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08 May, 2019

[HAIR] Review: KOSÉ Cosmeport Je L'aime and Salon Style Haircare Series: Now Available in Guardian Malaysia!

Hey, it's hair pampering day! 

I am sure the popular Japanese beauty brand, KOSÉ Cosmeport is no stranger to you. Do you know that its facial mask has been the No. 1 bestseller in the sheet mask category for 9 years in a row? Now, the great news for us in Malaysia is that KOSÉ Cosmeport hair care products are now available in selected Guardian stores starting from May 2019 onwards!

So, it's time to try out KOSÉ Cosmeport Je L'aime and Salon Style shampoos and conditioners...

KOSÉ Cosmeport Je L'aime Fulvos Brightening Shampoo
and Treatment (500ml) @ RM53.90 each

Je L'aime is Japan's No. 1 non-silicone hair brightening care brand for diamond-grade shimmer. Can you imagine flipping your glossy smooth hair? Now you can! Packed with natural goodness to resolve various hair concerns, it helps repair and protect easily-damaged hair.

I notice a common skincare ingredient in this range: Hyaluronic acid, a much needed moisture booster for my hair, especially after multiple hair dyes, bleaching and daily high-heat curling.

Plus, they smell SO good, but don’t worry, because the carefully-selected fragrance is made from natural ingredients.

Je L’aime offers two ranges of hair products:

(1) Bright & Sleek
❤ For bouncy, glossy hair result
❤ Comes with fresh herbal fragrance with faint hints of citrus.

(2) Bright & Moist
❤ For hydrated, glossy hair result
❤ Comes with sweet and romantic fragrance of red flowers and fruits, sparkling with femininity

Recommended for those who want to improve hair quality, reduce hair damage and moisturize scalp / hair.

KOSÉ Cosmeport Salon Style Shampoo and Treatment
(500ml) @ RM49.90 each

If you prefer salon-grade hair care and styling products including shampoo, conditioner and treatment pack for better hair and scalp conditions, then you may love KOSÉ Cosmeport Salon Style too.

Similarly, this range is silicone-free, coloring-free and low in pH (acid). On top of that, it helps to:
❤ Protect hair against UV ray, chlorine in swimming pool and the heat of blow dryers
❤ Eliminate dandruff and dry scalp
❤ Treat dry, brittle hair and hair loss issue
❤ Enhance hair shine and glow
❤ Define curls

Also available in two product ranges, each formula is mainly derived from natural ingredients to promote hair health:

(1) Air In Smooth (For smooth and manageable hair result)
❤ Peppermint extract: For anti-bacterial effect
❤ Chamomile flower extract: Provide moisture, soothe scalp with refreshing effect
❤ Sunflower oil: Stimulate hair growth and strength to hair follicles

This range gives a lot more minty and cooling sensation to the scalp than the rest. I love how refreshing it feels deep down into the root of the hair. Everytime after using Air In Smooth shampoo and conditioner, the hair just feels so airy and weightless!

(2) Rich Moisture (For moist and supple hair result)
❤ Jojoba seed oil: Protect hair and scalp from drying
❤ Olive fruit oil: Deeply moisturise hair and scalp
❤ Argan oil: For vitamins A, C and E

My favourite is the rich moisture series because it is really nourishing to the hair and helps improve my dry hair condition. Plus, its therapeutic fragrance is so rich and soothes the mind well.


With KOSÉ Cosmeport Je L'aime and Salon Style hair care products, the quest of searching for a reliable and effective hair remedy is over. I am happy with the result so far, and will explore other products by KOSÉ Cosmeport. 

KOSÉ Cosmeport hair products are available at selected Guardian stores,
so feel free to check them out!

Instagram: @kosecosmeportmy

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