20 August, 2013

Superwomen Celebrate WEvents' 3rd Anniversary!

#1 WEvents 3rd anniversary party is the first costume party I've attended. And what's special about this event is that it is a female-only event, specially created to bring together the working professional women for a fun evening. Just let your hair down after a hard day's work and enjoy! 

If you do not know, WEvents are WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social events organized by working women volunteers. In WEVents, women can VENT their opinions and thoughts freely, build connections and make new friends. 

#2 WEvents 3rd Anniversary event has an unique theme this year-- Superwoman! Although I have not started my working life yet, I'm fortunate to be one of the guests of the evening as a supergirl blogger in action =P

#3 Similar to the last birthday WEvents celebrated, the event was again held at Atlanta Ballroom in Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya this year. There I met lots of superwomen, had a good time indulging in good food and received loads of goodies in a baby pink polka bag.

#4 Complimentary Nail Pampering Session by POSH Nail Spa 

#5 Let's meet the superwomen and supermums of the evening!

#6 Jeanisha Wan, the founder of WEvents, a woman entrepreneur

#7 Winnie Loo, the founder of A Cut Above

#8 Speaking of revolutionized hair fashion, I bet the first person that comes into my mind is no other than Winnie Loo, the acclaimed hairstylist who has 37 years of experiences under her belt. Felt lucky to have a photograph with her that evening!

#9 Mi Mi Teh, the founder of Bag of Love, as Audrey Hepburn

Mimi is not a stranger for many beauty enthusiasts, and I have met her a couple of times during beauty events. From the very first Debut Bag of Love in March 2013, I have fallen in love with it. Love the creative idea of this businesswoman cum mother of two cutie pies! 

#10 Belly Dance Performance by Nikki Law from TRIBE.

Following the inspiring talks from these successful businesswomen, audience was entertained with a series of performances while enjoying a sumptuous buffet spread comprising of local delights and desserts.

#11 Delicious!


10 pre-selected superwomen contestants wowed the audience with their amazing talent and superwoman feat. I met lots of supermums who could sing, dance and catwalk so well! 

 #13 Contestant No. 6 dressed like Aung San Suu Kyi

 #14 Contestant No. 10 was such an adorable minion! 

 #15 Have you met a real life minion? Well, I have!

At the end of the event, we voted for our favourite contestant and best superwoman of the evening! And the winners went to....

 #16 Third Prize: Yong Choy Peng as Super Girl

The super girl put on a Superman tee and a golden cape, with a cute headband on the forehead. Wondering what super talent she had shown us? It was her mesmerizing voice as she sang a medley of Korean and Japanese songs!

 #17 Second Prize: Susee Rajam as Mother Teresa

The first runner-up went to the inspiring religious icon portrayed by Susee, 
as she touched the hearts of the audience with a heartwarming speech.

 #18 Grand Prize: Edazz Lucinda as Cat Woman

Finally, the biggest vote was given to Edazz for her song and dance performance.

 #19 Her powerful song, Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys had voiced the strength of a cat woman!

 #20 Congratulations to the top 3 winners!

 #21 WEvents Top Superwoman!

 #22 The grand prize winner walked away with a hamper worth RM3,247 inclusive of a Fujitsu laptop!

 #23 Yoda from Star Wars came to support WEvents too!

WEvents had awards specially for active volunteers- The Most Supportive Blogger, The Most Participative Volunteer, The Most Regular Attendee and of course Best Dress Award! Congratulations Yoda or Tammy for making us bloggers proud! =)

 #24 Congratulations to all the winners! In fact, all 10 of the young superwomen were winners of the evening, because they had proven that a winning woman has unfading beauty of soul, mind and spirit.

For more information about WEvents, kindly visit www.wevents.com.my.
Give 'em a like on their Facebook page (fb.com/WEVents1) to get latest updates about WEvents!


  1. Cool event for women! The prize is attractive! Errr... the Minions look kinda freaky tho...

  2. What a fun event! Women can be crazy and nobody cares. :)

  3. wahaha the live minion is cute. The cat woman really deserve to be the winner.


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