17 June, 2013

Ramadhan Bufet Buka Puasa @ Seri Pacific Hotel KL

Here comes the month of fasting for this year. I'm sure you're looking for an ultimate Buka Puasa treat with your friends and family this Ramadhan. Themed "Citarasa Kampung", Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur is bringing you to the authentic homely cuisine that makes you feel close to Kampung :)

"Citarasa Kampung" features over hundreds of different dishes in the daily rotating menu. Chef de Cuisine Chef Saad bin Othman and his team injects a touch of creativity to every menu served during the holy month. 

#1 Sup Gear Box "Power"

The main highlight of the buffet spread is the crowd's favourite Sup Ekor Kerbau Bakar. Something unusual as compared to the kampung style oxtail soup, because the oxtail is barbecued first before making into essence of the soup. 

#2 Perut, Hati, Limpa & Paru Kerbau

#3 Hot Appetizer: Charcoal Grilled Fish

The fishes here are namely Ikan Kembung, Pari, Tenggiri, served with a choice among the palate-opening Air Assam, extra hot Sambal Belacan or plain soy sauce.

#4 Hot Appetizer: Deep Fried Fish

 #5 Cold Appetizer: Ikan Masin Goreng

 #6 Cold Appetizer: Kerabu Mangga & Daging

 #7 Ulam: Daun Kadok, Selom, Ulam Raja, Paku Rawn, Kerdas, Petai, Jering, Cili
Kacang Botol, Peria Rebus, Pucuk Ubi Rebus, Timun, Tomato, Nangka Rebus, 

For those who are health-conscious, choices of Ulam-Ulam Kampung are available
with condiments such as Cencaluk, Onion and Chilli Sauce.

 #8 Pasembor with Condiments

 #9 Roasted Marinated Whole Lamb

One thing you mustn't miss is the lamb! Juicy and succulent, each slice of meat is quite lean for me. Best paired with Nasi Beriyani :) 

 #10 Lauk Limpa Kari, Paru Dendang, Daging Dendeng

Another highlight of the evening is the wide array of 
traditional Malay cuisine lining up along the buffet spread. 

 #11 Acar Sayur

 #12 Perut Lembu Masak Lemak Rebung

 #13 Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku Manis dengan Keledek

 #14 Korean Mussel Cooked in Spicy Chilli Sauce

 #15 Sambal Udang Petai

 #16 Bubur Lambuk

Another break fast must-have is Bubur Lambuk, the famous and traditional 
Malaysian-styled porridge, specially prepared in its original recipe at Seri Pacific KL.

 #17 Nasi Briyani Gam

Alongside with the aromatic Nasi Briyani, the briyani station includes Briyani Ayam, 
Vegetables Dhalca and Bendi Massala to complete the satisfying meal. 

 #18 Serunding Ayam & Daging

 #19 Pizza with Toppings

#20 Cheesy Chicken Sausage Pizza

#21 Soup Noodle Stall

The buffet spread is not limited to the pre-prepared food from the kitchen, but also includes a wide spread of live cooking stations where the chef will cook up to your preference. Here you can have some Mee Rebus with lots of vegetables, fish cakes, etc.

#22 Fried Noodle Station

As for the fried noodles, you can choose between Char Kuey Teow and Mee Mamak.

#23 Fresh Seafood & Yong Tau Fu

The fresh seafood on ice includes prawn, fish, sotong ball, squid, chicken, mussel, fillet fish, chicken giblet and mushroom. For a flair of Chinese cuisine, here are some vegetables stuffed with fish paste as well as "Lok Lok" live counter.

 #24 Fusion Japanese Sushi

 I'm certainly a sushi lover, but when I heard that the sushi here is infused with Malaysian flavours, I'm even more tempted to try. My fave were the Sambal Sushi and the Temaki topped with Serunding.

 #25 Kuih Ketayap, Onde-onde and more

On the sweet side, there are endless selections of Kuih Melayu, from the most common Kuih Ketayap to many unique varieties that I haven't seen before. Time to get my hands on the petite Kuih before trying the Pengat Pisang and Bubur Kacang Merah which are next to it.

#26 Lemon Meringue Tart

#27 Mini Black Forest Cake

#28 Mini Mango Cheese

Look at the vibrant yellow piece of cake, I'm totally in love with the great balance between cheese and mango that gives a smooth consistency with slight savory cheesy flavour. Luscious!

#29 Watermelon, Honeydew, Grape, Strawberry, Jackfruit

Besides quenching your thirst with local fruits, do hop over to the beverage counter to enjoy the cold and hot beverages including Air Kelapa, Sirap Bandung, Nescafe Tarik and Teh Tarik.

This year during Ramadhan, they even have DURIANS for us!

#30 Durian Feasting Time!

Durian is probably the best iconic fruit to resemble my hometown at Bentong, the place of fame for Musang King. Here they have some large local durians as well as other smaller ones imported from Thailand.

#31 Durian (Pondok Buah)

Despite of being small, it is amazingly sweet and smooth! Simply love it to bits!

Besides great food under nice ambiance, diners are able to enjoy their breaking of fast in a cozy atmosphere while being serenaded by live musicians named 'Los Labamba', a 4-piece band from Indonesia. 

Citarasa Kampung (11 July 2013 to 6 August 2013)
11 July - 13 July: RM80 NETT
14 July - 3 August: RM98 NETT
4 August - 6 August: RM80 NETT

1. Room package inclusive of buffet buka puasa is RM250 NETT each.
2. Seminar package inclusive of buffet buka puasa is RM140 NETT per pax.
3. If you prefer to have the Rumah Terbuka tradition come to you, enjoy their "Hari Raya Open House" function or outside catering starting from RM80 NETT per person. For reservations, please call +603-4049 4302 or email asha@seripacific.com.

Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Putra,
50350 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-4042 5555
Fax: 603-4041 7236
Website: www.seripacifichotel.com
Facebook: fb.com/seripacifichotelkl


  1. Today will be my 1st Ramadhan review, I hope there are some durian waiting for me too :P

  2. each foods and the place it self were captivating!

  3. time moves too fast! seems like just a few months ago when we celebrated raya. :S

  4. The rest was okay ...not bad...but I think I will fall in love with the petai....yumz...


  5. Great food there. If I am buka-ing puasa I'd definitely go for this!!

  6. Wahhh they even have pizza and sushi, and also durian! *drools* Pretty worth it!

  7. The ikan masin and kerabu made me drool!
    I've nvr been to buffet that serve durian. So niceeee

  8. now everywhere is having ramadhan buffet already.. good review.

  9. So fast next month already Ramadan. Wah serve fresh durian in buffet, so rich, yummy and FULL kkk.


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