08 June, 2010

Job never ends.

Have been working with them for two months already. Yet some still aren’t in the picture );

It’s kinda job in heaven ;D
Why do I say so?
#1 Flexible working hours
#2 Flexible type of tasks
#3 Flexible lunch hour
#4 Casual wear and even lala (whatever you call it) attire
#5 Unlimited food supply

As for #5, let me explain here:

We not only have all brands of biscuits here,
But also cakes, pies, pizza etc… on alternate Fridays!

P/S: That’s how I gained weight!

Lot of fun with them.

We have lunch at the canteen, the Pavilion --- Food Republic, the OldTown Kopitiam,
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and even Baskin Robbins for the Pink Dae! ;D

Okay. Back to the work part.
These are the new Parkson gift cards,
Still in progress; Not available in the market yet.

My job is to count, print and arrange the cards.
Easy right? ;D

And this is the lil’ cute printing machine,
But very efficient --- Can print 250 pieces per hour!

And my main job: Data entry. Of course.

Hope you have fun working like me too! ;D

Nang if you love this (;
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