05 November, 2009

:) The graduation.

Other school’s graduation day.

Finally we manage to have one in our school after all sorts of negotiation. Each and every one of us is required to pay ooonly, yet I’ve heard of all words of frets and fury.

RM700 for photographer service;
RM6 for robe per person;
RM3 for each CD.

I honestly think that we cannot manage to have something as grand as the picture above = = since it is our very first year of having a graduation ceremony after 15-year establishment of the school.

After the discuss with Mdm. Hafsah, I realize that even teachers disagree the approval of the principal for this event. “It is just a waste of time”, they said. Oh. How dramatic. The principal’s approval already means this idea works, I just don’t get a clue on the teachers’ complaint.

Class photo with robe, including the teachers!

Do you want something like this next week? I am uncertain, maybe a yes right? =)
I really hope that the function goes well T__________T *prays*

By the way,
The date is changed to 12 November ’09, Thursday
Because the principal will not be around on Friday.
And hence I can skip Friday’s school again :D

P/S: Happy Birthday in advanced to Ms. Catherine Jessica Liew.

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