10 December, 2009

Fung Soon's 17

Happy Belated Birthday to Lim Fung Soon!

The celebration was delayed due to SPM (: Leon fetched Spellman, JustinT, Keiyan and I to Sunway Pyramid around noon to get the a present for Fung Soon’s belated birthday.

After buying the present, we went for New Moon movie without Spellman and Leon because they had something to do at Mid Valley.

During the movie…
A lot of “ahhhh~, uhhhh~, wahhhh~” noise from the people. At the first scene of Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) appeared, everyone in the cinema shouted as if the character was going to walk out to the cinema hall from the screen = =

The red fancy idunnowhatisitcalled-HAT was bought for the birthday boy, with Leon trying on it :D And thanks Leon for having to change pants numerous times to try the outfit for the birthday boy.

JustinT’s eel :X

(: Our lunch at Pasta Zanmai.

The price of the food was alright, but the drinks… wow. Iced lemon tea for RM6

My Chicken Katsu

The first time having chicken again, for so many months of getting rid of it :X It was only RM16.00, 5% additional tax (: Cheap but too large portion for me =.=” I tried so hard to finish up the whole plate.

The birthday boy with the presents--- Belt, jeans and the ‘cap’ (: Hope he can wear everything when he is back from NS camp for Chinese New Year next year.

With Leon’s good driving skill, we managed to speed from Sunway Pyramid to DE3 in just 20 minutes :X The night event was the celebration with the people. 17 of us celebrating his 17th birthday--- KFC, Cheekuan, Shinmei, Jianhong, Kuanhaur, JustinL, JustinT, Leon, Kienbing, Kuiseong, Fungsoon, Spellman, Jiameng, Sakai and Yonghan.

He isn’t showing middle finger right? :X
The birthday cake, bought by Spellman and JustinT.

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Next update: Christmas @ Sunway Pyramid

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