19 October, 2009

The 17th :)

Happy Birthday to Shee Chien, Chee Chean, Karmen and Jen Hoe,
All of you are lucky for having the same birthday! :D

The celebrated one, Mr. Ng Jen Hoe.

Specially dedicated to Mr. J :D

It had been a very long time ago since I did some DIY stuff. In fact, making a DIY birthday card is certainly something that I wouldn’t do during the usual days. But this time, Jenhoe should be pretty lucky because I have too many days of holiday that bores me almost to death. So I decided making one nice [I hope it is beautiful enough] card for him.

Is my sheep cute there? x)

I know a figure of sheep on the card seems a little odd, in fact I don’t have the exact idea of the theme of design I would like to create. In short, the design was a cocktail of mixed colours and styles, hope he doesn’t mind.

Love letter from me to you xD.

I even wrote a long letter for him because I realized there is not enough space to write on the card. After finishing the letter, I actually feel foolish because I don’t get the best reason for myself to insert a letter in a card :X Again, I hope he would find the content meaningful *pray*!

I hope it really looks like a bouquet of flowers.

I Googled the method to fold origami roses, and even watched its video in YouTube. Yet I couldn’t manage to produce a perfect masterpiece. Hence I chose the ordinary way to crumple the papers into roses-shape-like.

The pressie. I wish to get one for myself too.

I scribbled on the present again =P I think I have a hobby of scribbling on whatever objects I found interesting. I think many of you have seen this before, so I include no further elaboration on the egg. I hope it would make a small but thoughtful gift for him.

This is the most important part :D

I spent one whole day making this--- neglecting books and studies. Actually making such a card takes only one or two hours, but the steps from choosing and buying materials to adjusting all the decorations I’ve made take up quite a long day.

All the materials you need:

Colourful papers, thick cardboard, stickers, fabric cloth, thick cotton string, calligraphy pens, gauze paper, colourful metallic pens, UHU glue, scissors of assorted designs.

The feedback. This is the birthday boy’s comment :D

People out there, do try it out =)
And surprise you friends!

We turn not older with years,
But newer every day =)

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