Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of English week. Well done, 5F!
The boring school week finally ends...

I proudly declare that,

I have successfully completed one whole week of school
without skipping any day! :D

* Please give me an applause so that I can keep it up =X *

Keith had been persuading me to skip school since last few days ago when I was sick. Plus, there are already 4 death cases of H1N1 in Malaysia. Even 11 National Service camps are closed down, and 4000++ people have to be quarantined.

:( The figures are terrifying!
That's why I must not fall sick anymore.

I saw turtle in the aquarium once reached Carol's house :X

Ms. Sim just taught us saponification in class today and wanted us to make soap by ourselves. I was sleeping until Keiiyan called me up at 2p.m. to go complete our mission of the day. That's why I went to Lynlyn's house today, for this Chemistry project.

I found my prince charming in her room!

I walked to her house and reached in a couple of minutes. Her room is like a princess' one :D how I'd wish to have one like hers. And onlined there. Waited for Keiiyan to reach. Waited for Carol to bathe. What was I doing when waiting for them? YES, camwhoring!

Found her bro's wife, Missy Micey. And took pictures :D

This is Fluffy, locked beyond the gate xD!

We started off with our project outside, at the garden. And this poor little doggie is left at home, alone. As Keiiyan is so attractive, it loves to climb onto her. And that's why it is called ham sap dog by Keiiyan :O! Hope Mina sees this and doesn't kill me =X

Step 1:
To produce lye (sodium hydroxide), burn woods!
Until white ash is formed :)

Step 2:

Burn the ash with oil until it boils. Then pour water into it.

Once we poured water, "effervescence" kinda occured, and the black crude spilled out and dirtied the whole kitchen OMG! Made us spent some time to clean everything up.

Ta-daaa! Our final product :D

Okayyy we all knew the experiment has failed = =" BUT. We enjoyed the process lar at least :) Should be glad that we have spent time together happily. And nice visit to her mansion.

♥ I know you're angry with me. Perhaps you would live better without me :(

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am sick. Finally.

The "cili padi" soup. It looks tasty, but do not judge a book by its cover.

I hope the sickness is not because of this, although 3 out of 9 of us who went to Boon Pin's birthday party experienced stomach ache after the night. Luckily I am not the lucky 3 =X

I should have skipped school if I knew that all the lessons before recess were taken care by the Indians who spoke Chemistry language in the hall for hours. They made me starved, starved and STARVED for the whole morning.

They came to make business, as usual.

I didn’t want to show my disrespect by the continuous yawning action, hence left the hall in the midst of the talk.

I totally agreed with Spell --- spending RM95 for something you have already learnt is not worthy. It does not even worth a single penny from your pocket, if you really have a good Chemistry and Physics teacher.

Glad that I have Ms. Christina and Mr. Lim.

The fish is dying.

♥je t'aime; I hate to say this

Monday, July 27, 2009

RHB-The Star Mighty Minds Federal Territory state challenge 2009

26 July 2009, Sunday :) I was too exhausted to update anything here yesterday.


It happened early in the morning yesterday. I received Vivi’s good-luck wish in the midst of night. Woke up at 6.30 in the morning on a Sunday like any other normal schooling day. And had breakfast at home, stuffed in the creamy croissant into my mouth because I had not enough time [again = =]. Oh was attired in school uniform on a Sunday T_______________T people looked at me with *unusual stares*

It was she with the only son :)
They look really alike, seriously!

Being the teacher in-charge, Pn. Jowana told us to meet her up at Bukit Jalil LRT station at 7.45 a.m. but she herself was late =X.

JJ promised to type our names into the space on the cert, hopefully she would do it

The event was held at Times Square. We walked there under the rain from Hang Tuah station. Oh the picture of her family was blurring, so I didn’t manage to post it here. Pn. Jowana, the husband and the son came along with us.

Two groups of us went there: Ying Xing, Glory and Yeewen were in one team, while Sookkuan, Cheekuan and I were in another. We reached at 8++ I guessed--- didn’t really look at the time. We were given a notebook each, with identification sticker and a participating certificate.

We were placed into the second 60 teams, which meant we had to wait till 11.30a.m. to start. *yawn* sort of got conned by JJ though =X. It was too early that none of the shops was opened yet.

Oh finally the picture of the hubby and son appear here!
They woke up so early to accompany us too :)

The newly invented banana phone xD!
Mel, please grab this, I know you love’ it!

We sat on the comfy sofas at Sweet Chat Café and did sort of silly things. RM1 from 7-eleven--- The banana was HUGE. I have never eaten such big fat yellow thing before =X.

It really looked like those fake banana toy = =” No, it is really REAL. JJ bought these for us, in the sense of banana was a energy-boosting fruit. Thanks darlinggg teacher!

But we played with that instead of eating =X

Not only that, she also got us buns and mini crackers. Everything was from 7-Eleven, as it was the only and one food stall opened. After the banana meal, the organizer provided each of us with a Sausage McMuffin and a piece of hash brown, yeaps these were all FREE!

Nicholson came to support her Sis too! But he sort of glued with JJ’s son and I during the event of the day. He is so cute ! The only thing I don’t like bout him is that he is almost taller than me T____________T

60 teams ; 180 people

It was finally our turn. 20 objective questions and they were much tougher than other states' ones, how unfair ): Awww, the mighty boys in front of us were extremely intelligent!

Oh I was lucky to have two sausages instead of one (:

After our brains had worn out, we were given a packet of RasaMas lunch box each. Hungry. Munched everything hungrily xD! After all, the event only lasted for 6 hours and we were already given two meals, not bad right? x)

I was upstairs, shopping. Snapping from the top angle.

The top 15 teams out of 60 would compete for the next round, and this time it would be practical time! Invent an object [given the title] by using materials like paper, tapes, scissors etc. Really not easy!

Guess what, our group was at the ranking of number 17! Two more places to go and we would be able to go for the next round :) But nevermind, at least I could leave LG floor earlier and shop there!

F.O.S. ; Am into colorful stuff recently!

I bought another piece of top yesterday. And a piece of coat and leggings on Saturday, just to match with one of the tops I bought on Friday.

:O I spent RM 200 in 3 days!
*BYE* The pocket money flew ):

Oh NO! The pimple popped out again!
I promise I would get the Nexcare product asap.

Reached home around 5 p.m. and headed to Boon Pin's house at 6.20 p.m. Just one and a half hour at home for interval, and I had not enough time to rest yesterday, that's why I just slept whole afternoon today =X.

The birthday party was terrifying =X!
Boon Pin shouldn't have asked me go.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Congratulations to
Spellman Choy Yew Choon!

And… His dream comes true :D

Oh. The main charater of the post today is of course by my bestiee, Spell :)

And I only put the only picture of this oh-so-called artist I have snapped. I heard from them that he was from 绝对Superstar =.=" Whosoever he is, he sang my idol's song and gave me a bad impression =X!!!

*Quick update. Am rushing for tuition classes later. And got to really rest well tonight, or else I would be very, very sick = =

*Excited bout the Mighty Minds quiz tomorrow and Boon Pin’s birthday party.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bite: The Relaxing Friday

Finally I am back to school. Just for the Chemistry class. I didn’t bother to finish up the homework I missed yesterday. Ah, who cares? They just didn’t check our exercise books so often x)

Today’s assembly was about the closing ceremony of the Language Week. And I got this book: RM5.60. Oh I remembered I just told Farah the other day that this book is not a good one, for the content is limited. As Mr. Murugan always say, “we must not write rubbish for the novel question”.

Let’s give her a chance to pose, since she was so excited. We hid in the APD room during recess time and did all these. *yawn* what to do? We had nothing better to do anymore ):

Aiksss… Vivian, why you didn’t want to go to his birthday party?

Ignore my messy hair =X

JoeyC was trying to use my Sony camera like her DSLR. Of course, this is not as good as a DLSR, but at least the effect is not that bad though. You shall know the difference if you look at it properly.

Siew Wen ; Sze Hui ; Jian Ni

Ah my sweeties! I gonna miss you girls next year ): APD room was the place of laughter of us for the past week, in preparation for the carnival day. And today.. we were here again, sharing the smiles. But let’s see, they were not obeying our librarian rules for wearing the ties at such length xDD.

Alamak =X bookmark dah terbalik

I went home safely at 12.30 noon. Dumping the Chemistry book aside, I excitedly told Mum that I would be going out to Times Square with babes for shopping! Surprisingly Mum not only didn’t have me grounded, but also told me to have a nice outing. Awww, how sweet of her

Pink: The excitement.

Bathed. Ready to go out with Carolyn and Keiiyan xDD. It had been a real long time since I have been to shopping mall. I knew I simply needed a break from all the stupid days in school and tuition classes. I heart my new necklace-- RM17.90, for Sis’ site :)

Cellie ; Purse ; Cash
The must-haves in my bag.

I was rushing to get everything done, so just simply chose some needed things and left home. Oh ya. Brought along my bottle of water too, hoping not to die out of water.

black queen Shopping Queens!

The KFC group reached there around 3p.m. [KumkeiyanFongszehuiCarolyntay is also KFC LOL!] And we were lacking of time because we needed to reach Sri Petaling by 6p.m. Just 3 hours of shopping and we managed to buy lots of CLOTHES. Ahh I just needed to reorganize my closet :)

The bracelet, buy 1 free 1 xDD!

Best bargains of bracelets! Mine is starry lovey, and Keiiyan’s and Carol’s is lovey dovey. We promised to wear them together <33 align="justify">

Not only that, each of us also bought the same piece of dress. Mine is same color as Carol’s, while Keiyan’s is of the same design. Yay, I spent a lot today--- 2 dresses and 1 pair of shorts are not enough yet. Will be going to Times Square again on Sunday, hopefully I can buy MORE :D


P/S: If you don’t want to talk to me anymore, just stop making a fuss over me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovely Thursday:

Physics ; PJK ; Maths ; BM ; History

I love the new Thursday timetable more than the old Tuesday’s.
Now Thursdays make a perfect day for skipping school :D

I suddenly thought of him! That's why his picture appears here (:

I know KhooKwanYew would scold me,
Because.. According to him,
Whenever I ponteng, many people of 5G are also absent xDD

:O Ahh I think from now onwards
I would be absent for school once a week
[OR maybe MORE? =x]


Credits to ‘Mir for the IKAN punch

Fishes always look better in pair,
just like how Pisces is formed :)

Can you imagine the fishes of the ocean would feel lonely when it was isolated by the ocean dwellers? Yet it sometimes just needed to be at the very edge of the earth and sky and sea. To be alone. And this was all I wanted.

I realized I was a parasite living on you lately. It was the very stupid, oblivious me for doing so. I hate to shatter the dream world you had been living in for each and every second. Yet I didn’t want to make you feel obligated in any way. You could actually mesmerize someone else by the sheer force of your presence, but not on me.

I didn’t hope things to have gone the other way.

Anyway I still took comfort from that, for I was not alone. Thanks for listening me talking bout someone else ; you’re so selfless

For every mistake I had made,
Every bit of harm I had done,
Each pain I had caused in you,
And each wound I had given to you…

I should have realized that I’d been wrong all along,
And I never should have treated you so well…

Sorry that I mentioned your name real a lot here.

I still need this to cheer me up.

Yesterday miserable things just happened one-shot in the whole day:
  • The 告白. I didn’t expect things to change so swiftly.
  • The tiny Cik Syazana scolded me and Keith
  • Met Keith when they were going to Pizza Hut. Didn’t include me :(
  • Saw his car, but him driving. Who was that? T________T
  • Met his Mum; she smiled at me. But..did she really recognize me?
  • Told Keith everything and he scolded me .___.

And today… I am soon going to meet the same person again. Wish me luck :)

*Sorry for dumping you today, Keith. Hope the photography session goes well today.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bite: -Dae.dreamingggg-

My new toy ; Mini tripod

I found this somewhere in my drawers when I was searching for an old old old piece of tee. I just didn’t know that I actually have this at home :O I bet it came along in the package when I bought my silver camera two years ago.

Am trying to take more shots of beautiful things around me.
Now that I am more than just into photography (:

Sorry I have nothing better to do than shooting photographs x) I just get bored in school occasionally, so yep a camera would always be the best choice of killing boredom. Luckily there are some interesting ways I spent my every second at school :
  • Eating! [Thanks people for supporting the cheezy cake :D]
  • Smsing! [I used the battery of my cell phone till DEAD yesterday :O]


Now that I am back into a sms queen. Thinking that I wouldn't spend a lot on smsing two months ago, I had switched from Super SMS plan to Super FNF. But now the figure of my credit balance notification terrified me :O

I spent RM10 in 2 days just to send text messages :O

Ohmygawddd. I don't think I can survive with only RM1 balance for half a month T______T.
Thanks Spell, Turtle and Keith for the credits you guys spared for me :)

DiGi Prepaid TM =.="

Wasted my RM3 to subscribe this. And I just read through that this plan is no longer available since 20 July 2009 T_________T

Do anyone know any better plan for DiGi prepaid?

Monday, July 20, 2009

张栋梁 沉默的瞬间 音乐会

5.00 p.m. :

Sorry Keith, was messing around with your lenses. I am noob in using these.

In a mess. Rushing to get ourselves ready. Playing with DSLR

If I were a lil’ more professional in photography,
She would look more like a dolly model xD

Thanks VivianC for showing me this article on TheStar :)

According to this, Nicholas is going to try out shots of nude bare-backed videos for his MVs =.=" Eeee... I still prefer his old style--- always polite and smiling happily :D

5.30 p.m. :

It was held at Chin Woo stadium hall, an air-conditioned arena near SMJK (C) Confucian and Petaling Street. It took us only half an hour to there from home although everyone rushed to the Bukit Jalil stadium for the Manchester United VS Malaysia tournament.

6.00 p.m. :

Reached Petaling Street quite early. Dinner at McD.
After eating, Sis asked me bout the entry tickets.
And I was like, “Harrr I thought you brought it?”.

She said, “No. Yesterday you said you’re going to put it into your bag.”

OMG = =” Called Dad to fetch us the tickets, and got scolded on the phone.

While waiting for Papa, we headed to the Gift House BitBit are now available in all sizes and color [Errr green is a lil’ odd, but still kawaii] I still prefer my lovely bunny at home :)

7.30 p.m. :
张栋梁 歌迷会 !!!
The people were attired in green. I wanna join too, but the yearly fees is VERY costly =X

As usual, while waiting for the event to begin, I took few shots of the people there. MY FM DJ, 文康 was the emcee of the night. According to him, the star was trapped in a traffic congestion, that’s why he arrived late.
The Moment of Silence ; The silence actually hears the sound which loves.

Lemme add one more sentence:

And the silence in us actually indicates everything more than necessary.

Opening ceremony: Dance by his loyal fans.

10 of the pretty girls on stage danced along the music of his newest song. Being able to dance very well, they were actually performers on stage in their lifes (: Wen Kang interviewed each and every one of them.

Nicholas came out with this (:
I hate his style of making the long trousers into an uncle-like length =X

And then he changed. He sported a black jacket worn over a colorful tee and ripped blue jeans with slip-on white canvas shoes. And he stood real near to my seat! Haha, that’s why this picture seemed clearer than others (:

Flowers of all colours!
The representative of each fan club in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and China came onto the stage to present him bouquets of flowers. And chatted happily :D Ahhh...jealousnyeee

Oh the guest of the event is 石欣卉 :D

Everyone thinks that she is a Singaporean artist, but actually she is from Malaysia.
Her most well known song, 从台北到北京is not bad (: She danced a lot on stage.

10.30 p.m. :

After the 音乐会 ended, Nicholas stayed for the signature session. Every fans who bought his CD queued up to grab his signature. Of course I didn’t waste my money to buy that piece of his =X so…we left…

So near yet so far…
Before leaving let’s take a shot from the breezy night out there :)
P/S: Keith. Keith. Keith. Sorry for mentioning your name non-stop =X


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