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08 May, 2021

Tips on Buying Fish + Meat at the Wet Market

Ever shopped, selected out your fruit in a large chain store, but you think half of them are already rotten when you go to the house?? You will not feel that on a wet market because you can choose whatever you want, be it red meat or seafood.

Another advantage is that you can precisely define your needs at a lower price than in supermarkets.

You can find the quality of seafood is available in retail outlets when choosing a store for fish delivery in Singapore or anywhere else from the following information.

Whole Fish
Regardless of the species, all fish have some features that signify freshness. They must have clear, light, full eyes. The eyes tend to become cloudy, pink, and sunken as they lose freshness. The gills of whole fish must be light red or pink.

Avoid fish that seem to be gray, brown, or green with drab gills. Fresh fish is supposed to be free of slime or loose peeling. When pressed softly with the finger, it should be tight and elastic because the skin is softened and glides from the bone over time.

The skin should be bright and closely adhering. Distinctive colors and patterns begin to disappear as a fish leaves the sea. However, the skin can always be vivid and bright.

Steaks or Fish Filets
Please note that fillets and steaks should be solid, flexible, and have a new, damp look without browning around the margins. The skin must be almost transparent – as though it were almost visible.

There must be no indication that the skin is bruised or reddened by blood retention. Prepackaged Steaks and filets must have a minimum amount of liquid.

Live Crabs and Lobsters
Live crabs and lobsters are meant to have leg mobility, and the lobster tail is to coil closely beneath the corps. Lobsters and crabs will never be very active when cooled, but they must at least move a little. If you don't have anytime going to the wet market then you can check for they could deliver fresh lobster in your house.

Cooked lobsters or crabs should be light red in the shells and not smell unpleasant. Lobster meat should be white with red hues or white with red or brown shades, based on the body segment or species.

Raw Shrimp
Raw shrimp meat has to be solid and odor-free. Most varieties of shells are transparent with a greyish, pink, or pink hue. The shells must not be black-edged or black-faced – this is an indication of loss of consistency.

The cooked meat of shrimps should be strong and not smell unpleasant. The meat color can be reddish-brown with white. The Tiger shrimp have blue, black coats in between shell segments.

Beef or Mutton
Must have a vivid cherry red finish, without black or brown stains. It should not be fluffy but firm to touch. It must not have excess fluid or feel warm when touched.

Chicken should have very bright skin, but not wet. The skin should be colored evenly, without blemishes. Also, check the wings as they should be flexible when moved. It must have no or slight odor.

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