22 November, 2012

The Heavenly Mother, Thean Hou (天后宫)

Being a typical Chinese, I normally visit the temple only once in a year, that's during Chinese New Year of course. But this year is an exception because temple isn't a one-year-once-thing anymore :)

Thean Hou Temple or more familiar to be known as 天后宫, is located in the hub of the city of Kuala Lumpur. But I think it is only crowded during Chinese festive seasons or for the process of registration of marriages.

The pretty lanterns are all brand-new each year, unlike some temples which use recycled ones.

The usual artsy dragon carvings around the temple also attracts most foreign tourists.

Notice that the common visitor at this temple is elderly people, but why so? Youngsters are lazy, excluding me, HAHA!

And during my visit there, I've met a few interesting items which make me thought, "Myth or The Truth?" Until this very moment, I'm still wondering.

#1 God Bless Me!

Guan Yin, the Goddess of Companion here holds a willow branch and a vase. And the myth is getting the 'holy water' (圣水) from her is good for the body, soul and mind. Or is it the truth? I don't know, but people do that all the time. Oh the water is Free Of Charge of course. 

#2 Money, money Come!

Each gold ingot (元宝) is technically priced at RM3. Well, you just have to donate RM3 then you can bring one home so that all the wealth on earth will come to your family.

#3 Revitalize my health!

This is the bottled version of holy water that can be used as drinking water, for bathing or washing your face. Just for RM5, it will bring your health or wellbeing back to the best condition. 

#4 Straight A's!

Here's a wooden piece of book from the olden days and a Chinese brush, for only RM8. Hang on at the place you / your child studies, then it gives him / her a brilliant brain to excel in the examinations!

#5 Spin, spin for a good business! (风生水起)

There is a small shopping area at the ground level of the temple, with most of the stalls selling a wide varieties of windmills (风车), price ranging from RM8 to RM35. The moment it spins, Chinese believes that it brings luck and prosperity. Well, my house has one too, how bout yours? 

It looks inviting, if you believe in God, and of course the above 'facts' as well.

Dear Dragon, I may not be able to see you again next year, so this picture is useful in case I need it again or I shall wait for your arrival next 12 years!

Thean Hou Temple (天后宫) 
 65, Persiaran Endah, 
Taman Persiaran Desa, 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-2274 7088


  1. such a beautiful temple, must be breathtaking in person.

  2. Long time I had not been to Thean Hoe temple

  3. I went there a few times when I was a kid. Then the last time I went was last year end, to attend a friend's wedding registration ;)

  4. long time never been there.. maybe should pay a visit again!

  5. it was nice, been there during my sister register for wedding~

  6. Ooooo...nice lanterns! Interesting post!

  7. A must visit place when CNY when all the lanterns on~

  8. wow, that's A LOT of lanterns! very impressive!

  9. Oh I wanna buy the Straight A's chop brush lah kekeke

  10. Nice beautiful temple.
    Where is this in KL? How much they charge for visitors/tourists?

  11. the place was majestic it shows a lot of your culture and those lanterns was pretty cool

  12. ahem ahem....do I hear wedding bells?


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