29 July, 2011

St. Anne's Church @ Penang

Welcome to St. Anne’s Church :D

Founded in year 1846, St Anne's Church is a famous Roman Catholic church located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

I love this huge, old Catholic church :D
It looks so awesome!

Our dear angel :)

I'm not a Christian actually; I'm a Buddhist and pray to Guan Yin. But I love visiting this beautiful church, it looks amazing to me as I have never ever visited any historical church before in my entire life.

Urmm.. it looks like a clock tower, doesn't it?

There’s also a hill that we can climb high up, to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

May I know what language is used for the words there?

I don’t know why I feel that the orchids there look different than the usual ones.
These seem much prettier (: in my imagination, at least.

Here’s the new chapel! :D
Awesome view.

The structure of the buiding is great :) Reminisces something, I guess.

Hello, it’s me of the day :D

I heart you, wide green field

23 July, 2011

My Worst Experience with Spaghetti!


During the weekend, I had one of my lunches @ The Spaghetti Farm, located at Mid Valley Megamall. It's located at the ground floor, with a huge varieties of other food choices. But on a typical Saturday, all shops are fully occupied except this. It is like Mc Donald, KFC and any other fast food chain, simply because---

Spaghetti nowadays is made into fast food too!

:) It's me, with this multi-layer piece of top.

Soup of the day: Chicken soup with parsley :) I love this.

Mince chicken spaghetti with carbonara sauce. @ RM 9.90
Fyi, this is the worst spaghetti I've ever eaten in my entire life.

Personal comment:
#1 The sauce is too bland and watery.
#2 Too much noodle with too little sauce.
#3 Doesn't worth the price.

Let's do a direct comparison!

This is what I had before, at Pizza Milano @ One Utama.
The sauce is indeed awesome! :D Creamy enough to suit my appetite.

-.- You can know which tastes better by just looking at the pictures!

And this: Chicken bolognese @ RM 9.90
Spot the flaw in this bowl! The sauce is also watery as you can see the orange-colored liquid -.-

I really don't understand why they use cow as the main icon for the shop.

The ambience? It's undeniably looking okay, or rather I should say it's only so-so?

I will never ever walk into this shop again, eventhough every other shop is full of people. I'd rather starve, or skip a meal, seriously. LOL!

14 July, 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011


So yeah I was there @ Sunway Pyramid for this Clinique Star Tour 2011 :D

Thanks Feeq for informing me about this, so that I can join this tour
and get a FREE RM35 makeover voucher!

The products of Clinique are awesome as usual :)

Let's start off now! :D

Step 1: MAKE-UP!

Step 2: HAIR-DO!

Step 3: TAKE PICHA! :D

Don't think that it's just a simple makeover, coz' I spent almost an hour there.
The beauticians and hairstylists are all professionals! :D

Are you a fan of Clinique too?

Thanks @Clinique and @CLEO for the lil' giftset and a copy of Cleo Magazine!

And this is me; After the makeover :)
P/S: I know I look very much more matured in this picture!

10 July, 2011

Of dawn and sea breeze.

Visit of the day: Hard Rock Hotel and Beach @ Penang

The building.

Here's the main entrance, with myriads of colorful lights on top of the ceiling.

Look how the color changes :)

Feel the breeze :D

It indeed feels great when I can escape from the dirty smoky air in the city,
heading to the beach for better air quality and picturesque scenery!

During the early evening of the day.

The waves :)

The beautiful beach when it's almost dawn! :)
Although the sea water is kinda cloudy.

Relax-nyer~ LOL!

Blue blue blue SKY :D

Look what I've spotted?

This looks FUN! But I didn't getta try anyway.

I'd wish to be right up there; Flying in the sky.

Horse trail, anyone?

The End.

Wait. The awesomeness will never ends :)

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