31 May, 2016

Fashion 101: Dress, Dress, Dress!

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It is not about brands; what's more important is the style that comes from within you, don't you agree? Speaking of my style, I find that I am a lazy person who always want to flaunt a stylish look effortlessly. Hahaha! That's why I pick dresses in almost all occasions, be it a romantic date, formal meeting or casual outing.

Well, perhaps it is just me, dresses or skirts automatically give a touch of femininity as I don't really like pulling off a boyish or cool look. Now let's check out my girly girl shopping haul from Vodelle this month! 

One-Piece Floral Dress (Red) from Vodelle
Floral Bowler Bag from Cath Kidston
Strapped Sandals from Jelly Bunny

When in doubt, wear RED! Whenever I feel slightly under the weather, I love putting on vibrant colors to give a lift to my mood. And this is a high-quality one-piece dress that saves me from the hassle of deciding which top and bottom make the most perfect combination! Good for those days when I'm rushing out too :P 

Floral Skater Dress (Orange) from Vodelle
Blue Outerwear from Bangkok

I don’t usually wear dresses with large floral prints, but this orange-blue-white piece seems to make one look younger and more cheerful with its vibrant shade. Spice it up with a piece of cardigan or jacket to pull off a totally different look! 

One-Piece Collar Lace Dress (Black) from Vodelle
Work Shoulder Bag from Mango
Grey Pointed Heels from Happy2u.my

Speaking of quality, honestly I am blown by this monotonous lace dress because of its premium lace quality with silky inner lining. It looks decent enough for work, and equally lovely for a dinner date. 

Basic Sleeveless Mini Dress (Grey) from Vodelle
Bow Belt from Vincci

Another style that I personally like is the plain Jane look-- although many commented that I look cute in ponytail. Anything monotonous and spiced up with little details is my favourite, for instance this high-neck dress in warm grey tone has a middle slit that adds a touch of sexiness to the dress. I think I’d just fall for anything with slits and cut-outs! 

High Neck Sleeveless Top (Black) from Vodelle
Assymmetrical Skirt from Tapasfashion
Mini Bowler Bag from Taobao
Dream Catcher Necklace from Lovisa
Strapped Sandals from Happy2u.my

Doesn't own any Little Black Dress? Make one! If you think getting an one-piece dress is tricky, then you can ‘create’ one on your own. I am pairing this black high-neck sleeveless top with an asymmetrical skirt that disguises my heavier bottom half :P In fact, nobody can tell it’s actually a two-piece outfit! 

Rose Top (Gold) from Vodelle
Curved Fit Skirt (Black) from Vodelle
Red Sling Clutch Bag from SEED
Faux netting flats 
from Vodelle

Key in the code below to enjoy 10% DISCOUNT at www.vodelle.com:
Keep calm and enjoy shopping ya!

29 May, 2016

Dresses: What's for Summer?

Summer is here! Recently I got really into floral printed dresses because they just look good for any occasions. To flaunt different styles, there are various types of floral dresses which I found interesting on Chicuu and I'd love to own them all!

Women Mini Dress Floral Print Zipper Back V Neck Pleated Dress (Direct Link: HERE)

For instance, this mini dress is so cute and simply perfect for a casual date out.
I realise that I have soft spots towards heart-shaped necklines that I just can't resist! 

V-Neck Floral Print Backless Spaghetti Strap Maxi White Dress (Direct Link: HERE)

I think I'd pick maxi floral dress when I have any pool party or beach holiday. Imagine yourself strolling along the beach, dressed in a piece of clean white maxi with soft pastel floral prints; How sweet it is! Totally picture perfect, right? 

Vintage Floral Print Sleeveless A-Line Swing Dress with Belt (Direct Link: HERE)

Some say floral prints are only for casual wears, but I just don't agree with that. Large floral prints can exude a sense of sophistication behind the femininity; hence suitable for the working OL look. 

Floral Print Round Neck Sleeveless Organza Dress (Direct Link: HERE)

Some of the dresses here are not easy to find elsewhere, and I am glad that they are all available at Chicuu. The organza midi floral dress is equally lovely and more suitable for dinners or special occasions. 

If you want to shop for fashion wears, don't forget to visit Chicuu at:
Instagram: @chicuu_official
Twitter: @chicuu_office

27 May, 2016

HerbaLine "Beauty and The Feast" Spa Party @ Puchong

Special thanks to HerbaLine Facial Spa and Mama Kim Puchong, I was invited to the Herbaline "Beauty and The Feast" Spa Party at its latest outlet in Puchong (near IOI Boulevard) last week. It was indeed a well-spent evening that revitalized the body, mind and soul.

From my previous weekend staycation at Sojourn Guest House by HerbaLine at Pandan Indah, I had experienced the unique and holistic wellness concept based on its "Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well" principle.

Although Herbaline Puchong does not have any guest house for accommodation, it allows guests to enjoy an equally Zen experience by having refreshing facial spa and therapeutic massage by HerbaLine Facial Spa followed by hearty and delicious meals by Mama Kim.

Upon stepping into HerbaLine, I was greeted warmly by Mr. C.K. Low, the Managing Director of HerbaLine Global Wellness Group, and a team of beautiful brand ambassadors. 

Then we had a quick tour around the upper floor which is well-equipped with amenities such as changing room, tea lounge, facial and spa treatment room and more for customers.

Facial and spa treatment room; Best for the couples and BFFs out there!

Along the pathway, there are huge pots of aromatics for the sensory enjoyment. The aromatic lemongrass scent is known for its mind healing properties; Take a whiff and you'd feel the comfort and relaxation from within.

My pampering experience of the evening began with a quick 5-minute foot soak to relax the feet, reduce soreness and stimulate the blood flow. It felt great to dip the feet into warm water and let the sea salt works wonder on the feet.

Fish Spa came next, and the girls were all excited to be "tickled" by the fish which helped remove the dead skin cells.

The next station was the Sea Salt Room, where I felt as if I had just landed in a beach or desert! Sitting on a lazy chair, sea salt basking and shovelling were fun as I buried my feet in the sea salt which was said to have health benefits to the skin.

Look how excited the girls were!!

The rejuvenating experience ended with a quick massage around the neck, back, and arms, using the essential oil.

After pampering the mind and soul, it was time to treat the hungry tummy with a wholesome healthy dinner at Mama Kim. My usual favourite Signature Sauna Mee was served piping hot with steaming soup and condiments. The chilli and fried garlic added just the right amount of flavours into the dish, which was then perfectly washed down with the fruit tea.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I had so much fun with the babes! Nothing beats the enjoyment of my healthy and rejuvenating journey here :)

To know more on how you can pamper yourselves at HerbaLine, kindly visit:

25 May, 2016

Review: KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Gel - 6 Benefits in 1 Bottle

Speaking of my current dry and dull skin condition, honestly I am still in search of a "miracle" to achieve more hydrated, plump, firm, shiny, smooth and radiant skin (I hope I am not too greedy, hahah!). I believe many are facing similar issue, especially during the hot weather, plus the hectic lifestyle that we can't avoid.

Thanks to Kose's latest innovation, I just found a one-product-miracle that delivers multiple benefits to naturally glowing skin. It's the Japanese artist, Yui Aragaki's current favourite too.

 KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Gel (79ml) @ RM130

Japanese products have never failed to impress me. This herbal gel is a multi-beneficial gel moisturizer that tones, illuminates, nourishes and firms for a radiant complexion. All thanks to its powerful content of Fermented Coix Seed Extract which fights your skin's dullness, keeps your skin clear, promotes anti-inflammatory, moisturizes and retexturize your skin's condition.

I love how it provides 6 benefits in just 1 simple bottle, including:
    ❤ More hydration
    ❤ Plump texture
    ❤ Treats Roughness
    ❤ More shine
    ❤ More firmness
    ❤ Treats dullness

Most of the time, skincare in a jar is less convenient but Kose has made things right by including an adorable little spatula and spatula holder, which fits snuggly next to the gel (No more missing spatulas!). Nicely designed for easy adjustment of usage amount.

The texture? It has a lightweight gel texture that does not stick on the skin, hence it is able
to work wonderfully as emulsion, serum, cream, massage gel as well as sleeping mask

(1) Use As Gel Moisturizer
HOW TO USE: Apply one(1) scoop of gel and massage onto the face to stay moisturised on-the-go.

I'd normally use it as part of my daily skincare regime, during both day and night. It moisturizes the skin well before putting on makeup, and also great as a night moisturizer after cleansing and toning. 

When applied on the skin, the gel melts instantly into the skin with a cooling sensation followed by silky-plump feeling. So smooth and comfortable on the skin! 

Before VS After:
The skin looks more plump and glowing almost instantly. 
If you need to combat dryness and dullness, I think this would be great,
especially for gym addicts, frequent flyers or anyone who wants a quick fix!

(2) Use As Sleeping Mask 
HOW TO USE: Apply two scoops as a leave-on overnight mask to soothe dry, dull or tired skin before going to bed.

Another favourite method of using this herbal gel is a sleeping mask. Honestly, the best remedy for skin is always a good night sleep. But what makes my sleep even better is a layer of sleeping mask that repairs my skin overnight.

I'd apply a thicker layer over the face, let it absorbed overnight and enjoy the sleep.
Goodbye to dull and tired skin on the next morning!

1. A wonderful lightweight invention-- Love how it can be used as emulsion, serum, cream, massage gel and sleeping mask
2. The texture is very refreshing, lightweight, non-pore clogging. Love the cooling sensation at the first touch.
3. Overall, it works great as an instantaneous remedy for those with hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep.

 Kose SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is priced at RM130, available at all Kose counters nationwide.
Website: www.kose.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/kose.malaysia

24 May, 2016

Wigsbuy Natural Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs Online

Hi girls! This post is going to be your favourite if you love playing with hair wigs. For first-time wig wearers, many do not really understand the difference between natural human hair wigs and the high-quality yet cheap synthetic wigs. Now let me tell you which will suit you more!

100% Human Hair Soft Long Straight Lace Front Wig (26 Inches) (Direct Link: HERE)

To check out the latest trends and promotions of wigs, usually I will visit Wigsbuy for its wide variety of human hair wigs for women. I personally prefer naturally long and straight hair structure so that the wig can be styled / permed / dyed too :D

Fabulous Custom 100% Real Human Hair Curly Lace Front Wig (22 Inches) (Direct Link: HERE)

The soft waves on Wigsbuy human hair wigs give a very natural look with subtle shine that makes the hair looks healthy. Plus, human hair wigs are also heat resistant wigs where you can style it with curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers with minimal damage.

If you choose quality over price, then human hair is a great choice. For more styles, you can browse here: http://shop.wigsbuy.com/Custom-Human-Hair-Wigs-101938/.

Natural New Style Long Curly Smooth Soft Fashion Wig (20 Inches) (Direct Link: HERE)

Apart from that, the synthetic wigs at Wigsbuy are also available, at a much lower price. Synthetic wigs are generally indistinguishable from human hair, but the texture is not designed to accept a permanent curl or color change as it will damage the wig.

High Quality Cheap Soft Short Straight Hair Wig (Direct Link: HERE)

Nevertheless, synthetic wigs are easier to take care of, especially the shorter ones. Although it cannot be styled using heating products as we wish, we can always buy many different designs and styles to suit our needs. The full list of items can be found here: http://shop.wigsbuy.com/Custom-Synthetic-Wigs-101996/.

Red Long Natural Curly Side Part Bangs Lace Front Wig Synthetic Hair (22 Inches) (Direct Link: HERE)

Overall, if you are looking for wigs inspiration, Wigsbuy is the right place to go.

22 May, 2016

GRADUAN ASPIRE Career & Postgraduate Fair 2016 @ KLCC

I was in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last weekend when I bumped into one of the coolest and most creative flashmobs I have ever seen at the main entrance of the mall. Then it came to my knowledge that the dancing mob was a teaser done by the  GRADUAN® team in conjunction to the upcoming GRADUAN ASPIRE Career & Postgraduate Fair 2016.

If you haven't heard of this, GRADUAN® ASPIRE 2016 is the nation’s most exciting career networking event with over a hundred of employers and universities making their presence in this prestigious event. I was there for GRADUAN ASPIRE Career & Postgraduate Fair 2015, feel free to read more about my experience there.

I saw the large crowd was gathering around the entrance, with cameras coming from every angle. Thumbs up to Alam Wakaka and Alamak Dance Trooperz as well as the GRADUAN® ambassadors for the hard work! 

Here's the full video of the flashmob that you should check out!

Being the 6th installment of the career fair, GRADUAN® ASPIRE returns in a bigger scale this year. Themed “Fly High,” this year’s exhibitors include Maybank, Celcom Axiata, UEM Group, Malaysia Airlines, Dell, Exxonmobil and Nestle, as well as the International Islamic University Malaysia, Taylor’s University, Curtin University, Multimedia University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, University of Malaya and many more.

In fact, it is more than just a career fair. It also features an interesting array of activities which will help you keep up with the changes in career trends in Malaysia such as ASPIRE+, ASPIRE500 Conference, ASPIRE Lounge, Agents Race, contests and lucky draws.

Pn Elia Talib, Managing Director of GRADUAN® always believe in providing the opportunity for employers to understand what talents think of their presence, and bring them closer to one another. This is why every year GRADUAN® incorporates new elements that are relevant to fresh grads and professional job seekers.

The exclusive ASPIRE+ Corporate Luncheon made its debut last year, where I was honoured to be able to meet over 200 hand-picked working professionals (min. 3 years experience) and mingle around with 30 leading CEOs and corporate senior management in this invite-only event.

This year, some of the top CEOs who will be there are Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia; Sridharan Nair, Managing Partner of PwC Malaysia; Benyamin Bin Ismail, CEO of AirAsia X; Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, President of Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals; Mukhtar Hussain, CEO of HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd; and many more.

Indeed it was an amazing experience to gain exclusive insights in accelerating my careers by understanding how to stay relevant in the current market with the changing of economic landscape. If you have the chance, don't hesitate to join them this year! 

Apart from that, the Favourite ASPIRE 500 Conference is another highlight of the 2-day career fair, where 500 talents from universities and colleges annually seize the opportunity to be inspired by top Malaysian icons.

This year's conference panel includes Nazrin Hassan, CEO of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd; Leon Foong, General Manager of Uber Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Goh Ai Ching, Founder of Piktochart; and Ashran Dato’ Ghazi, CEO of The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MAGIC).

They will share their experience and expertise in order to shape Malaysian talent into a more advanced and productive workforce in “The Digital Age”.

GRADUAN® ASPIRE 2016 will be opened to the public on 28 and 29 May 2016,
from 11am to 6pm at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Don't forget to mark the date!


For more information, log on to www.graduan.com/aspire and pre-register now!
Visit its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/GraduanOfficial) for the latest updates too.
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