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15 December, 2016

Review: T3 Acne Facial Foam & Pimple Gel+

I just can't express how blessed I am with my current skin condition. 

Back in those days when I woke up to realise a new pimple had just popped onto my face...Not sure if it was because of the hormones or merely hygiene issue, but I was certain that it took a lot of effort to clear the zits out.

The two faces of me, 11 years ago VS now.

Thank God those acne did not leave any significant scars but from then on, I'm always cautious when choosing skincare to prevent breakouts. Well, pimples still pop out once in a while, especially during the "time of the month", so I still use skincare that suits acne-prone skin.

Recently T3 Malaysia relaunches the newly-improved T3 Acne Facial Foam (100g) and T3 Pimple Gel+ (15g) and I thought why not giving it a go, after checking out the new formula.

So, what’s so great about the new improved formula? Well, what caught my attention is the innovative blends of natural ingredients which act effectively against acne-prone skin.

The key ingredients are listed on the products.

First is my favourite Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, which is famous for its anti-microbial and anti-septic properties. This all-time superstar oil is probably the most effective yet affordable ingredient to fight acne.

And I discover something that I do not know previously – Willow Bark Extract and Canadian Willow Herb are actually the “doctor” to reduce acne lesions, soothe the skin, control oil and unclog pores. They are the keys to having clean, sebum-free skin.

Now let’s test out the products!


All skincare will not work if not applied on thoroughly cleansed face, so this facial wash is important as the first step. The tube packaging comes in handy for travelling, without having to worry about leakages. And I can easily squeeze the product out of it, but no wastage as the right amount comes out.

T3 Acne Facial Foam helps soothe, unclog pores, remove excess sebum and act against pimple-causing bacteria. 
Not forgetting to mention its pleasant tea tree scent that freshens the skin.

The foam’s innovative formula keeps the cleanser not overly foamy so that it 
allows for deep cleansing without leaving the skin dry, while keeping bacteria and acne at bay.

Pleasant tea tree oil scent
Lightweight gel-like texture that foams up easily.
Just squeeze the right amount, and the cleanser will not overflow out from the tube.
No tight sensation after cleansing; Just refreshed and cleansed.
Not overly foaming, otherwise it'd dry up the skin.


Apart from the basic skincare steps following the cleanser, I usually take extra step to tackle the zits using T3's special care item-- the improved T3 Pimple Gel+. Suitable for mild to moderate acne.

Personally, I find this T3's popular pimple treatment gel useful to apply a dot or two on zits that come and go. Plus, the thick gel with strong pleasant tea tree oil scent reminds me of some cooling herbal gel ointment for soothing the skin.

Just a little of the gel will do. So one tiny bottle of this can go a long way!

Strong pleasant tea tree oil scent
Thick, soothing gel
 Just apply on targeted area, anytime anywhere you want.
 Apply diligently every day and night, then you'll see the result in a couple of days.
Cooling and soothing sensation on the skin.
It feels extra good on areas with redness due to pimples.

1. T3's improved versions of Acne Facial Foam and Pimple Gel+ are pretty straightforward, effective, very easy to use, and convenient for travelling.
2. Personally, I like how the facial foam clears off the impurities on skin without drying up the skin, while the pimple gel hits at the right spot and clears the zits.
3. Overall, the products are the ideal pimple solutions for those with mild to moderate acne issue.

T3 Acne Facial Foam and Pimple Gel+ are now available in
Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness and leading independent pharmacies.

For more information, visit T3 Malaysia at:
Instagram: @t3malaysia


  1. Ouh hi...i gonna give it a try coz i got too many pimple..not too many..just hate it when it does pop under my left n right chin

    Your review bout this product is amazing

    1. Hi, if you have many pimple can see a skin doctor to prevent more scars development which is even harder to treat. Oral Isotretinoin only available by skin specialist eg klinik pakar pakar P&R

  2. hi, the t3 acne facial foam is suitable for what skin? :)


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