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30 December, 2017

For a More Fulfilling 2018

HELLO 2018!  I hope this festive season has been wonder-filled for you. And now it's for a quick (okay, not so quick, because this post is going to be super duper lengthy and personal) wrap-up of the year. 

Not sure if this is really the 9 best moments in 2017, but I am truly blessed to have yet another amazing year like this.

Firstly, it takes alot of courage for me to pen this down. I don't even know where to start.
Everyday seems to be the same. But when I look back, I realise one year can do so much to a person.

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So I realised my last personal update on this blog (when I say personal, it means really the private life of mine) was in the end of June. Now let's continue with a quick flashback of the second half of 2017.

Had a short weekend getaway to Genting Highlands in July.

July was the month I had a little achievement at work which I was really, really grateful for. I may not be the best employee in the team but I will strive to be a better one :)

*FYI  I have a full time job. For those who have always been asking me whether I will become a full-time blogger, the answer is No. For those who ask me to focus on my day job and quit blogging, the answer is, again, No. I am happy with doing a balance of both 

Here come the very much-awaited trip to Sydney! It was an impromptu trip actually, I totally didn't expect this to be in my travel diary of the year. Although it was a short trip, I really enjoyed exploring this magical city during the end of winter season and hopefully I would be back to Australia next year for another adventure!

You can check out my Sydney travelogues here:

September was a really hectic month for me to work, work and work. Totally couldn't recall what did I do during this month! How pathetic. And the month was also a disappointment because I skipped my annual island vacation. Not sure why it wasn't even in my travelling agenda this year, oh well shall replace it with one next year.

Had a long weekend trip to Malacca in October.

October was the month in which darkness kicked in. It was the time when I started shutting myself down with so many emotions running rampant inside me. My mind was racing with countless thoughts and I felt so, so, so used. I just didn't want to remind myself how often the tears silently ran down my cheeks. Luckily I had my girlfriend by my side throughout the dark days  Just can't afford losing you, babe!


Thanks for the lovely bouquet during my birthday! 

It was my birthday month and I had never felt so bad about celebrating it before. Thank you each and every one of my friends who brought me out for lunches, dinners, movies, etc. Thank you God for surrounding me with the kind souls that never leave me at my lowest point of the year.

November was the time of the year for our corporate annual dinner too. It marked my 20th month working with this bunch of lovely people, hopefully there will be more memories created with them in future 

It was good to be different once in a while :)

November had changed me a lot, both in good and bad ways. I became more outgoing, more open to meeting new friends, more active in the blogging scene which translated to more late nights spent outside. 

But all the drinking scenes you see on my social media were not exactly "me". People who know me well enough would know I am not that kind of person. Hopefully I can stay away from the drinking days in 2018 :P 

Finally, here come the beach getaway for the year!

You know how much I love island or beach vacations. Spending my long weekend in Desaru, Johor might not be the "ideal" beach holiday I dreamed for, but at least there were some soul-healing moments spent along the beach staring at the bright blue sky and dark starry night.

A short but memorable trip that helped me a lot in my healing process :)

The year then ended with a fangirl meet-up with my favourite blogger, DreaChong.

Year at a Glance 2017

Time for some personal words :)  *Please feel free to drag your cursor to the top right corner
and click "X" if you can't stand wordy wordy post*

Life is like a gift box Happiness does not depend on what we have, but it does depend on
how we feel towards what we have. We can be happy with little and miserable with much.

2017 has been a weird one, hasn’t it? For whatever reason, so many of us have had to cut connections with old friends, lovers and distance ourselves from toxic people. It always hurts to let someone go, be it a friend, family member or love; but if there’s one thing I have learnt this year, it would be being thankful for it. The universe will always guide you down the path you need to be on right now. 

Believe me, you want to earn more $$$, to find your soulmate, to live in a fancy house, to buy more luxury stuff? Yet you are finding yourself crying through heartbreak after heartbreak, barely making ends meet and living somewhere you hate? It is for a reason. You will never appreciate the things you desire more than anything in life if you don’t experience struggle beforehand.

There are many things I want in life, but I have to trust the process and believe I will achieve those amazing things and meet those fabulous people one day. I realise, people are withdrawn from my life to make room for better people to replace them. There are only so many seats at my table for people who will stay and truly matter in my life. People will come and go, leaving lessons behind. After all, it is the process that matters. Whether the process leaves me broken or contented at different points of life, it always teaches me something that I can use in future. Remember to trust the process.

Feelings and people may be temporary. However, if you keep believing you will achieve that one thing you want more than anything, you will have day. Trust me, keep going. 

Honestly I am tired of the "New Year, New Me" kind of thing. No resolutions for 2018, because life is the best when it is most unexpected. May the upcoming year be filled with magic, achievements and good madness. And I hope somewhere in the next year, I would surprise myself with something big.

So.... What's Next?

Thank you everyone for supporting this blog and connecting with me via my Instagram ( and Facebook (! I promise to continue creating more contents for you guys and doing something different in 2018 :) 

Love, FiSh

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