22 September, 2009

The 5th/10 days

One of the rainy mornings we have nowadays.

It is already the fifth day of the period of leisure and I grew fatter and lazier day by day. My tutor, the knower of all, he called himself is convincing me to work hard in studies. SPM is once a lifetime, no next year ):

But my focus now is not only studies; there is MORE.
It eventually makes me leading the rebellious part of myself to grow stronger.

Everyday I would turn a deaf ear to all sorts of for-your-own-good advice,
to think that ignorance is truly blissful, to sneak out with A to Z reasons,
to never spill the beans about people I’m hanging out with,
and the long list is too many to be written out here.

And today the family heads to Klang Jusco at Bukit Tinggi because I need a hair cut desperately. Look, my cropped fringe is now worse than just being crooked!

Out of sudden, Mum wants to visit my uncle and the fortune-teller [Dad’s long-known buddy] in Klang too. The more powerful one always win the debate in a family, meaning I must wait for the next chance to have a haircut. Felt kind of disappointed when my dreams of doing all the shopping on earth vanished into thin air.

*It is killing!*
Camwhore time. Credits to the art created by human beings xD.

I am bored in the house which I wouldn’t be able to call it home.
The brooding atmosphere gives ways to me practicing the monkey acts with the camera.

The couch potatoes [Please include me!]. We watched TV box screen for hours while the adults made their ways to an excited chatter of happy voices. The fortune-teller was there with us too, giving out talisman (Azimat, in case you doubt what is it) to ensure health and prospects in our daily life.

For your information, this is the backside of my unmarried aunt who provides us the sweet, savoury pieces of cakes during school. The fortune-teller says that she needs a god-daughter for the sake of her longevity and I am the chosen one ):

According to Chinese beliefs, they do have some thinking that a person who has no children needs to adopt at least one godchild to protect himself/herself. Pretending like a kid, I don’t decipher what the beliefs are meant for and why Dad and Mum are so into this.

And the ceremony is to be done immediately. This is a serious one, not the type like how I have DaddyLoke as my godfather. Awww… Honestly I don’t dare to voice out my line of thinking to the adults --- I really feel weird to call my own Aunt as “Kai Ma” when I am used to address her as 阿姨.

Not only that, the elders told me that being a bona fide god-daughter, I have the responsibilities to take care of my god-mother till the end of the world. Aww, I already have a perfect family with Papa, Mama and Sissa --- how could I get used to having someone else to be as close as my own Mum? ):

But I know I must not let them know that I think in such a irresponsible way or else they will really, really slaughter me )):

Salad bean curd.

Our lunch is in one of the post restaurants in town, as a ‘celebration’ of the god-motherhood thingy. There is laughter in the air as they merrily make their way into the cozy outlet after the ceremony. But I could tell I don’t feel the joy in myself and at that very moment I really need someone to talk to [ It doesn’t matter if that person is not you :) ]

Password protected
Hint: Addiction towards ice cream

I don’t hope to put anything called “secret” here. I apologize about the encrypted text that day. It is partly because I don’t dare to write out something that the best friends might not agree with. I only give one or two of you the password, so that I can really share my inner voice.

If I were to say I feel immensely sorry, that’s definitely dedicated to the good friends. I don’t want to go against you guys’ opinions, so I chose to keep my point of view to myself. I know all of you are supportive, but I don’t need the fake, sweet encouragement from you.

“A friend in need is a friend in deed”.
“Fish is not food, fish is friend”.

But would you ever care about what am I actually facing before throwing all sorts of negative judgments towards me? A life without friends would be empty and void; I don’t wish to lose the valuable YOUs, hence hope you understand me in my point of view.

That’s more than enough.
It had been a really long time since I’ve type 2 full pages of words in the blog. May it doesn’t bore you <33
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