08 June, 2010

Job never ends.

Have been working with them for two months already. Yet some still aren’t in the picture );

It’s kinda job in heaven ;D
Why do I say so?
#1 Flexible working hours
#2 Flexible type of tasks
#3 Flexible lunch hour
#4 Casual wear and even lala (whatever you call it) attire
#5 Unlimited food supply

As for #5, let me explain here:

We not only have all brands of biscuits here,
But also cakes, pies, pizza etc… on alternate Fridays!

P/S: That’s how I gained weight!

Lot of fun with them.

We have lunch at the canteen, the Pavilion --- Food Republic, the OldTown Kopitiam,
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and even Baskin Robbins for the Pink Dae! ;D

Okay. Back to the work part.
These are the new Parkson gift cards,
Still in progress; Not available in the market yet.

My job is to count, print and arrange the cards.
Easy right? ;D

And this is the lil’ cute printing machine,
But very efficient --- Can print 250 pieces per hour!

And my main job: Data entry. Of course.

Hope you have fun working like me too! ;D

Nang if you love this (;


  1. not everyone enjoys working. good for you that u find it fun!

  2. have a good day at work place. :)
    btw, Parksons Pavi ? boleh jumpa ni. :p

  3. what kind of job so dame good 1? so many pretty worker some more.

  4. @Lukey: yeaps i found it still alright to me, at least!

    @xRaafikx: Not at Parkson Pavi, mine is an office (; but quite near to Pavilion anyway

    @John: hahas my main job is data entry. Mostly girls working there thats why

  5. wow...u work in parkson mall...

    yeah...big co. is like dat...hard to meet and get everyone to be in together

  6. @vialentino: i think you've mistaken. i didnt work at parkson. mine is an office, which printed cards for various companies, including parkson

  7. Flexible working hours is awesome! =)

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