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01 October, 2017

Genius Ways to Slay Your Beauty Game Without Going Bankrupt

We can’t speak for you guys but when it comes to splurging on beauty products, we’re absolutely addicted! Sheet masks, liquid lipsticks, holographic highlighter, you name it. There’s just something so wonderfully therapeutic about tearing into a perfectly wrapped parcel at the end of the day and unearthing a neat little package nestled comfortably amidst the wrapping; all ready for us to start experimenting with.

However, as much as we aspire to be the proud owners of an eternally-growing stash of beauty products, the reality of life is that we can’t afford to go all-out every time we walk past a Sephora. That being said, staying true to a tighter budget is not the end of days when it comes to looking like a million bucks and lucky for you, we've got the deets on how to ensure you look on point without having to rack up a credit card bill that will leave you feeling a little light-headed every end of the month.

Here are some of our favourite budget beauty life hacks and for whenever you have a moment of weakness (because we all do) and feel the urge to go on a beauty haul, do yourself a favour and check out Saleduck Malaysia to spot year-round deals from your favourite beauty e-tailers to help you save.

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Stretch Out the Products You Already Own
Use your products all the way till the end instead of chucking them out when there’s a tiny bit left and you’ll find that a little can go a surprisingly long way. Got a bit of concealer left in the tube that you can’t reach? Scoop it out with a clean spatula and dispense it into a miniature container with a screw top lid. Same goes for your lipstick and cream highlighter sticks. For leftover foundation that isn't enough for doing up a full face, mix it with your favourite moisturizer to create a tinted version.

Shop Using Coupon Codes
Before poopoo-ing the coupon code and ruling it out as a dated hobby for homemakers, hear us out! There is plenty to love about the online coupon code as it can save you from dropping plenty of coins on your favourite beauty sites. From brand promotions to 2-for- the-price- 1 steals, making coupon codes part of your online shopping ritual can help you halve the amount you would typically spend without them.

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Repurpose Your Existing Beauty Products
Did you know that hair conditioner can pull double duty as shaving cream? Or that bronzer works exceptionally well as eyeshadow? The art of using your products to serve you in ways that go beyond their intended use is a fantastic trick to help you spend less money instead of buying single-use items. Some of our favourite double duty beauty hacks include using baby powder as dry shampoo, using petroleum jelly to moisturise lips and tame unruly brows and using spray deodorant on the soles of your feet to prevent foot odour.

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Make Your Own Beauty Products
Exfoliating body scrubs, face masks, lip tints, the list goes on. Concocting your own potions for beauty products from ingredients that you probably already have sitting in your pantry is a great way to get onboard the DIY wagon. Just ask celebrity beauty blogger / DIY Goddess Farah Dhukai who has made bank by sharing her many unique and effective home-made beauty recipes online with millions of followers. Not only will this help you save, but you’ll have full control over the ingredients that go into your products which means that you can eliminate any harmful additives and chemicals and go 100% natural. Remember to make small batches of product as the absence of preservatives means that these products will have shorter shelf lives.

Save More with At-Home Touch Ups
Now we’re not suggesting that you give yourself a balayage or go full Brazilian in your shower but there definitely some little maintenance tricks you can do to extend their livelihood. Pluck out any strays you see a week after an eyebrow threading session to maintain the shape of your brows, touch up your roots regularly after a salon visit and more. While you can’t avoid enlisting a professional to help you take care of certain beauty fixes, there are definitely some things you can do on your own to help you trim down the frequency of your appointments.

So...Have fun with your beauty games, babes!

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