21 November, 2012

Lezzetto Gelato & Sorbet Ice Cream @ Sungei Wang KL

Gelato ice cream may not be a new thing in Malaysia, but I bet many have not heard of Lezzetto, an established maker of premium gelato and sorbet ice cream since 2007. 

#1 Lezzetto Kiosk

If you're a regular at Sungei Wang Plaza, you'd come across this colorful kiosk 
with one huge Turkish Barrels either in the mall or inside the Giant Supermarket

#2 Lezzetto's Gelato Master demonstrating his skills 

Gelato is soft ice cream with no 'air', basically it contains more milk and hence it is not a sinful indulgence especially for those who are watching the diet! You may wonder what's so special about this wooden barrel, but I guess the picture above tells the story. 

#3 Lezzetto's Gelato Master with Chocolate Ice Cream 

Look at the most right picture, I'm utterly amazed with the stickiness of the ice cream! All he does is mixing the clump of ice cream with the metal rod, keep stirring it so that it doesn't harden.

#4 Chocolate Ice Cream in Barrel

One thing I love bout the ice cream from turkish barrels is, the ice cream is more firm and does not melt easily. This means I can slowly enjoy each spoonful without without worrying it becomes liquid! But I'm surprised that it remains soft and milky despite of its firm texture. 

#5 Durian Ice Cream in Barrel

They also have durian flavour in Turkish style, but this does not use the real durian fruit, 
and apparently I am overindulged in the D24 durian ice cream (Scroll down for more!) 
until I did not get to try this :( 

#6 Ice Cream Display Freezer

Top: Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint, Yam, Strawberry, White Chocolate with Chips, Mango
Bottom: Black Sesame, Jackfruit, Pistachio, Strawberry, White Chocolate with Chips, Mango

Out of over 40 flavours of gelato, only half of it are on display, but I can tell they're the best pick among all! Simply lovely and healhty, they're made from real fruits and milk, without artificial coloring and flavouring. 

#7 Malaysian Durian D24 

The flavour that gains the most 'WOW' from us is D24 Durian- 100% extract from pure D24 flesh!  I understand why every spoonful of it is so rich in durian taste and aroma. Well, it just reflects how truly Malaysian I am!

#8 Mango from India 

Another distinct offering is the mango flavour, where they use real mango fruit imported from India. Well, something I just learn: Mango is the national fruit of India, especially sweet being a seasonal fruit there.

Mildly aromatic with the barest hint of sweetness, it leaves me going for a second helping!

#9 Chocolate and Strawberry

Among the most sought-after flavours are the basic--- Pure Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. Most of the time, we would begin the indulgence of tastes with the common flavours, but don't belittle them. These all-time favourites will definitely create magic in your palate! 

#10 Pistachio and White Chocolate with Chips

I personally love the pistachio flavour, with slightly roasty aroma. Can you believe that it is actually better than the one I had in the leading ice cream franchise in Malaysia?! Need not to mention the name, because you know it :) 

#11 Jackfruit

On the fruity side, it tends to attract me more, because my instinct tells me that they're healthier, or at least less sinful because they're made from natural fruits! 

Another pick of the day is Black Sesame, followed by Green Tea. Upon the first mouthful, I immediately recognize the taste! I know I have tried it at some 5-star hotels before, and the truth calls me right. Lezzetto is a major supplier of ice cream at many premium hotels in Malaysia, do check them out in the hotels' buffet spread :) 

#12 Single Scoop in Cone / Cup @ RM5.00

To be honest, it is a great steal to obtain a single scoop at such price tag, considering the premium quality, taste and texture. Simply irresistibly good! 

#13 Lezzetto comes in Cup, Cone, Wafer Bowl and Tub

A price list is on display, and you can see durian tops the price range,
Lezzetto promises you the top notch quality of D24 durian! 
No artificial flavouring, and I can put a thumbs up to this.

#14 "Just Enjoy It!"

If you're up for exotic flavours like Teh Tarik, Strawberry Yoghurt, Mint, Lime Sorbet you can actually buy in 500ml tubs, or even 6 litre containers, so that you can share and enjoy with your loved ones. Don't forget to call and order your favourite flavour to avoid disappointment!

Lezzetto also caters for events, weddings, parties and different functions. 

The best thing is, not only they provide ice cream products, 
but also manpower, freezers and Turkish Barrel freezers for your events! Cool?

A full list of flavours is displayed on Lezzetto Official Site: www.lezzetto.my
If you're keen, you are most welcomed to get a price quote before deciding to order.

Thanks to the managing director, Mr. Jamal and his team for such awesome ice cream!
Haha, be nice to them, coz' they're the giveaway sponsor for this round okay? :P 

This round, I am giving away TWO (2) x 500ml tub Lezzetto Gelato to 2 lucky commentators!

Mechanism of Lezzetto Gelato Giveaway:
1. State your NAME and EMAIL
2. Comment: "I Love Lezzetto Gelato ice cream because..."
3. The best 2 comments will win 1 tub each. 
4. Contest ends on 25 November 2012, 6:00pm. 

P/S: Winners have to go to the pick-up locations (Stated at the end of the post) to collect the prize.
And the coupon is valid until 15 Jan 2013. 

Lezzetto Kiosk
LG Lot 18-R1 
Lower Ground Floor
Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 010-899 5300
Website: www.lezzetto.my
Facebook: fb.com/lezzetto

Other outlet locations:
  • Giant at Sungei Wang Plaza 
  • Central Market - Kasturi Walk
  • Pertama Complex 
  • Subang Jaya (Factory)
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily
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