25 November, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Source: TechCentral
This issue is indeed very well concerned by the media masses and the public.

Let's speak up against this act of cruelty!

Child Abuse?

In your mind, you may only thought of the actions of hitting children, dumping babies etc. But let me tell you, it is definitely more than what you think!

Myth: Dumping babies is considered child abuse, isn't it?
Fact #1:
NO, child abuse is the inappropriate actions done on children, ranging from 5 to 18 years old. Dumping babies involve only new-borns and infants, definitely not children!

Fact #2:
Child abuse is one such crime which is rarely noticed and seldom reported.

Fact #3:
Child abuse may be sexual, physical or emotional in nature. Depending on various factors and situations, child abuse mars a child for life and may impede their progress and lifestyle.

#1 Physical Abuse:
  • Abuser beats, slaps or hits the child
  • Pinching, pushing, hair pulling, kicking, throwing the child
  • Drug use during pregnancy (Wow?? YES it affects the child voluntarily!)
#2 Sexual Abuse:
  • Adults revealing genitals
  • Harassment
  • Exhibiting any form of pornography (YES this is true!)
#3 Emotional Abuse:
  • Foul languages
  • Lack of affection towards child
  • Kidnapping (Oh YES moral is degrading!)
#4 Negligence:
  • Unable to provide food and clothing to children
  • Fail to send them to school
  • Couldn't bring a sick child to a doctor (YES some Mums are so mean!)

I definitely don't want to see
these kinds of child abusive actions to happen again!

Child abuse can be stopped
IF you make your first move here :)

Just spend your 5 minutes to show your support here!
Thank you for your kindness ;D ;D
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