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19 September, 2019

How to Eat Healthier at Burger King

It’s quite rare when you hear about someone talking about healthy and less-caloric meals from a fast-food restaurant. While it may not be that common, you’d be surprised to find that there are some meals out there that can check many boxes when it comes to being healthy. Fast-food restaurants are becoming more aware of healthy nutrition, its impact on people, and how trendy it’s becoming. 

Burger King is at the top of the list of the quite few fast-food restaurants that offer healthy options for those who are watching their diets. Getting a healthy meal from a cheap and reputable restaurant can really go a long way. Here are some tips to help you eat healthier at Burger King....


When you’re going for breakfast at Burger King, the best choice would be to go with a meal with a high protein intake to make sure you can stay energized until it’s time for lunch. The Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich is one of their most popular breakfast orders for a good reason. It’s about 300 calories, 15 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 580 mg of sodium, and 11 grams of protein. Another alternative for those looking for extra protein and the lower calorie count is the BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich. It’s only 220-calories, 9g of fat, 4g of saturated fat, and 12 grams of protein.

Healthier Burgers

Burger King is known for its burgers, especially whopper burgers and its variations. If you’d like to stay on the healthy side, always make it your focus to go for lower calories, fats, and sodium. Naturally, you want to avoid any sandwiches with more than 1 beef patty. Omitting ketchup, mayo, and cheese, which are all high in cholesterol, fats, and calories from your Burger King Whopper meal can significantly reduce the calorie count. Your best bet would be to replace them with vegetables and replacing the fries on the side with a simple green salad without dressing. The healthiest burger is their Hamburger with only 240 calories, 10g of fat, 380mg of sodium, 6g of sugar, and 13g of protein, just make sure to hold the mayo.

Nuggets and Salad

While Burger King, offers one or two grilled chicken options, when cheese and different sauces are added, it doesn’t differ much from a small-portion fried chicken options. It might come off as a surprise, but 8 pieces of nuggets and a simple salad are still less in calorie count that a grilled chicken sandwich without mayo. But if you’re looking for protein then a grilled chicken sandwich contains more than twice as much protein. Depending on your diet and what you’re looking to eat, choosing between the two meals is the healthiest approach in the chicken section.

While people may look at you in disbelief when you say you’re ordering healthy food from a fast-food restaurant, but it’s hard to deny the practicality that these restaurants are finally providing to those who are looking for a good ol’ healthy meal.

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