10 November, 2011

My Happiest Moment

When I first saw the "Happy Moment" post at Nuffnang blog,  I almost squeeze all my brain juice thinking about my happiest moment.

No, it's not because I am an emotional-and-always-miserable girl with cries and screams every night.

It's because in my entire 19 years life I have not met any saddening (I mean really sad until I go through sleepless nights with litres of tears) moment yet. Happy moments occur every now and then!

I have a happy family, two nice roommates, three satisfying meals each day, four exciting college days per week, five besties among the best friends, six goldfishes at home and seven days a week to count my blessings!

I'm just lucky :) 

If I were to choose the happiest among the happy ones,
my happiest moment will be the moment during my High School Graduation. 

Things have passed for years, but the memories remain. We were once as close as lips and teeth, but now we walk separate ways into different colleges, separated by geographical distances, but our hearts are still close to one another. And that's the reason we wouldn't stop smiling no matter how many times we think about it.

When seeing these pictures, their cheerful smiles made me smile as well. 

This is me, back then. Don't laugh. LOL.

Graduation becomes my happiest moment NOT because:
#1 I can wave goodbye to high school (I mean every working person would love to go back to school times!)
#2 No more wearing ugly pinafore (I love my librarian uniform!)
#3 No more facing boring History lessons (I score an A in History paper)
#4 No more yawning during Physics lab sessions (I did well, too)
(Well, maybe part of me is happy coz’ of these reasons.)

In fact, it is my happiest moment because:
#1 My great guiders, loyal companions, motivators, listeners--- all in one, known as The Great Teachers!
More often than that, the source of fun and laughter is these educationists.
#2 Bunches of monkey friend!
That's because friend = Few Relationships In Earth Never End :)
#3 The Spirit of Unity and Love
This was also the first year for my school to have a Graduation Ceremony for the school leavers. In spite of SPM nearing around the corner, we worked hard together to make this event a success. Collecting funds, arranging photographers, decorating the venue and every minor detail are perfected by each and every one of us :) It was indeed a difficult task, but we enjoyed the process. The happiness of success is just indescribable.

#4 Tears of joy
Have you ever get overly delighted until tears drop without you noticing? That's when we're truly happy and it only happened once in my lifetime--- That's during this High School Graduation!

#5 Fellow classmates.
We chase some teachers out of the class and yet score the best during exams.
But I know now I can no longer enjoy the endless fun in class like we used to :(

So... Have you ever sit down, enjoying a cup of coffee while thinking about the old times? People passing by you would think "This person must be lunatic; Why would a normal person smile alone awkwardly?" 

Such wonderful moment only happened once, and cannot be rewinded anymore.
 But… wonderful moments can now last forever with Olympus PEN!

Thank you, Olympus for the release of TWO (2) third-generation PEN cameras!

The Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 now appears with the world’s fastest autofocus system for interchangeable cameras and in-body Image Stabilisation. Not to forget, the 3-inch wide-screen tiltable display allows you to snap picture from the most unimaginable angle!

Personally I love this function very much because all I want is a picture is Fast And Accurate. Olympus can easily satisfy my needs with the introduction of this new PEN Lite model :) 

On the other hand, the Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1 brings much ease and mobility to us; Leave the bulky DSLR at home and just pop this into your bag and start shooting until the end of the day! It comes with the built-in collection of Olympus Art Filters which turns a photographer into an artist and photos into work of arts! 

*excited* With the art filters, I no longer need to Photoshop every pictures for hours! 
How I'd wish to own such awesome camera!

This is the BEST picture of My Happiest Moment. 
If you notice, I'm the one at your 9 o'clock position, crazily jumping with my mouth wide-opened. LOL. 
I love crazy moments which bring more than just happiness. It's love that I feel :) Love from my beloved school which I went for 5 years, my fellow friends who go through thicks and thins with me, and my noble teachers who patiently deliver knowledge to me. 

I'm looking forward to a reunion for all SMKBBSP-ians, more outings and parties with the babes!

Dear Friends,
If you happen to be reading this, I think you're feeling as nostalgic as me now! Let's have a gathering and meet up during the upcoming Christmas; Block your calendar now! :)

Hope you love my blog post :)
Stay tuned at Olympus' Official Site and Nuffnang for more updates!
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