10 November, 2009

:D One day trip

Exam is killing us!
Hence we had a chance to get out of the hell and had our one-day trip :D

First destination: Zoo Negara in Ampang. We love animals!

Second destination: Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara for application of first batch. But failed. “Surat tidak dilayan sebelum senarai pembahagian tempat dikeluarkan.”

Third destination: Sunway Batu Caves [but is not located in Sunway =.=”]
Renovation is still in progress.

Fourth destination: Batu Caves, Taman Samudra, 68100 Selangor.

With the artifacts (: Elephants-like deco, the God of Hindus.

Does it look very similar to the pictures we usually see in newspaper? :)
The place is aweeeeeeee-some!

There our trip ended. We managed to climb up the cave!

I really had fun today.
Thanks Kheng Yang for bringing us to places that my Dad wouldn’t bring me to.
Thanks for the laughters and joy, Fung Soon & Babymina.

Lots of first time occurred today (:

First time I visit Batu Caves.
First time we go to JLKN in Wangsa Maju.
First time we climb the stairs of the cave.
First time Kheng Yang drives so far! [We almost reach Genting Highlands :P]
First time we open a BSN bank account = =
First time we have so many U-turns in one day :X
First time I really enjoy so much with these people!

More pictures on Facebook.
Do grab them, peepo! :D

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