07 August, 2009

Life is rough this time

I love blogging on Fridays to review my whole week, whether it is contented or disappointing. I wish to have some diversions in my routine, hoping some excitement apart from the ordinary academic hours.


Mr. Siva's laptop ; I felt weird sitting at the office doing this

I had been doing things for teachers lately, and Mr.Siva started smiling to me whenever he sees me. Glad and relieved that he is no longer showing his stern look to me (:


The AddMaths teacher finally voiced out that she was suffering due to the ignorance from us.

“Walaupun kamu tak nak dengar, saya masih akan ajar.
Orang Islam mesti pegang pada prinsip, saya pun sama.
Saya memang tak akan makan gaji buta.”

The tears welled in her eyes tell that she is a really responsible, diligent teacher. And I lve her :(


Ignorance is bliss”, Babymina hears me saying this almost everyday. But not today. Someone ignored me when he saw the other person stick close to me. Can anyone teach me what to do so that both of them can get along well at the same time??


Everyone knows why on Earth did I have this DSLR with me = =

Nilam time ; Shifted to the canteen due to the drizzle =.="The school is funny ; I mean is THAT necessary?

I started my job by snapping picture of Nicole for the Ketua Pengawas page for the school magazine. But suddenly Leon came and I was impressed by his oh-so-smooth face :D [Mine is full of pimple “holes”]. That’s why his picture appears here again (:

Hazardous ; Stay away from that lab.

Unhappy things happened ; CLICK to know more. And I honestly reveal that it becomes one of the reasons I didn’t really smile to you today.

I would wish to speak volumes bout this,

Bitches out there are reading this.
I know when to speak, and when to not :)

And how many people on Earth can have their lips sealed?
I could tell, NONE.

The lazy me ; Love to pretend reading nowadays =X
Exhale the stale air ; Breathe in some fresh air

The camera is in her hand, so camwhoring is unavoidable x)

Must not miss every single chance to take picture with this 12-year friend!

Soon Yuen is shocked :O
View the pictures in clockwise direction, starting from the one at the top left (:

© Copyright reserved by Hoe Jun.
Next time we should try drawing things on the exercise book too x)

Enough for today (:
Gotta get all the pictures done now ;
Owed the editors loads of pictures.
Byeee, sweeties!
♥ Your presence ; in the nick of time

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