23 November, 2010

New, Fresh from Oven

Courtesy to Nuffnang, I manage for the premiere screening yesterdae at Mid Valley Megamall with my friend. Saw a lot of bloggers' names there but I couldn't recognize any of them .____. What a failure for me.

Before the movie starts, this advertisement catches my eyes! A new movie coming up soon!
The Green Hornet is an upcoming 2011 action-comedy film.

The best part of the movie is: Jay Chou is starring and speaking English!! LOLL
Coming soon in the end of January, I just can't wait for it ;D

Okay. Back to the movie I've watched yesterdae :)

"The Social Network" is a 2010 drama film, mainly about our hottest site, Facebook!
I proudly rate it at
8.5 / 10 !

It would be officially released on screen on 2 December 2010!
Be patient ya!

By the way,


  1. I am looking forward to green hornet. Wanna hear Jay Chou's speak english XD

  2. one of my friend is crazy about jay chou, i don't know y.. i love his old song like qi li xiang (i don't know e meaning but i think its very sweet)

    by e way, 5566 still in my heart.. hak2..

  3. Wow... it's a good movie leh. Looking forward for it.

  4. i got invitation too. too bad im outstation. so i pass it to my blogger friend. how is the movie?

  5. wow Jay Chow, and my idoc Cameron Diaz

  6. hey , i went to the social network screening too yesterday at mv ! but i didn't saw you le . hehe =D

  7. wah there will be a movie for social network...wondering how it will be... :)

  8. wow... i love photography too. but im just a beginner. please write tutorial on photograhy moreeee.

    shutter speed priority, aperture priority etc :)

  9. wah.. I haven't watch movies for months d...

    btw, your blog header looks nice! :)

  10. Ur always think a head ..huhu...nice header!

  11. Looking forward to The Green Hornet!
    A must watch movie (>3<)!

  12. i've watched the movie. nice one for a geek like me. xD

  13. Fuuhhh nice movie... i must watch this movie.... story nice facebook...

  14. The Social Network damn nice kan?

    BTW did u watch The Green Hornet Trailer? Jay Chou damn weird when he speak in english :P

  15. I miss the moment!!! BTW, Jay Chou is always the best... You surely will like his new movie =)


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