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05 June, 2010

25 Things I Hate About Facebook

Last Monday, 30 000 people showed their protest towards Facebook due to the lack of privacy and too much of open content.

To your disappointment, I’m not writing about this.
Personally I do think that Facebook is turning into another Friendster:

#1 People create multiple accounts
I’ve met a person with 16 Friendster accounts last time =.=”

#2 People host competitions, e.g: The Most Kawaii Girl
This is pretty common on Friendster where people asked votes around and all.

#3 People photoshopped pictures into extreme ones

Human or doll?

#4 Congrats Facebook on the 28000 applications! But…
The invitations by people are really too much.

#5 People want sex chat.
Common in MSN as well right?

#6 “I add you because you’re pretty / handsome” situations
The network expands just like that, without having to know each other.

#7 Tagged in all sorts of pictures

Okay the picture above is still okay to me. It brings entertainment, at least.
But would the online blogshop owners stop tagging me in your clothes on sale please?

#8 More and more stalkers on Facebook!

#9 Groups that demand people join
because “If we get 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 members, we can stop Facebook from shutting down!” So far to your concern, Facebook would not be closed, so don’t bother creating such groups anymore.

Or this:
Similar titles would be:
“Join this group to *** (get ALL sorts of FREE stuff)”

#10 Random, random and random!

People are just random, don’t they?

The CEO says:
It's been a pretty intense few weeks for us, listening to all the feedback coming in from all the changes we've made. We really do believe in privacy and giving people control. We are making the changes because we think there is a right thing to do and we listened to the feedback and we agree with it.

Hope that Facebook would continue being the place to connect all of us without any misled situations.

Join my Facebook network now!

Nang if you love this (;


  1. Haha, I agree with the Tagging. Hate people that tag me in those pictures! So annoying


  2. you wrote things you hate about FB but still in the end you ask ppl to join your FB network.. lol..

    hate to unlove it too right? =P

  3. I'm not quite like Facebook... haiz! >.<

  4. LOL I agree with kenwooi. ^^

  5. I like the doll one. That girl really omg..LOL

  6. jfook fa hiao. lol.

    #5 - i never did that. maybe i can start from u? LOL. just a joke.

    #6 - ignore those who you don't know la. but i think most liang moi like ppl to add them. they feel that they are liked by many ppl and it is an honor to them.

    #8 - set the privacy setting to the max lo. so that ppl hard to find you. I did so.

    #9 - many retards are around. so hard to blame.

    erm... i tot there are 25?

  7. Hahaha. I agree with kenwooi too :)

  8. yeah, there is too much competitors on FB, maybe. plus, i don't really like about the app invitations, there is too much. word.

  9. @Zenghoong:
    Give warning to the person who tags u! ;X

    I didnt say I hate FB, I just wonders why it is so similar to Frienster'

    Coz u r into blogging n nuffnang only rite ;D

    same reply as above (;

    hope we have the rights to do it ;D

    Hahas lets ban lalas then ;X!

    hahas i duwan to discuss bout the 25, so i have my own 10 (;

    Same reply as above

    can't expect too much right?

    words? you find them irritating too (;

  10. maybe. hahaha. im not so often onlining my fb. just keep blogging. :D

  11. i guess almost everyone is pretty annoyed with the tagging by online shop owners. =P

  12. I totally agree!
    Besides, lots of them add random people just to increase their number of friends, thinking 1000 friends will make them look cool D:

  13. I SERIOUSLY GOT to agree with some of those points especially about the multiple accounts, competition and those photoshopped pictures. Seriously veryy irritating

  14. yeah.... i really hate the fake profile....

  15. alamak! smua speaking sy tulis mlyu harap awk phm... hehe wah! awk x ske fb ke? sy nk kata xske xde la tp bolehlah tgk2 klu boring xthu nk buat ape? hehe ha! nice to meet u... :)

  16. recently im rarely enjoying blog..:) fb is so stuck!!

    nick irfan-ehehehe...cakap melayu pon bole aje..ehehe..

  17. haha..facebook..a.k.a..mukabuku..hate fb?..something like u can't do that..coz..wif fb,u can connect to ur friend..everywhere..everytime..etc..if u hate that..mean..u try to break ur fb..hv lot thing u can do.tag,play game,etc..mybe certain people like game,not tag..certain like tag,not u can choose that as u want..that why fb include all thing..bcoz their knw that every person hv their own choice..

    haha..this just my opinion..

    reality is something...

  18. so cool lar you! I should admit that you're really a nice blogger! omg! i can get many information from your blog and where you get inspiration to blog huuh?i really wonder about! XD

  19. I completely agree with you, I reported someone before but nothing happens! that stu**d worm is still around! but i still use fb haha..anyway, thanks for dropping by sweetie! nice blog you have here, keep it up=)

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