14 November, 2010

Wild, Crazee Cheesy 6 Pizza

You may choose to leave in case that you can’t stand the cheesy indulgence!

Good day, people!
The lesson of the day is: CHEESE

*Ahem, I am a typical cheese addict*
Cheese? I eat them raw, baked, melted, grilled and even steamed!

Let me introduce you the SIX fehmes, oh-so-yummie cheeses!

#1 Hard and tough Parmesan from Italy
#2 Fresh, milky Mozzarella from Southern Italy
#3 Simply salty Romano from Italy
#4 Strong Cheddar from Somerset, England
#5 Fuller flavour version of mozzarella, Provolone from Southern Italy
#6 Semi-hard, moderate Monterey Jack from America

NOW.. These SIX cheeses meet up as ONE in Malaysia ;D

Parmesan, mozzarella, romano, cheddar, provolone and monterey jack make us,
cheesy lovers get WILD!

It’s simply because…

#1 Eating 3 servings of cheese a day is part of a reduced-calorie weight loss!
It trims your waistline better than cutting calories on other food!

#2 For the sake of stronger, healthier bones!
It contains calcium and protein which form a powerful nutrient punch!

#3 Lowdown on lactose!
Lactose intolerance doesn’t mean dairy avoidance;
people can comfortably enjoy the taste and health benefits of dairy products!

There you go, cheese addicts =P

Looking for all 6 cheeses in a dish?

You're at the right place now!

Hey, look what’s over there ;D
I found you, Extreme Cheesy 6 Balloons Pizza!
The very new, original and most authentic cheese pizza on Earth!

Now let me bring you to a cheesy restaurant and enjoy the cheesylicious!

Is your saliva already dropping?

Our one and only Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza can only be found in Pizza Hut!
It has 3 types of topping (Hawaiian, Pepperoni and Chicken) and one without topping.

Wow, seems like it is really tasty when people fight for it and keep drooling over it!

OMGGG even Jerry, the brilliant mouse wants it!!

Let's order quickly, I just can't wait!

*10 Minutes Later*

Great, fast service!
*saliva is starting to drop*

This set is Extreme Cheesy 1 (Recommended for 2 persons) ;
Consists of:
♥♥♥♥ 1 Regular Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza
♥♥♥ 2 Soup-of-the-Day
♥♥ 1 Garlic Bread
2 glasses of 7Up Revive

At only RM28.00!
P/S: YAY! I managed to save RM7.00!

*pepperoni topping*
Muahahaha! I finally conquer the pizza empire!

Yummy! The extreme cheesy cheeses melt me!

Come, let’s enjoy the pizza together!

Prawn olio for spaghetti lovers :)
P/S: Since I have reached Pizza Hut, of course I must try everything else right? ;D

The oh-so-cheesy lasagna! ;D Always wonderful for me!

And don’t forget this!

Let’s try the most thirst-quenching Mocktails!
---Fruity Fizz and Passion Fizz.

I am really bloated and satisfied!
Thank you Pizza Hut for introducing such awesome Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza!

Only RM56.10 for a 4 persons meal in Pizza Hut! ;D Reasonable right?

And the best thing is: I can get rid of this kind of unhealthy rice box meals ;D ;D

-End of the lesson today-

So people, do you want to have more cheesy pizza?

Absolutely YES”,
isn’t it? :)

Go and grab your experience with Pizza Hut’s Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza now, and you can stand a chance to win RM2000 from Pizza Hut! Thanks a gazillion to Nuffnang for telling us this great news ;D

For more information, click here.

Hey you have had to admit that you really can’t resist this!

Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza’s LOVER #1 hopes you enjoy as much as she does!
{} I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


  1. I think the chances of you winning is quite high (: I like it! Good luck :D

  2. noww...that IS CHEESY!nice one, fish

  3. Saliva dripping now. Headed for Pizza hut. Bye.

    Btw is there something wrong with ur 1st gif? Saw a black patch.

  4. I love their pizza. I really hope they can improve their service.

  5. So creative & Nice!!
    Good Luck friend :-)

  6. ouchh! you make me soooo hungryyyyyy ^_^

  7. good luck with your cheese contest. Too bad Singapore Pizza Hut do not have this cheesy version pizza :)

  8. Good luck in winning, love this post =)

  9. all the best tho i know the pizza sucks! :)

  10. whoaaa... i really like ur amination.... ;-p

  11. CHEEEEEESE!!!! Super hard to say no to it lo..
    Good luck in winning btw^^

  12. omg the cheesy pic looks so yummy T__T

  13. Hey i am suuper boy

  14. welcome! clicked on yr ads! click on mine too!

  15. Wow cheese! Like it very much. Cheese give us calcium right?? But not to eat too much due to the fats that produced! Well done fish.


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