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03 May, 2014

Fashion Culture Box: April 2014 Review

Hello, May! April ended well with a pleasant surprise from Fashion Culture Box. This month, it not only comes in a mystery box but also with an envelope as an appreciation gift for me. Yay!! Thanks FCB!

If you've missed my blog reviews about FCB in previous month, you can read them at:
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Here are the gifts of the month-- Pearl bracelets, earstuds, hairband and Bloop nail stickers, which made me feel as if it is another box of FCB already! If you're a blogger, feel free to blog about FCB and receive little gifts from them too! 

Fashion Culture Box comes in a mysterious black and white box,
with 5-6 fashion and beauty items that wow every fashionista or style collector in Malaysia! 

Each month, there will be 3 exciting themes of style for you to choose from. The style decription is available on Fashion Culture Box website and Facebook page, so you can choose themes that suit you the most. At just RM58 per box (inclusive of delivery), you will receive a box full of fashion accessories and beauty products, tailored according to your taste based on the theme you chose.

The April Box Operation Occupation Series comes in 3 themes: The Working Girl, Campus Chic and The Socialite. Now...which is your favourite? How I'd wish I can own all of them! ♥ 

 This month's FCzine is featuring Leng Yein, the top DJ in Malaysia :) 

The theme I picked was The Working Girl, and I was expecting something more sophisticated and classy to match the formal outfit. But it seems different from what I'd thought. Anyway, let's see what's inside!

Here's my pick of the month!
Theme: Fashion Culture Operation Occupation Series (The Working Girl)
Price: RM58 per box (FREE delivery)
Content: 1 Lunch Break Wristlet, 1 Suit-Em-Up Belt, 1 Prim 'N Proper Sock Bun,
1 Sleeve Leather Cuff, 1 Bloop Germ Blaster, 1 Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste

Item #1 The Working Girl : Lunch Break Wristlet
The wristlet comes in 4 colours, and the one I got is the brightest color among all. It looks quite cute with lovey dovey design on the exterior, yet looks very practical on the inside as it contains more than 10 card compartments and a coin zipper.

Plus, the size of the wristlet is just perfect to fit in my large Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

Item #2 The Working Girl : Sleeve Leather Cuff

I have always wanted thick cuff bracelets like this one, as I think it looks very
edgy with a black and white outfit. It's time to try out different styles on me!

Item #3 The Working Girl : Suit-Em-Up Belt

Adding to my belt collection, I can haz a low-waist purple belt that looks simple 
and chic to go with any outfit or occasion, be it formal or casual wear :)

Item #4 The Working Girl : Prim 'N Proper Sock Bun

Here's the way to have cool huge hair buns! The one I got from FCB is different from those found along the streets, this is soft yet firm and most importantly, it doesn't hurt your scalp. You can even use it on middle or short length hair :)

Item #5 The Working Girl : Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste

As for the toothpaste, I have tried it from Modbox in March, feel free to read bout my review here.
 Item #6 The Working Girl : Bloop Germ Blaster @ RM4.90 each

I didn't know Bloop has anti-bacterial hand gel too! So far, I have only tried their cosmetics and nail polishes... it comes in 5 cute designs, so time to collect them while keeping yourself away from germs :)

Overall, the April box is pretty ordinary as compared to the previous months. Frankly I'm quite disappointed with the content for The Working Girl as I saw The Socialite box comes with a sparkle clutch, diamante necklace, earrings and sweet-looking bracelets that rock the night :( 

Anyway, I hope that the upcoming Mother's Day special box gonna be a great surprise for me and Mom 

For more information about Fashion Culture Box, 

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  1. The wallet and bracelet are nice! I got the socialite box, yet to blog about it but I love the items too!


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