19 June, 2013

LANEIGE K-Beauty Blogger Makeup Workshop

Song Hye-Kyo VS FiSh the Blogger 

Remember my previous post bout being a Korean beauty like Song Hye-Kyo? 
YES, I am very determined to achieve the Korean beauty complexion so that I can look like a superstar!

Someone told me that plastic surgery is the best---You can be anyone you want. BUT...thanks to Laneige, I learn that the best way to achieve Korean beauty is through Laneige 10-Steps Make Up! I can tell you, this is definitely faster, cheaper, easier and more natural than plastic surgery!

Special thanks to Nuffnang and Laneige, I was invited to the exclusive Laneige Korean Beauty Workshop and got my hands on the full range of Laneige skin care and make up products. Some may enjoy "playing" with makeup, but the MakeUp Guru made me realise that makeup is an in-depth knowledge to understand, learn and apply. No play play k? :)

As for our make up guru of the day, nobody would be more suitable than the famous professional makeup artist cum beauty consultant, Geraldine Loy. Find her on Facebook: Artists At Work Geraldine Loy, and you'll get more makeup inspirations!

I'm on my way towards K-Beauty! 

Here's the transformation I went through during the workshop, now you tell me isn't it amazing!! Korean beauty is the leader of Asian beauty. Big eyes, bold eyebrows, sharp nose, V-shaped face, and most importantly, flawless smooth skin! All that becomes so easy just by using Laneige :)

Now don't say I kiasu because I learned so much during the workshop and
I'm going to share with you Laneige 10-Steps Make Up Towards K-Beauty 
so that we can all become Korean beauties! 

Pre-Makeup Laneige 4-Step Skincare

One thing very important before applying makeup is to make sure your skin is treated with sufficient 'nutrients' after cleansing the face. Girls must remember these essential steps before putting on makeup:

Step #1: White Plus Renew Skin Refiner 

Best for purifying your skin-- Removing dead skin cells, improving skin discoloration and whitening. 

Koreans call this toner as skin refiner, simply because it does more than a toner can do!
Toner with whitening properties? Yes, this is proven by the Korean technology :)

Unlike toner with fluid consistency (eg: water), this skin refiner has a texture in between gel and liquid.
It is pretty cooling and one of the most lightweight moisturizer I tried. Pretty fast absorption too!

 Step #2: White Plus Renew Emulsion

Best for balancing your skin. As the name suggests, it is an 'emulsion' but you might wonder if it feels like milky lotion? Certainly no, because it is much lighter and 'airy' than the usual lotion. Don't skip this step, because here's where it prepares your skin for moisture replenishment.

Tips: Proper way to apply toner/moisturizer/cream

 Always put a dot on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Then spread it evenly from inside out. Any excess should not be wasted (Laneige products are very precious ya!). It can be used on the neck, chest or even arms!!

Step #3: White Plus Renew Original Essence 

Now it's time to introduce Laneige Star Product! Best for intensive care to your skin.
 It is known for its whitening feature--- Increases transparency and removes blemishes.

When it comes to whitening products, I have encountered some that made me look so white and in fact, become pale! Well, we don't want to look as white as ghost, do we? And this Laneige serum helps to even your skin tone and whiten you back to the original state---the milky soft baby skin!

Step #4: White Plus Renew Tone Up Corrector

One thing I love about Laneige is that every product has more than 1 function! For this one, I call it 4-in-1 corrector because it is my (1) Skin Tone Corrector (2) Whitening Regime (3) Sunscreen and (4) Make Up Base. After putting on this, you can skip applying sunscreen and foundation! 

 Step #5: Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base and Lumi Block Primer

The primer base comes in 3 interesting shades: Light Pink, Light Purple and Light Green. For yellowish skin like mine, I used the pink one for more radiance and healthier skintone. Again, I love the light, fluid-like consistency that feels supple on skin.

  Step #6: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion 

Let me introduce to you ONE (1) superb product that can eliminate FIVE (5) items in your cosmetic pouch! Wow, 5-in-1? Incredible right!! It's Laneige's best of the best products I've ever encountered. 

1. Sweat Proof
2. Whitening
3. Hydrating
4. Makeup Base
5. Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ 

I know, this 5-in-1 BB is the one we've been searching for all this while! As though it is not amazing enough,  it actually has the 6th feature--- Concealer! It is awesome to conceal pores, blemishes, acnes and most importantly, dark eye circles and serious eye bags! 

It's like the BB cream stored in compact case-- Very moist, cooling and hydrating for the skin.
It is said to instantly reduce your skin temperature by 3°C, now can you imagine how soothing it is!

It's so snowy cold, but also the hottest product in the market! 
SEE! The difference is so huge that I almost cannot recognize my own skin -.-

   Step #6 (Optional): Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact

For dewy Korean skin, simply add a touch of micro powder that melts on the skin without appearing cakey. However, if you love matte skin complexion, the Snow BB alone would have done a great job. 

Apply this for a fast natural makeup in the morning or a flawless skin complexion for special occasions!

Now I can haz soft, smooth, baby skin!

Step #7: Eyebrow & Eyeliner in Laneige Style

When it comes to the eyebrow, I swear I was having a hard time. This is my very first time in life that I draw my eyebrows! I don't normally put on any makeup except foundation, so drawing eyebrow is a huge challenge for me. Thanks to the make up guru, it becomes easy pessy! 

Picture 1: Without eyebrow and eyeliner
Picture 2: With eyebrow, without eyeliner
Picture 3: With eyebrow and eyeliner

I tried doing it again at home and I succeeded! The above picture is my proud outcome *coughs*... The secret to achieve natural Korean beauty is by drawing a very fine eyeliner as near as possible to the eyelid. As for the eyebrows, always start from the middle, inside out. 

Step 8: Laneige Multi Professional Shadow

Here's the perfect nude eyeshadow color that comes in a shimmery type that allows natural color gradation. I simply love the early touch on the eyes, best for daily makeup use. 

Want more dramatic look? Add the Laneige Professional Selection Shadow (Individually packed) 
at the edges of the eye area for bright, sparkling eyes.

Step #9: Laneige Volume Setting Mascara 

My lashes are naturally short and thin :( But after using this, it volumizes my lashes like 3692817 times! Small eyes like mine will look instantly bigger, brighter and more electrified. 

Laneige Mascara: Zero weight, zero flake and zero smudge too! 

 Step #10: Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss

Laneige has a wide range of lipgloss with different shades from peach, red to lavender. During the workshop, I tried the natural pink color that gives me a fuller, plumper lips. 

Here's my sweet Korean beauty look at the workshop!

As for parties and special occasions, all you need is just to touch up on the eye and lips with different shades. For the lips, I wanted something creamier but can equally give the shine like the lipgloss, so Laneige recommended me this Pure Glossy Lipstick:

Verdict on the Workshop / Laneige Products:

1. The workshop focused on every area of makeup in detail, and very useful for newbie like me.
2. Most of Laneige products has ample water content and packed with moisturizing properties be it skincare, foundation or lips makeup.Not only it doesn't harm the skin, it gives my skin lots of nourishment!
3. Overall, there are few items that I feel really awesome and worth to buy. Recommended: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and White Plus Renew Original Essence 

We're Happy Girls after Makeup!

After The Beauty Workshop

Few days back, I tried recreating the K-Beauty look all by myself. 
*ahem* Practice makes perfect! And here are some of the end results:

#1 Supple and Flawless Skin
For the flawless skin, I only use the necessary skincare and Snow BB Cushion!
And my dark eye circles and large pores have disappeared miraculously :)

#2 Soft and Sophisticated Day Look
Here's my fave girly girl makeup for daily wear--- For work, shopping, movie date, etc

Sweetness overdose! I love the sweet-looking Korean girls who wear makeup 
as if they didn't put on anything. Now...do I look like one? :)

#3 Glamorous Night Look
---Without Flash---

---With Flash---

Once again, thank You Laneige and Nuffnang for the valuable opportunity! :) 

More information about Laneige:


  1. Wow! Really look like those Korean ulzzang, super pretty! :D I wanna try the BB cushion, it sounds really cool (pun intended) XD

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  4. Very pretty and natural! Too many steps for me, don't really have the time...

  5. my sis should learn that too

  6. Seriously it sounds so easy with only 10 steps. But what about the side-effects on oily skin???

    obagi nu derm starter kit

  7. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion seems like a good investment, shall check it out :D

  8. Looking great there! :o Woot!! Love the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion too!

  9. these things are way too complicated for me :/

  10. Never try their cosmetics, but I love their skin care la.. Should try out their cosmetic too. XD


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