23 February, 2018

What to Consider in Choosing a Flower Bouquet

Believe it or not, flowers will always able to bring charm and attract a girl’s eyes. A gift of flowers will not only make her happy but also can create such a good impact to grow and strengthen your relationship—if you do it right. This is why you have to choose your flowers right and present it in a good way. Below are some tips for you to choose the flower bouquet gift:

1. The flower type

She may have a favorite flower, and that could be meaningful for her. You can then start from this idea and be creative with your flower bouquet. You may add other types of flowers to emphasize your bouquet with her favorite flowers as the main flower in the arrangement. For example, if she loves Roses, you can mix the red Roses with white and pink Roses or other types of flowers such as Baby Breath.

2. The flower color

We know that flowers are available in a wide variety of colors. You can go for a single type of flower in one color, but you also can be creative with the flower arrangement by combining more than one flower in a matching color. In this case, you can always ask the florist as the expertise in it.

3. The flower arrangement

Any flower arrangement is actually would be fine for any ordinary days, but you can always be creative with your flower arrangement. Ask the florist to make a creative flower arrangement for you that you think will be suited to the receiver’s personality and preferences.

If you focus or consider the three tips above, you will likely have the loveliest bouquet to give to your loved one, especially if you use the service from Little Flower Hut , they will do their best in creating your flower bouquet gift also you can use the promotion code FEBLFH10 to get 10% off all purchases . This gift will surely please her and make her day even brighter.

Remember that you don’t have to spend so much money for a lovely flower gift—as long as you know how to get the best deal from the best online florist in Malaysia.

21 February, 2018

[New Menu] Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory @ Pavilion Elite, KL

Speaking of freshly-cooked Korean fried chickens, I know we are spoilt with choices in Klang Valley but one of my top favourites is Chir Chir, the South Korea's largest chain of restaurants which opened its first Malaysian outlet in Pavilion Elite a couple of months ago. 

Located on Level 1, the foodie heaven of Pavilion Elite, you can easily spot this vibrant Korean-chic establishment along the underground walkway towards Fahrenheit88. 

The quirky interior makes it the perfect place for casual dining with friends and family. I usually love bringing 3-4 friends along so that we can try more dishes. Portion wise, it is very versatile -- you can always order single portion and enjoy it alone, or order double portion for sharing. 

The reason of my revisit to Chir Chir this round is to try out the new menu.
Yes, they have introduced a couple of new items specially catered for our local taste/

Curry Fried Chicken @ RM30.90 (Single Portion)

When it comes to local Malaysian favourites, who doesn't love curry? Specially catered for curry lovers, Chir Chir's latest Curry Fried Chicken is coated with the signature batter, deep-fried till golden-brown crispy perfection. generously showered in the very own addictive curry seasoning, and dried chilli flakes. It is ultra crisp on the outside and so tender inside! 

Can you see the even coating of chilli flakes around the chicken? Surprisingly, it exudes very strong aroma of fragrant curry leaves but does not taste spicy at all! In fact, taste wise, it leans towards the sweeter side. 

If you really love curry flavour, you can always opt for Double Portion (RM56.90). Other flavours of signature Fried Chicken that you can try include Crispy (Original), Garlicky or Spicy flavours. 

Honey Butter Chicken @ RM24.90
(Single Portion can serve 2)

Since I personally prefer something boneless, the best-selling Honey Butter Chicken never fails to tempt me with the sweet honey butter flavour and crispy texture on the outside. For the sides, it is good to find some crisp potato wedges and rice cakes to add multi-dimensional textures to the dish.

If you find it a tad sweet for your liking, always dip into the creamy sauce that nicely balances out the sweetness of the chicken. Craving for more? It is also available in Double Portion (RM52.90).

Rose Cheese Chiqueen @ RM33.90

Apart from the signature fried chickens, Chir Chir's menu features lots of modern, innovative Korean dishes including the new Rose Cheese Chiqueen. Served in a piping hot pan, cheese lovers like us are delighted to see the crispy fried chicken tenders and chunky potato wedges siting on a bed of shredded mozzarella cheese. 

As the mozzarella cheese melts, the waiter will put in some fondue cheese into the creamy concoction 
and mix them together so that we can enjoy the cheesy goodness upon each bite.

Remember to enjoy it while hot, otherwise the cheese may harden as it turns cold.

Spicy Chi-bap @ RM33.90

Wanna try something different? An innovative rendition from the usual Korean Bibimbap rice dish, Chir Chir's Chi-Bap features juicy fried chicken tenders in a spicy marinade of onion salsa and smoky BBQ sauce, served on a bed of aromatic seaweed-flavoured rice. 

Be warned, the boneless chicken tenders are quite fiery hot; definitely not for the faint-hearted. Luckily the seaweed rice helps to balance out the overall spiciness of this dish. Can't get enough of it? The Double Portion (RM60.90) is ideal for big eaters or communal sharing. 

Nest Snow @ RM34.90

For those who don't fancy rice, Chir Chir's best-selling Nest Snow is a great alternative. Taste wise, it is also more subtle and less cheesy as compared to the Rose Cheese Chiqueen. But I personally find that the cream-laden Cajun Chicken tenders can be a tad cloying especially when it is served with a bed of sweet potato mash, and crowned with freshly whipped cream and grated cheese.

Pineapple Smoothie / Grapefruit Yoghurt 
(RM14.90 per glass / RM30.90 per jar)

Another thing we love about Chir Chir is the ever innovative, refreshing beverages which also come in 2 serving sizes: Glass (single portion) / Jar (to share). Whether you like the creamy sweet Pineapple Smoothie (Tropical mix of pineapple puree, coconut and mint leaves with strawberry and banana syrup at the bottom) or the refreshing tang from the Grapefruit Yoghurt (Grapefruit yoghurt, grapefruit and mint leaves), I am sure that both make ideal thirst quenchers and perfect accompaniments to the dishes. 

Not a fan of fruity smoothies? You can always enjoy the Korean "Chimaek" culture here, i.e. indulging into the fried chicken ("chi" in Korean) and cooling it down with icy cold beer ("maekju" in Korean).

1. If you are looking for a Korean fried chicken meal with an interesting local twist, then Chir Chir is the place to go with your friends and family. 
2. Reasons to visit: Sizeable portion, locally-suited flavours, fresh and good quality ingredients 
3. Must try: Curry Fried Chicken, Spicy Chi-bap

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
Lot 1.108.00, Level 1 (walkway towards Fahrenheit88)
Pavilion Elite @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603-2110 4867
Instagram: @ChirChirMY
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily 

18 February, 2018

Takaful Motor Insurance Collaboration with 8excite

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you have a safe travelling journey throughout this festive season!

Hi guys! Hope you guys have been having a great Chinese New Year celebration so far. Every time when it comes to festive seasons, it is important to remind our loved ones to travel safe especially during peak days where everyone flocks along the North-South highway. Well, sometimes road accidents are unavoidable, therefore we should also protect ourselves just in case. *touchwood*

How many of us have a motor insurance policy with Takaful Malaysia? Here's some good news for you guys: Takaful, the insurance provider is now having a collaboration with 8excite, the platform for deals and discounts in Malaysia.

Now, you can take advantage of this exciting deal to save up to 25% on your motor insurance with Takaful Malaysia -- You get to enjoy a 10% online discount plus another 15% cash back that will be paid to you at the end of the policy should there be no claims made during the coverage period.

Not only that, it is more convenient and hassle-free now to renew your car/motor insurance with Takaful via 8excite platform. At the same time, you also get to earn and accumulate 8excite’s points and redeem deals via 8excite platform.

This would definitely save up alot of time from consulting an insurance agent or making a trip to the insurance office. Yes, you are right, getting 24/7 accident protection has become so easy and affordable now.  

For more information, please take a look at the deal https://goo.gl/nwif2m
Or visit https://online.takaful-malaysia.com.my/ and register to get a free quotation.
Kindly call 1-300 88 252 385 or email csu@takaful-malaysia.com.my for inquiries.

13 February, 2018

[Fashion] Online Shopping Haul from Rosegal

Hello! ❤ Chinese New Year is approaching very soon, and it is always the best time to pamper myself with new clothes, new hair etc. If you know me, I often shop online especially from overseas website because the varieties are much more than those in local stores.

So this is my first time shopping from Rosegal, an online fashion store that sells all kinds of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags etc. Seriously it is a hugeee fashion galore for me!

Here are the items I got this round: A shoulder bag and 5 pairs of earrings, all in very good quality and true to pictures.

 Carry A One-Shouldered Shoulder Bag (Coffee)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Do you know that tartan prints are in trend now? I love everything in plaids, so I have gotten my first ever shoulder bag in this design, that comes along with vintage style buckle details and two shoulder straps of different thickness.

For this size, only the basics (wallet, phone, keys, etc) can fit comfortably into the bag. Personally, it is not very convenient for me as I always have to carry a camera along wherever I go.

Also, be careful not to place small items in it. I regretted for placing my favourite lipstick into the bag and then found out that it slipped out of the bag when I took out my wallet.

Sweet Heart-shaped Small Spherical Pendant Earrings (Pink + Gray)
(Direct Link: HERE)

As for the earrings, my favourite is this pair of trio heart-shaped earrings. Look how sweet it is! Good to go with any casual outfit.

Basically the rest are dangling earrings embellished with rhinestones in different colors, because I really have a soft spot towards sparkly designs and long dangling style. If you worry that the design may be too 'loud' or exaggerating, then don't worry, they are actually quite subtle when paired with the right outfit.

Even a simple dress can flaunt the beauty of these earrings. Whether you prefer wearing them everyday or during dinners / special functions, I think they can fit into all occasions.

Faux Gem Rhinestone Tassel Teardrop Earrings (White)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Rhinestone Sparkly Teardrop Earrings (Coffee)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Rhinestone Floral Statement Drop Earrings (Pink)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Leaf Water Drop Rhinestone Earrings (White)
(Direct Link: HERE)

Overall, how do you like my shopping haul? Looking forward to share with you guys my next round of online purchases soon.
Feel free to hop over to Rosegal and start shopping now!

07 February, 2018

[NEW MENU] Caffe Bene "Ultra Violet" Purple Sweet Potato Desserts

Are you a fan of Purple Sweet Potato?

I have always been a fan of Korean desserts and one thing I love about Caffe Bene is the exciting seasonal menu that it introduces from time to time. After the popular Mango and Nutella dessert series, this season we see the appearance of something purple in store -- Purple Sweet Potato! 

So we are here at Caffe Bene outlet in 1 Utama shopping mall for our after-meal desserts. This double-storey outlet is located at the entrance of the open carpark in front of AEON Jusco, so you can easily see it from outside. 

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Series
 Bingsu @ RM29.90
Frappeno @ RM16.90
Latte (Hot / Cold) @ RM14.90
Waffle @ RM18.90 

Using sweet potato as the main ingredient, the newly-introduced Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato dessert series comprises 5 items namely the bingsu (shaved ice with condiments), frappeno (ice blended drinks), hot and cold latte (foamy sweet potato and milk beverage) and waffle.  

Look at the lilac purple desserts, aren't they lovely?

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Bingsu @ RM29.90

Among all the 5 items, my personal favourite goes to the huge bowl of bingsu because it is heavily loaded with crunchy granola, bouncy agar pearls and special edition purple sweet potato gelato on top of the smooth shaved ice. 

Look at the generous amount of toppings! The purple sweet potato gelato is extremely creamy and flavourful. Unlike those artificial flavouring out there, the gelato actually tastes as if we are having the real sweet potato itself. Delicious and great for sharing too. 

Look what we have found there! There is a huge chunk of sweet potato mash hidden in the icy cold concoction. 
What a sweet surprise.

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Waffle @ RM18.90 

If you enjoy the crisp Belgian waffle here, try the sweet potato version. Similar to the bingsu, it is crowned with a big scoop of sweet potato gelato and crunchy granola. Again, I don't mind having another scoop of sweet potato ice cream here. 

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Frappeno @ RM16.90

As for the beverages, we go for an icy cold cup of sweet potato ice blended drink. Creamy thick yet not overly sweet, it is a great thirst quencher on the go. 

Ultra Violet Purple Sweet Potato Latte (Hot) @ RM14.90

Of course, there is always something that warms the stomach on the menu. I think this cup of hot sweet potato latte would be great for those who prefer something not so filling and less sweet. It exudes a delicious aroma of sweet potato and feels smooth when going down the throat. Ideal for a cold, windy evening. 

A special mention to the ambiance of Caffe Bene 1 Utama outlet -- The upper floor is very quiet and tranquil, making it a great place for friends to meet and enjoy some dessert time together with more privacy. Feel free to bring your laptop and spend some alone time there with some Korean coffee perhaps. 

Caffe Bene "Ultra Violet" Purple Sweet Potato dessert series is available only for a limited time.
So, do give it a try before you miss it!

For more information about Caffe Bene Malaysia, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/caffebene.asia
Instagram: @caffebenemy

02 February, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet / Glossy Lipstick

New year, new pout color!  I am so excited to get my hands on these brand-new Flat Velvet / Glossy Lipsticks from Korea, not just one or two but ALL 12 of them! *yay* They have just landed in THE FACE SHOP's stores this January 2018, so you can check them out too.

THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet/Glossy Lipstick (1.8g) @
RM45 (including GST) each

You must be wondering why is it called "Flat"? It is a "flat square"-shaped stick type lip product that allows for easy contouring and achieving ultra-defined lines. It provides delicate, defining finish with its square bullet shape which prevents colors from feathering or 'bleeding'. That means we don't need a lip liner anymore!

Look at the "flat square" shape here, unlike your ordinary lippie!

5 Lip-loving Oils : Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil

Inspired by nature, the lipstick features 5 types of essential oils as the main ingredients for:
❤ Moisturisation (Argan Oil nourishes and hydrates lips, whereas Rosehip Oil keeps the lips smooth and soft), and
❤ Trouble relief (Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil soothe the cracked and sensitive lips).

12 Shades : Pick Your Favourite!

The lipstick is available in 12 vivid colors -- 6 velvety matte and 6 radiant glossy colors. Using a highly-pigmented formula, the lipstick delivers high-impact finish, filling the lips with brilliant color in just one touch.

6 Colors of Flat Velvet Lipstick
BE01 Solar Beige
PK01 Rose Pink
PK02 Be My Pink
RD01 London Red
RD02 Darjeeling Red
RD03 Cassis Red

Color Swatch
Thanks to the "Silicon Cross Polymer" technology, the Flat Velvet Lipstick feels weightless like an "oil gel" that easily fills up the lips (including fine lines). The finish? Creamy matte, long-lasting and natural.

Despite of the matte texture, the lips actually feel smooth and non-sticky. Goodbye wrinkly lips too!

6 Colors of Flat Glossy Lipstick
OR01 Punch Orange
CR01 Gemstone Coral
PK01 Lily Pink
PK02 Rococo Pink
RD01 New York Red
RD02 Berry Lip Red

Color Swatch
On the other hand, the Flat Glossy Lipstick uses the High Glossy Polymer Network technology that coats the lips evenly with ultra-shine and intense colour. Instead of the usual sticky glossy finish, THE FACE SHOP's version only gives shine and multi-dimensional finish to the lips.

Application wise, it glides more smoothly on the lips than the Flat Velvet Lipstick, hence it is much easier to apply. On top of that, I am glad that it does not dry up the lips too.

How To Use:
Turn the bottom dial to take out only about 3mm of the contents, then use the angled part to draw neatly along the lip line without smearing. Lie flat on the wide side and fill it with a rich color.

For an ultra-defined pout:

Step 1: Trace the outlines of your lips with the angled side of the lipstick.
Step 2: Fill in lips with the flat top, making sure to cover the lips evenly.

For Korean gradient lips:

Mix 2 colors in a single use -- 1 on the inner side, another on the outer side.
For Flat Velvet Lipstick, try BE01+RD01 or PK01+RD03 .

For ombre effect:

Or just use a single color on the inner part of the lips and blend outwards, avoiding the outer lip lines,
to create the Korean popular ombre lips.

Matte out or gloss up? The choice is yours!

Overall Verdict: 

Be it velvety or glossy finish, the vivid color payoff is achievable in just one stroke! Overall, I personally prefer the glossy type because it is easier to apply and gives a shiny finish. Recommended for those who don't like to use lip liner and prefer a sleek, portable and affordable lipstick.

THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet / Glossy Lipstick (RM45 inclusive of GST) comes in 6 flattering shades each. Available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets and e-store now.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store: Click HERE
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