15 October, 2009

Love, I failed to sleep ♥

A terrible day on a LRT ride.

Yesterday was my last day of tuitioning on weekdays.
I opted for LRT instead of taking bus, because I wanted to reach there earlier to meet my friend up.
I was actually glad that I managed a ride on LRT at 1.30pm,
which means I would reach Plaza Rakyat station at 1.50pm [Just in the nick of time!].

However, the LRT experienced a lil’ problem that all the passengers needed to get down from the train and waited for another one. Hence I ended up being late for 10 minutes.

P/S: Sorry for being late )): I know you’re reading this =P

Anyway I knew I shouldn’t complain for being late due to LRT,
Because sometimes KTM commuter can be 2 hours late!

During my journey home,
I took LRT home, and Sis was supposed to fetch me home from Bukit Jalil station
but she was busy with her workload so she dumped me alone waiting for bus at the station.

I waited for half an hour and was actually exhausted at that moment, so I went for a cab ride.
Unfortunately, I met a crazy driver T_______________T!

“How old are you?”
“I am already 43 and you only 17??”
“I eat salt more than you eat rice”
“I meet people from everywhere de, but you’re the most pretty one la”
“Do you like sex talk?”
“Why did you wear T-shirt only? Usually girls like to wear spaghetti nowadays”

=.=” These are some of the phrases came out from his mouth.
Luckily my house is near enough because the 5 - minute journey in the cab was irritating = =

The worst thing is I forgotten to copy down the number plate of this taxi,
or else I am really going to call the authority to lodge complaints!

♥ 原来钱对你来说比我重要…

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  1. LRT is a miserable ride these days!

    and that taxi driver.. gila! =D



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