14 November, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

It was my 19th Birthdae yesterday; A final year of being a teenager, a year before stepping into the twenties. Unfortunately the night of birthdae celebration fell on the same night as Hennessy Artistry, so I miss the fun with the bloggers and some friends of mine failed to turn up too.

I got a huge teddy from God as my largest birthdae present of the year!
The 19th birthdae was something which turned out warm and great with the loved ones who really care for me. Of course I didn't get any teddy bear as present, but the friends and family who spent the day with me are already the best gift ever!
Hair accessories, lace necklace and lace top are all from FBlock Boutique.
The first night of celebration was @ PJ Section 17 with the besties and high schoolmates.

These are my love :)
Thank you for organizing a warm birthdae gathering for me at such an awesome place!
Wondering which restaurant was I in? Keep an eye on my updates soon! :)

Meet my all-time favourite, Blueberry Cheese Cake from RT Pastry House.
If you're a crazy cheesy fan like me, I assure you that you'll fall in love with this cake!

The bit of the cake contains the full cheese flavour which melts in your mouth.
A must-try! In fact, RT Pastry House is the expert in cheese!

The darling high school mates presented me a simple-looking card and a DSLR leather bag!
I've always wanted a proper bag for my DSLR, to provide better protection and security.

P/S: It was bought online; I love the colour and buckle very much.

The second round of celebration @ Karaoke room at Sri Petaling
After the dinner, we proceeded to sing karaoke (It's kinda a tradition--- either going for alcohol or karaoke session or tea session after a scrumptious meal). The rate here is incredibly cheap! Only RM6 per 2-hour singing session, inclusive of can drinks and tidbits. If anyone of you is interested, do ask me where is it :P

When the clock ticks 12, it was officially my 19th birthdae and everyone wished me well.
May God grants my birthdae wishes too :)

The Next Day...

清汤冬粉 (Noodle Soup)
The official day of my birthdae started off with a traditional meal prepared by my beloved Mummy.
Chinese has a belief that during the birthdae, the celebrated one should have either one of these options:

#1 Two hard-boiled eggs
#2冬粉 (Glass noodle, my Dad called it)
#3长寿面 (Longevity noodles, or bun; Usually the older people eat this)

All these act as a symbol of longevity and happiness throughout the year. It brings the meaning of gratefulness that God allows us to live until the day we're now.

Guess what cake is this? :)
As dawn approaches, I headed to a posh restaurant for another birthdae celebration,
but this time was with the boyfriend.

The cake becomes one of my favourites after my trip to Malacca.
And now they have it almost everywhere around KL and PJ!

Meet the Reese's Surprise from Humble Beginnings.

It's a pre-ordered cake, so if you're interested,
you can always log on to their official website
and place your order a few days earlier.

He knows that my favourite cake is Mille Crepe (Click HERE for more savoury pictures of Mille Crepe!), that's why he gets me this--- The famous Hershey's Reese's (creamy peanut butter in a rich milk chocolate cup) improvised.

This gigantic bunny was a gift from the fellow friends when I was 16,
now it's already 3 years old;

Happy Birthdae, my favourite companion!

Here I'd love to thank all of you for:

#1 Reading this blog entry (At least you enjoy the pictures)
#2 The hundreds FB birthdae wishes (I know you're one of them)
#3 And the birthdae celebration and surprises which you guys never fail to give me :)

Lastly, let's wish the blogger Happy Birthdae once again.

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