04 December, 2012

The BIG Day, with Lots of Love (Or Cakes!)

Hello people! So far, how have you enjoyed November? I hope you love my ice cream giveaway last month, and I promise there'll be more freebies giveaways soon!

#1 Yours Truly

As for me, November is always a month of bliss. It is highlighted with the family's group birthday celebration. Daddy, Sis and I share the same birthday month, I couldn't resist but enjoyed the overloaded sweetness throughout the month. 

#2 Passion Fruit Fantasy Mousse Cake @ RM60

Besides the birthday gift from Petite Patisserie I mentioned in my previous post
there are more sugary treats coming my way! 

#3 Cupcake Chic 

From Cupcake Chic, I have two cutesy cupcakes, a classic Red Velvet 
and another is among the in-house most popular flavours, 24 Karat.

#4 Classic Red Velvet @ RM5.90

Frankly, I am not a fan of cupcakes because they are all overly sweet for me, made of empty carbs and fats. I always have a perception that it is pretty to see and take picture, but not for my enjoyment. Same goes to this red velvet cake laced with cream cheese frosting.

#5 24 Karat @ RM5.90

The only flavour I like is probably from the healthier range--- 24 Karat, a light carrot cake with bits of crunchy walnut, minus the coloured lime cheese frosting.

#6 Cake @ RM10.90 per slice

So true that birthday is incomplete without a cake. Sinful but I happily indulge in the moist cheese cake from TedBoy Bakery along Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar. 

Famed for its fresh breads and coffee, I am surprised that their range of cakes can be so good! 

#7 Chocolate Banana @ RM10.90

The fluffy chocolate sponge is sandwiched with ..., revealing a very rich chocolatey flavour but not cloying at all! The sweetness is at minimal, as compared to many I've sampled. Glad that it tastes healthier and less sinful for me!

#8 Moist Blueberry Cheese with Oreo Base @ RM10.90

Every year I wouldn't miss having my favourite cheese cake for le celebration. Well, it sounds more like a tradition for myself, the firm yet smooth cheese is a must to satisfy my palate! This piece of is not the best I've tried, but it's a nice attempt for its richness and generosity in adding lots of blueberry bits.

Thanks to the best friends, the sweetness is almost endless! 

I have been having lots of cakes for the entire week, 
yet not getting bored of them coz' dessert is always my thing!

#9 Chocolate Tuxedo @ RM9.90

Starbucks Coffee is my current addiction, besides coffee their cakes are noteworthy too. The piece of Chocolate Tuxedo tastes like heaven! The wholesome chocolate ganache topping looks so sinful that I'd wish to skip it, but it is so irresistible. Crushed Oreo cookie is a nice addition to the smooth chocolate mousse, which is light and airy within itself. Have a spoonful of this combination, and you'd enjoy the melting goodness along with a crunchy biting experience!

Perhaps my next favourite would be this: 
Cheesy yet healthy Hi Fibre Cream Cheese from Secret Recipe :)

There I'm finally leaving my teenage years behind to celebrate the BIG 2-0, embarking a new milestone in life. Sounds old? 20 is just the beginning of life, more excitements coming my way :) 

May God showers us with lots of blessings throughout the journey =)


  1. Ooooo...lucky girl! So many cakes!!! Did I get to wish you then? Never mind, belated birthday greetings and wishing you the very best in the year ahead.

  2. Fish, you've been so lucky to have been treated to many different types of cakes! =D

    I never find the age 20 as old; I find that it's merely the entrance into the world of mature adults that is full of hidden surprises.

  3. wah.. so many cakes!! fat ar.. hehehehe Happy Birthday my dear... xD

  4. So many delicious cakes for your birthday!! :D
    Happy Birthday to you and your family members~~ ^^

  5. OMG! This post is so SWEET! Look at all the cakes!! <3

  6. OMG! So many cakes!! Happy belated birthday! : )

  7. So many cakessss! Happy Belated Birthday pretty! :D

  8. Such a wonderful Birthday to receive sooo many kinds of cakes!! ^^
    Happy belated birthday to u fish!!

  9. feels like so long ago I was 20. I'm just 24 now though

  10. That is a lot of cake..so happy to even just look through them..happy belated birthday! Stay happy everyday..

  11. Happy Birthday to you! All the cakes looks delicious!!

  12. Happy Birthday Fish! Looked like a Fabulous Birthday year ya... lots of loves....

    to be 20 again... the world is definately your oyster!!!

  13. happy food porn and happy birthday cutie hohoho

  14. Wow...you had so many types of cakes on your birthday month!
    I love that Chocolate Tuxedo from Starbucks!

  15. Happy belated birthday to you. So many different kinds of cakes and cupcakes too from your family and friends. I love your dress and you are looking amazing with the white piano.

  16. that's a lot of sweetness! looks very tempting, and it's nice that you had such a tasty birthday month :D

  17. you make me wanna eat cake so much now >.<


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