17 October, 2009

Mel's CelebratioN!

Hello people :D
I don't have the time to update about our Librarian Annual Dinner in the blog yet.
I think I would do it soon, but not in this week yet :(
However, you can always view the pictures and video via Facebook and YouTube respectively.

:D Do click the links below and enjoy yourself with HOT pictures of _______ (my best friend!) xP

Thanks to the Form4s for planning a great night for us :D
I love the slideshow alot because I saw many of my blog pictures are inside it x)
And we shall not forget our time passed together always ♥

MelC's Celebration!
I left home and reached Carrefour to meet up Keiyan and Sakai. I thought I was late because Spellman told me to reach at 12.15 noon, not to go out from home at 12.15 noon = =

Luckily Spellman and the gang hadn’t reach yet :D
Keiyan already bought the cake and we went up to put it at E-Box.

Our first session of the day is of course singing karaoke :D Too bad, Spell lied to Chee Kuan that WE WERE GOING TO PLAY BASKETBALL LOLLLL. It scared the birthday girl that she didn’t dare to even wear skirt.

After the McD meal, we straightaway went up to E-Box, getting ourselves a comfy room. Anyway it was Deepavali eve, so the rate was freaking expensive = = We only managed to sing for 3 hours instead of 6 hours, and then proceeded to BabyCarol’s house to spare another 3hours of free time :D

I must really admit that I LOOK LIKE GHOST! T_________T

Chee Kuan with her Lady Gaga! She sang not many songs only :( And this made me felt bad.

Second session of the day: At Mina’s house :D

She looks cute in the ribbon right? :) We were bored of playing the PC and Facebook-ing and gossiping bout pictures in Carol’s brother’s room, and then proceeded to her room to camwhore :D

:D The oh-so-sweet-looking couple!
Please agree with me that they look perfectly matching x)

Compare this with the photo above.
Both look equally s-w-e-e-t right? X)

FiSh, Mel and KittyCat on Mina’s table :D

I love Carol’s long mirror, because I don’t have any at home.
And JiaMeng got kinda angry because of the height issue AGAIN :X

Third session of the day: Melting Pot Steamboat Restaurant :D

It is a buffet steamboat restaurant, only RM21++ per person, located in Kuchai Entreprenuer’s Park.
And I loved their service of grilling the chicken, lamb and beef meat for free to us.

The restaurant is newly established I think, because I don’t see many customers there. In fact, we seemed to have booked the whole place because we were the noisiest ones there! =P

Smiles! This word makes me think me JM = =”
For your information, I love taking picture with cute stuff I saw :D

Finally a better picture of Spell and I [Not the best yet!! T_T],
after 9 attempts of snapping the photo from the same angle = =

:D I love this! The chocolate is so mouth-watering. And it kept me playing with this many times.

My first masterpiece of food :D

The ice-cream is awesome, although it is obviously not from Haagen Dazs.
I always love chocolate flavour because of the adrenaline in it which makes people feel happy all the time.

I tried playing with FOOD again = =

I managed to make myself a beautiful-looking ice kacang, but its taste sucks :X
I don’t know how to even make a perfect one, so… yea I ate almost half and threw away the rest.

Mei and Spell were dancing gracefully in the restaurant xD

The perfect match? =.=”
They always said this, especially BestieSpell… Compare the photo on the left and right.
We hated faking a smile in photographs!

Finally the important part of the scene arrived! *Let’s make a wish*

:D Chee Kuan smiled happily with her birthday cake.
But Kui Seong looked happier than her = = Why arhhhhh…

Finally :D the group photograph!

I had a great night yesterday.
Reached home around 11.30pm after going out from the morning till night.
Hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself tremendously too :)
Thanks for sparing your precious time for the whole day.
Thanks Spellman the main organizer.
Before I forget, I would update bout the sex scandal pictures taken in BabyCarol's house soon too :P
Be patient, love!

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