29 July, 2010

Lunch @ Toilet Bowl

Don't get mistaken by the title of this entry, I'm not talking about the picture above.

This is the "Toilet Bowl" I mean ;D
It is a T-Bowl concept restaurant!

Feel free to visit their website to know more about
How To Enjoy Eating at The Toilet Bowl (of your house maybe!)

The tables and seats are all from your washroom! LOLOL

Ewww.. Eating POO?!?!

I mean big poo rice, by the way x)
And guess what, big poo rice can be "TASTY" too!

Their colorful and attractive menu (;

This should be awesome! Look at the cheesy baked rice on the toilet bowl.
The price here is as affordable as in Kim Gary or Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (;

And this is my claypot chicken rice. Eyh, why is this not on the toilet bowl??

Wow, tasty pink bowl of noodles ;D

Err... this is... Describe it yourself k? x)

Hahahas! Delicious chocolate ice-cream of poo shape, with colorful decorations ;D

5 Stars! This dessert is highly recommended (;

For now, this outlet is only available in Sungei Wang and Queensbay Mall. But also there are a lot of toilet bowl concept restaurant out there in PJ area with different outlet names.

Do check it out, readers! ;D

25 July, 2010

It Hasn't End Yet

Exam. I feel as if it is the first exam again in my life, when I stopped going to school since after SPM =/ While I am busy changing my blog layout over and over again during this lovely weekend.

It has been already a whole month since I moved to the hostel. Practically I only stay there for four days when I return home every Thursday night, and travel back there each Sunday evening.

Midterm started last week. For Accountings paper only.
And yet it hasn't end yet.

Will be having hard times with Algebra this coming week due to the Business Mathematics midterm. And I have no choice but to miss three events in a row yesterday:
  • MBSSKL Carnival (It is only 2 years ONCE!)
  • Yumcha session with my darling gurls (Bet they've long forgotten me)
  • Astro Star Quest (I only managed to watch it at home = =)
PPE 0015; Code of tomorrow's exam paper =.="
I still have not much understanding in this subject.
Would still be a tough one for me.
An indeed tough one.

Love from FiSh to my dear readers. I wish I could still smile the way you do now ;)

22 July, 2010

Used Cars For Sale in Malaysia

Used cars. I guess this is the only way for the not-so-rich ones to obtain their dream cars. It may be just inferior goods in the economic terms, P/S: This is what I learned from my Microeconomics subject last month =.=” But when the price of cars rises as well as the petrol, I think we should have reduced the budget on buying a car and save some for the petrol.

After all, driving by yourself is always better than taking public transport and depending on others to fetch you around. During my one whole month in the hostel, I always need to wait for my sis or dad or whoever unoccupied to fetch me home every week. And during my high school years, I used to wait for public transports to tuition centre and I ended up being late, skipping lunch etc.

Experiencing the same thing?

Things like that would NOT happen in your (and my) life anymore if we own a car ;D There goes an idea of used cars, for people who can’t afford a whole new one, for instance students (Students aren’t rich, only their parents are).

Do visit the Malaysia used cars for more information on used cars, and of course you can always find reasonable price here ;D

19 July, 2010

7TEEN Giveaways + Google Day

It is very happening in MMU Cyberjaya lately where the CLEO personnel came for their Cleo Girl Search 2010 last week and now 17 is here ;D

Love Your Body’ roadshow, exclusively brought by Seventeen17

My pink 17 goodie bag + pink 17Rocks badge +April issue (FREE!) + July issue.

To be frank, I actually bought the magazine because I instantly fell in love with the goodie bag.
After all, PINK stuff catches my eye ;)

‘Start practicing facial hygiene now’, by Dermalogica®

The free sample- day wash-off, toner, scrub and night cream.
Dermalogica® face mapping + Express facial worth RM48 + Mystery gift
are awaiting you at the Dermalogica® consultation pod.

And free samples of Xylitol. Do try this. For dental health care purposes x)

THANKS 7TEEN for everything! ;D

Also, we had Google Day recently,
mainly a survey campaign brought by Google in search of voices of Malaysians.

I got my voice recorded and hence received my Google tee.
;D I’ve worked for Google!


15 July, 2010


The official Buy Nothing Day is here!
It might be something you aren’t aware of, it is celebrated on 16 July each year!

Buy Nothing Day is your special day to unshop, unspend and unwind.
Relax and do nothing for the economy and for yourself - at least for a single day.

Can you really buy absolutely nothing for just one day?
You might say “Sure!but can you ACTUALLY go one whole day without transacting ANY business?

  • Are you totally debt free so that you can go a whole day without accruing interest on your mortgage?
  • Are you off the grid so that you can go a whole day without paying the power company?
  • Do you have ANY utilities? Water, Sewer etc?
  • Do you have a cell phone?
  • Do you have stocks or other investments that transact business in your name every day without your input?
  • Do you have other debts, such as credit cards that accrue interest?
  • Can you really go one whole day without buying anything?
Try it!

Can you actually resist yourself by spending a single cent?

For example, leaving your handphone, wallet, credit cards etc at home while you go out.
To me, I really can’t do it! LOLLL

It can really make a difference! Not only about one day, okay? =)

I hope you really get the message of the campaign and realize this.

“Change begins with ourselves”
Do make a difference by supporting this campaign! ;D

Nang if you love this.

08 July, 2010

Vampires, I love'em!

My favourite Twilight Saga third movie is finally out ;D ;D


And I’m one of the biggest fans of Twilight, are you? I read all the books, and of course I do think books are nicer, more detailed. But which Twilight fans would afford to miss watching the movies, right?

Officially on cinema today. I saw updates on Facebook bout my friends watching it today );
While I’m still stuck inside my hostel, after 6 hours of classes. Sigh.

It may be the third movie, but the fan craze has not abated, if anything the fan base for Twilight continues to grow as it is released worldwide.

The trailer is nothing compared to the 2 hours and 4 minutes movie! I hope anyone who have watched Eclipse, please tell me that it is as fantastic as the first movie, Twilight, and also a million times better than the second movie, New Moon.

How I'd wish to watch it a.s.a.p )):

05 July, 2010

The Old Memories

It had been weeks since I last had fun with my darling old friends. My loyal readers would be complaining why this ohteeheeFISHiee (my long new nickname, credit to Vince) is so lazy. I’m sorry, this is not a random post, it’s just a delayed event update.

P/S: I’m in the middle. Spot me. It’s easy pessy right? X)

Photoshoot time! ;D

Faces do change. I miss high schoolmates!

Nice meeting them again ;D After months in National Service, months of being away from home, and months of separating us in different universities now. I wondered when would we meet again?

My besties always ;D It seems like the 3 of us hadn’t hang out before together LOLL. But when we met, it seems like we had a million topics to chat about, and the conversations were just never ending! These are called old friends

OK-lah. I didn’t get 13A of course. It belongs to my best friend, Mr. J

My darling Vivian Ng ;D ;D

The sweetie in yellow and black was my tuition mate last year. She used to teach me essay writing in Moral Studies. If wasn’t because of her, I wouldn’t have gotten A+ for the subject. And now she is in a polytechnic school in Singapore, meaning chances to meet her are getting lesser and lesser.

Some foodstuff for us after the prizing ceremony.

Things change a lot there. People whom I met every week in classes are now having blonde hair, mature make-ups, and dressed like professional. While me… I feel like I’m still a kid =.=”

I miss the old memories we have all had. Old times are precious

Nang if you love this.
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