15 November, 2010

My 18th

Finally I've uploaded all the 1113 pictures on my Facebook album.
And now it's time to share chunks of photographs with my fellow readers =P

The first birthdae cake was from my family;
Daddy, I know how much you've sacrificed to earn us a living.

Then... the celebration with my darling old friends ;D

Location of the dae: Pasta de Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid

Ignore the decoration--- Please focus on the advertisement!
30% discount for students ;D

But you must really utilise the wet tissues coz’ you’ve paid for it! LOL

And it’s time to bear with my camwhore pictures while waiting for the food:

#1 FiSh and Joey; My high school kawan ;D

#2 Vivian and FiSh; My all-time bestie!

#3 and the last one: Group picture with high school friends!


Joey’s Crab and Lettuce spaghetti @ RM28.80

JM’s Carbonara Waraku Style @ RM22.80---
Beef bacon and yolk with carbonara sauce

Viv’s Prawn and Chicken Lasagna @ RM18.80

And finally my salmonless Salmon and Salmon Roe Spaghetti @ RM32.80.


Cheese blackforest; I don't know where is it from, but the taste is really great!

Pose with the cake before I ruin it =)

Okay I look stupid when I’m cutting the beautiful cake.

Left: Perfectly looking part; Right: Ruined by the birthdae girl

See, I told you I gonna ruin it! It’s just too pretty to be eaten (:

Only RM254.85 for 14 persons!
It is incredibly C-H-E-A-P, isn’t it? ;D

Our second round @ Old Town Kopitiam.

The chattering moments just didn’t end that soon :)
And people start playing with DSLR for ‘Facebook profile-picture’ shots! LOL

Among all, this is the best one I like (:
Great job, Keiyan; and awesome look, Yang!

Finally, the present-opening part!

Remember how I drool for a lomo camera in the last post?
Now they’ve granted me with this cute, blue one!

By the way, you can see the sample pictures here. This camera functions really well!

Not to forget, our group picha of the dae!
Taken at 12++ midnight, at OldTown Kopitiam.

Wait.. this is not the end yet!

There is still this very kind guy who sent this awesome birthdae cake to my house and wished me Happy Birthdae! And it is a pure, really pure thick cheese cake!

Thank you, Mr. J!
I will always remember the awesomeness you’ve done for me :) But…
P/S: How did you know that I love cheese cake? @_@

Also, my belated birthdae gift from Kar Chun.

He gifted me Jay Chou! LOL
Ok-lahh it is just an electronic fan of his cute image.
Put in batteries, remove the cap and the fan would start spinning! Easy-pessy!
Thanks, guy!

I know you guys tried hard to outdo the previous year.

But honestly, everything isn’t important as long as we spent our time with each other once again.
Memories are the best gift ever
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