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24 September, 2020

How to Wear High Heels

Sometimes, a situation might call for a fancy pair of high heels. Whether you prefer blocks or stilettos is entirely up to you. Some women feel completely at home standing, walking, and generally going about their day in heels. Others feel less than confident, wobbling and looking forward to the time when you can kick them off and rub the sore balls of your feet.

Wearing high heels can potentially be dangerous. Something as simple as cracks in the pavement or slippery floors can result in trips and falls. These do have a chance of causing injury, particularly twisted ankles – click the link for more info if you have been injured in a public place. It is always best to be mindful of the surfaces you are likely to be walking on when making your shoe choice each day.

Some companies may dictate that you must wear a type of high heeled shoes for work. This has been relaxed significantly in recent years but is still seen in some places of employment. If you do need to wear high heels all day, it can be beneficial to find gel inserts or other forms of pads that will help to protect your feet and prevent blistering or soreness.

At the end of the day, soaking your feet in cold water can help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Reducing the tightness of straps can also help to stop them from cutting into you, however, you need to ensure that they are not so loose that the shoes are likely to slip and make you unstable.

As more people begin to work from home, some are wondering if the demise of the high heel in everyday culture is upon us. When working from home, you may opt to wear slippers, or even comfy shoes such as sneakers or sliders, as opposed to a form of footwear that leaves you aching afterwards.

While this may be true, there may still be a market for women who want to wear these shoes on a night out. A pair of high heels can help to give the legs an elongated look.
For women who want to appear taller or slimmer, this is a dream come true. Paired with a well-fitting outfit and accessories, high heels can help a woman to feel confident and sexy when on a night out on the town. 

Finding shoes that fit correctly is key. Your heels and toes should not be hanging over the edge of the shoe, nor should your toes feel uncomfortably squashed together. The straps should be done up fully, but not in a way that causes pain or indents in the skin. 

Ultimately, wearing high heels should be a personal choice. If you feel comfortable wearing them, and feel safe doing so, there is no reason why you should not, but only in moderation, as they can cause problems with the spine, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Likewise, if you do not feel confident or competent walking in them, you should try to refrain from doing so wherever possible.

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