregnant women 

HOW TO USE: Apply twice daily in the morning and evening, and gently massage for the best absorption.

Texture wise, the emulsion feels like a lotion, slightly thick but easy to blend onto the skin. Hence, a small pump is sufficient to give the skin a pleasant whitening protective layer. Scent wise, it smells like the Hazeline Snow cream that I used when I was young. The immediate effect? It leaves the skin softer and plumper.

ACACIA Instant Intensive Hydrating Mask (25g) (深层美白保湿面膜)

Apart from the daily skincare, I believe special weekly care is equally important. Looking at this hydrating mask, it is of thick, good quality and contains generous amount of essence that helps to:

    ❤ Enhance penetration of whitening active ingredients for fairer and healthier complexion 
    ❤ Brighten skin tone and reduce dullness
    ❤ Moisturize skin and promote metabolism
    ❤ Lighten and inhibit melanin effectively 

    ❤ Improve uneven skin tone
HOW TO USE: After cleansing, leave the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with water.

The essence is quite thick and it can become sticky if it is left on the skin too long, so it is advisable to rinse the face after the mask. After drying the skin, it feels smoother and more energized. I think a prolonged use of this mask is able to deliver the brightening and whitening benefits :) 

Overall, my personal favourite is the Charcoal Anti-oxidant Cream--- Highly recommended for those who often apply makeup or have clogged pores / dull complexion issues. 

Anyway, here's a special promotion for you guys!

1 x ACACIA Charcoal Anti Oxidant Cream (竹炭美白活气泡泡霜) @ RM160
1 x ACACIA Aqua White Emulsion (150ml) (嫩白保湿乳液) @ RM160
[FREE] 2 pieces x ACACIA Instant Intensive Hydrating Mask (25g) (深层美白保湿面膜)
+ FREE Postage
@ RM320 

Promo ends on 30 June 2016!

Whatsapp 016-331 5570 / WeChat babydiana90 / Email acaciamalaysia@gmail.com 
for purchase or product enquiries.
Don't forget to follow Acacia Malaysia on Facebook: fb.com/acaciamalaysia

26 March, 2016

Coffee Affair with Matcha CaramelCrisp Popcorn

Coffee has been part and parcel of my life. For those who can't live without coffee, high five! I guess that's why you are here, all ready to indulge in a coffee affair with me and curious about the little surprise added into my luxurious brew.

They say coffee is a warm delicious drug that makes everything feels better. Well, I am not sure how true is that, but one thing I am certain is that coffee definitely makes Garrett Popcorn tastes better. Wait...or should it be the other way around? 

Green Garrett Popcorn? Nope, it is neither seaweed nor wasabi flavor. Garrett Popcorn, the renowned popcorn label from Chicago, USA has recently added an interesting twist to its hugely popular flavour, CaramelCrisp, by infusing the refreshing flavour of Green Tea into it, hence creating a wholesome new limited time flavour: Matcha CaramelCrisp, coated evenly with golden green hue.

If you have tried Garrett Popcorn in other flavours such as CheeseCorn, Macadamia CaramelCrisp and Almond CaramelCrisp, I am sure that you know Garrett has never compromised in terms of quality. Similarly, the new green tea flavour is nothing artificial but is deliciously crafted using the high quality harada matcha from Shizuoko prefecture, Japan.

Some who have been to Japan may know that Shizuoka is an area famous for green tea plantations, hence the "Aki Matcha" (green powdered tea) or "Hiki Cha" there has fresh and strong green tea aroma, taste, mouthfeel and color.

In fact, the Matcha CaramelCrisp flavour has been well-received by the Japanese. It balances out the sweetness of the original CaramelCrisp flavor without overpowering it. 

What's more interesting about it is that, I realize it goes along very well with my cuppa, be it a dark bitter coffee or a foamy milk coffee. When both the aroma of coffee and green tea meet, it exudes a sweeter and less acidic flavour on the nose.

I even try soaking the popcorn into the freshly-brewed coffee for a couple of seconds to absorb the bitter concoction. To my surprise, the synchronization of flavours works! Smooth, sweet and bitter, all come at once; Definitely a warm comforting treat for both young and old.

Good things are meant to be shared, especially with the loved ones. Munching on the crispy popcorn while we keep our conversations going, I seriously didn't realize I have finished a large portion of the popcorn in my 1Gallon Tin!

Be warned: Once hooked, it is difficult to resist those green tea caramel goodness, so eat at your own risk! 

Whenever you are at home or in the office, a simple cup of coffee and a bag full of 
Garrett Popcorn's Matcha CaramelCrisp can be an indulgent midday treat to reward yourself or
perfect as a family snack during the evening TV hours.

Let's enjoy our #GarrettTogether moments with family and friends! 
(But please don't fight for the whole 1Gallon Tins with me!)

Garrett Matcha CaramelCrisp Popcorn is available in the following:
Bags (Small, Medium, Large) from RM17.00 to RM29.00
Tins (Quart, 1Gallon) from RM40.00 to RM110.00

If you are one of those who will never miss any latest green tea desserts in town,
then you should really check this out!

Only limited batches of Matcha CaramelCrisp are available each day
from 16 March to 10 April 2016 across all Garrett Popcorn Shops in Malaysia: 

Mid Valley Megamall: Lot G001-B, Ground Floor (opposite Starbucks)
Suria KLCC: Lot C15I, Concourse Floor (near Maybank)
1 Utama Shopping Centre: Lot G139B, Ground Floor
KLIA2: L2-112, Level 2, gateway@klia2

For more information, kindly visit the website: www.garrettpopcorn.my
Don't forget to follow them on Facebook for more updates: fb.com/GarrettPopcornMY

24 March, 2016

Review: HANHOO Power Infusing Essence + Masks [Moisturizing, Brightening, Nourishing]

Since I begin my new working life, I notice that my skin looks more tired and less radiant than before. Perhaps it is the stress or lack of sleep that worsens my skin condition. Or my skin has gotten "used to" what I usually use, so yeah now it's time to try out something new.....

.....introducing to my skin a new natural skincare expert saviour, Hanhoo (韩后), a famous Chinese brand endorsed by Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-hyun. It uses only all-natural ingredients in all its skincare range, so I wouldn't hesitate of trying at all despite of my sensitive skin type. 

In the natural skincare market, Hanhoo is relatively a new player as it is founded since 2009, but this brand has expanded rapidly in the international market and proven effective for the skin, based on the many awards it won. In China, it is one of the sponsors for The Voice of China (中国好声音) and Duets China (最美和声).

Hanhoo Talent Mask Series (1 Box x 20 pieces)
RM150 per box / RM80 per 10 pieces / RM9 per piece

Hanhoo has more than 10 types of skincare ranges to cater for different needs. As for my dry and dull skin, I get a box of Talent Mask-- comprising of 2 types: Moisturizing and Nourishing masks, 10 pieces each. Best to use at night before bed. 

The unique feature is, all Hanhoo masks are made of TENCEL® fiber which feels silky smooth on the skin, and more permeable, hence the nutrients are easily absorbed into the face. Unlike the usual cotton mask, I'm surprised that it is so thin (Only 0.21mm!!) yet does not tear off easily.

And the series comes with a tin box which can be reused for storage after you have finished the mask :)

Golden Algae and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask (22ml) (10 pieces)

For the blue one, it is specially made of golden algae, hyaluronic acid and spring water to deeply inject moisture into the skin, reduce skin tightening which is caused by dryness, and allow the skin to restore its soft plump texture. I am surprised that it works in just the first use! Let me explain later...

Here are the benefits in detail (if you can read Chinese).

Saussurea and Pearl Brightening Mask (22ml) (10 pieces)

But of course, it is not sufficient to just moisten the skin without repairing the overall complexion. Hence, the box also comes with this Brightening mask which uses premium pearl, white fungus and adonis flower. As it brightens and adds radiance to the skin, the overall complexion will be evened out, hence it will appear fresher and less dull.

Although pink is totally my thing, I thought it is just the packaging that looks sweet and girly.
But as soon as I open the mask, it smells so rich in floral scent, reminding me of some rosy aroma!

Here are the benefits in detail, for Chinese readers.

Cubilose Nourishing Mask (22ml) (1 Box x 20 pieces)
RM168 per box / RM89 per 10 pieces / RM9.90 per piece

For the Nourishing mask, I also love the paper packaging although it is not as sturdy, because I can easily fold it into a stand / holder to arrange my masks neatly. It is slightly pricier than the Talent Mask series because it contains high-quality bird's nest, Baobab tree and sweet Helichrysum flower to restore skin youthfulness, radiance and elasticity, resulting in a younger and more energized complexion.

Here are the benefits which I have summarized earlier.

Hanhoo Power Infusing Essence (145ml)
肌活青春精华液 (韩后“新肌水”)
 RM188 per bottle

What comes more important than masks is the daily skincare regime-- something we use day and night to keep our skin at its best condition. Hence, I choose this powerful essence which brings 8-in-1 benefits:

     Skin Repairing
    ❤ Deep Moisturizing
    ❤ Skin Rejuvenation
    ❤ Whitening
    ❤ Improve Elasticity 
    ❤ Softening and Smoothing 
    ❤ Firming
    ❤ Revitalizing

Interestingly, it is formulated using the unique 93.4% double fermentation of Japanese sake and enzyme. Do you know that Japanese sake has been known for its beauty benefits since 1000 years ago? That's why Japanese ladies mostly have flawless complexion!

On the mysterious-looking bottle, there is a bar indicator to allow you measure the correct amount to use. Every bar is sufficient for 2-days usage, meaning that one bottle of this essence is able to last for 2 months. So easy and convenient right!

To avoid wastage, just apply directly onto the cleansed face (Don't use cotton pad!) twice a day-- morning and evening. Then, lightly massage the face to allow better absorption.

Make sure all Hanhoo products that you get have this original sticker which verifies its authenticity.

For a comprehensive moisturizing, brightening and nourishing effect, I combine all 3 masks and the essence in my everyday skincare regime. Sounds complicated? No, it is actually pretty simple.

For the first 3 days, pampering the skin with masks every night before sleep is important. After that, I use the mask only once every alternate day. But the key is still the essence that must be applied every day and night.
After cleansing, I'd put on the mask on dry face for 15-30 minutes, and lightly massage the mask essence into the skin. You can rinse your face after taking off the mask, but I usually skip this step and just apply the essence directly.

Just tap the essence on the face using fingers for quicker absorption. Texture wise, I find that it is slightly thicker than toner yet lightweight and not as sticky. Most importantly, the fast absorption makes it more convenient for me to apply it under makeup without having to wait too long.

After just one-time use, I am surprised that I can already see the immediate result on my skin! ❤ The redness (due to sensitive skin) appears less visible now, and the overall complexion appears softer, smoother and plumper. I believe if I continue using it everyday, the skin will be as soft as a baby's!
Day 2 procedure is exactly the same as Day 1. Just slap on the Moisturizing mask,
followed by essence. By now, the skin is slightly more plump than before.

Hanhoo actually recommends users to apply the mask every night for the best result, especially during the first few times of trying the masks. After building the "foundation" to moisturize the skin, the third day focuses on brightening the skin, which is also followed by the essence.

I can see a slight glowing effect on the complexion, especially on the T-zone area. Initially, I thought it is oily and hence becomes "glowy" but the "shine" is actually healthy glow, because of the slightly brightened skin tone. I really don't mind pampering my skin with pearl brightening mask everyday!
It's rest day! After 3 consecutive days of doing masks, it's time to let the skin rest and just pamper it with sufficient amount of essence. Again, I'd apply directly onto my palm and massage into the face. 1/4 or 1/2 of a bar (on the bottle indicator) is more than enough for the whole face. Don't forget the neck too-- because neck wrinkles do appear easily so protecting it with the essence is important! 

I did not have enough sleep for the past few days, so the dark circles were extra heavy. But skin complexion wise, I am happy that it not only doesn't look tired, but also become more and more moisturized and softer each day after using the essence day and night diligently.

5th day. It's finally time to include the premium bird's nest formulated Cubilose Nourishing Mask into my special skincare regime. As usual, it is left on the face for 15-20 minutes, but you must rinse the face after doing the mask because of its thick concentrated nourishing essence.

Then, the essence is the last step before I go to bed-- My new favourite! 
It's okay to take a break from doing mask, but the essence is not to be missed.
I will still apply twice a day, to keep my skin nourished 24/7.
Water is still the key component of the skin, hence I am back with another round of using Moisturizing Mask to keep my dry skin hydrated. With sufficient moisture level, the open pores, redness and tight skin issues will eventually go off. 

1. After 7 days of combining the products into my daily skincare, I notice a significant improvement in terms of skin moisture level and bright complexion. The skin texture becomes more plump, soft, smooth and less redness.
2. Price wise, the mask is quite reasonable considering the quality and effectiveness on the skin. Recommended for purchases box by box, so sharing is recommended if you just wanna try it out.
3. My personal favourites: Essence and Moisturizing Mask (MUST TRY!!)

If you have any enquiries about Hanhoo products, feel free to contact
The Pretty Home on Facebook or seokying1234 on WeChat. 
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