31 October, 2013

Review: CIRACLE Vitamin Source C20 Serum

As much as our body requires Vitamin C to boost immunity, do you know that our skin needs the same too? I am used to drinking Vitamin C health beverages since young, and now I can pamper my skin the same way too! With CIRACLE's pioneer and bestselling product in Korea, Vitamin C20 Serum, your skin can become softer, more moisturized and well-protected. 

To be honest, the packaging of this serum looks sophisticated like an equipment I often see in the laboratory. Unlike many fancy, cute-looking Korean products, CIRACLE gives a better confidence to consumers through its detailed label, safe packages and clinically tested products. 

CIRACLE Vitamin Source C20 (30ml) @ RM102 [Made in Korea]

Inside the tinted 30ml bottle was the acidic serum that looks like orange juice. The box includes a dropper for the ease of consumer because a little serum is sufficient for the whole face and neck as it is highly concentrated. 
The 6000mg vitamin C content in a 30ml bottle is equivalent to 200 tangerines, 120 strawberries or 40 oranges. Now can you imagine how powerful the serum is? It pampers your skin with the best natural ingredients that helps remove dead skin cells, revitalize your skin, tighten pores, recover troubled scars, whitening and removing blackheads. 

How To "Feed" Your Skin with Vitamin C?
Use the dropper carefully to take only 3-5 drops of serum, because too much of the concentrate may cause tingling effect on the skin. But I love the way it suits even the most sensitive skin because the tingling only lasts for the first few uses (based on my personal experience). After that, it soothes the skin very well. But if you think it's too rich, then it's best to use it together with toner, and followed by moisturizer to lock its goodness into the skin.

For best result, use 3-5 drops of serum with toner every night over the face especially 
the troubled areas. For daytime usage, you can apply it under sunscreen as a protective layer 

The concentrated serum is golden orange in color, with slight shiny effect. I can imagine myself drinking it because it looks good and fresh like orange juice, but be reminded that it is only for external use. Well, I tried and it tasted less sweet (and not so nice) though, hahahah...
Full of pure Vitamin C goodness, the 20% of L-ascorbic acid and natural antioxidant combine to help prevent premature signs of aging. I only use it at night because of the Vitamin C's sensitivity to heat, light and temperature. But too. For long-lasting freshness, don't forget to keep it refrigerated too!

CIRACLE Vitamin Source C20 works miracle on my skin after continuous use for 20 nights. My skin appears brighter and smoother with less visible pores. I personally enjoy the refreshing sensation as I apply it directly onto the skin when it's cold (Keptt in the fridge).

If you do not already know Ciracle, CIRACLE is a beauty brand from Korea, focusing on organic-based beauty and healthy products using the eco-friendly technology and products from USA, Korea and France. I am also a satisfied user of the CIRACLE miracle blackhead off sheet, read my review HERE!

Ciracle is currently available at SASA beauty store, Maxbeauty and even online at www.ciracle.my and www.zalora.com

For more information about Ciracle, go to:
Website: www.ciracle.my
Facebook: fb.com/CiracleMY

30 October, 2013

Review: My Beauty Diary NEW Upgraded Mask - Cosphingo

Yay, finally! I finally get my hands on the latest product of My Beauty Diary. I have always been a fan of this Taiwanese mask brand, because of its functionality and affordability. I'm glad to receive some goodies from them so that I can try out the newly upgraded mask.

Cosphingo is the latest breakthrough for My Beauty Diary as it is a specially patented, naturally extracted long-lasting moisturizing ingredient that helps in improving hydration and moisture-locking from inside out. Moreover, it enhances the mask to be more long lasting

By the way, it has no paraben,alcohol and fluorescent agent component too.

The Aloe Mask I tried is best for optimal moisturizing, comforting and soothing. Combined with Kiwi fruit, Lemon and Ginkgo extracts, I'm pleased that the mask smells good and feels refreshing to the skin and soul.

Aloe vera is always a great ingredient to moisten the skin, that's why this mask is recommended for 
dry to extremely dry skin. Can't wait for my skin to turn softer and more supple like a baby’s skin!

How To Use Cosphingo Mask?
 Step 1: After cleansing and toning, tear open the mask and apply it over the face for 20-30 minutes.
 Step 2:  Gently massage the remaining essence into skin with fingertips until it is fully absorbed. 
No rinsing necessary. 
 Step 3: Apply regular lotion/cream care to seal the nourishment.

The new cloth mask is said to fit the chin perfectly but I find it a little oversized for my face no matter how I adjust it. Nevertheless, its elastic and adherent quality will not tear off easily, and able to infuse abundant moisture into the skin.

I also notice the mask has more essence in it compared to the old version, so don't waste it!

My Verdict for My Beauty Diary Cosphingo Mask:

1. I love the rich aloe scent that soothes my tired skin after a long day.
2. The instantaneous soothing and moisturizing effect is awesome. Plus, the redness on my acne is instantly gone after using this!
3. If I were to have any complaint, I think it'd be on the shape of the mask.

Available at any SASA, Guardian and Watsons outlets nationwide.

Comes in 8 types:
- Collagen Firming 极致再生
- Arbutin Whitening 极致美白
- Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing 极致保湿 (My personal favourite!)
- Black Pearl 晶亮透白
- Bird's Nest 极致滋养
- Aloe Vera 舒缓滋润
- Apple Polyhenol 绝对紧致
- Pearl Powder 柔滑白皙

For more information, visit My Beauty Diary at:
Facebook: facebook.com/mybeautydiarymy

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29 October, 2013

The Roof: Integrated Entertainment Hub Under The Sky

Welcome to Asia's first and only infinity grassed helipad lounge at 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama! 

Imagine yourself standing at an opulent rooftop bar, overlooking the star-lit city skyline of Klang Valley, while indulging in exquisite vodka and wine; What a unique and classy experience it will be! That makes everyone dreams to visit The Roof. Time to sign up yourself on the exclusive guest list for its official grand launch on 1 November 2013 via Facebook!

I was at The Roof with Yin Yin for a "Hard Hat Tour" in conjunction to the soft launch of this largest premium dining and entertainment hub of 2013 in First Avenue (Linked to One Utama Shopping Centre).

 The Roof is a premium integrated dining and entertainment hub with over 50,000 square feet of dining, entertainment and event space, offering patrons the 5 unique F&B experiences designed to cater to a broad spectrum of customers with each outlet promising a unique and classy experience.

"SCORE" : An exhilarating Sports Bar for the sports enthusiasts

SCORE is a pretty cool spot to unwind and have fun after work, especially for the days of watching live football. Cozy and comfortable, I'd love chilling here with friends for casual drinks, dart and pool games. 

"Signature" : Stylish, Premium Gastro Lounge

Those beers and finger food at SCORE are just a warm-up session. For hungry patrons, SIGNATURE is the next place to visit for a gastronomic dining experience with occasional surprises in between. 

Cay Kujipers explained the fine food available at Signature, from the award-winning signature cocktails concocted ala minute to an extensive selection of Asian and international fusion cuisine. Now I'm craving for a wine pairing fine dinner here!

"PLAY" : Designer Super Dance Club 

PLAY is currently the only premium dance club at Petaling Jaya with the state-of-the-art staging, audio and visuals. Not forgetting the regular appearance of famous local and international DJs and live acts. There you should go for a relaxing Friday night! 

After a candlelight dinner at Signature, I don't mind staying a little longer to enjoy good music with a patio view of city and have fun memorable experience there. I'm sure there'll be plenty of hot hunks too! 

"Malt & Leaf" : Whiskey and Cigar Lounge

True to its name, this area is a cozy yet sophisticated cigar and whiskey bar with an extensive collection of international malts and tobacco around the world. You'll amazed with the walk-in glass cigar cabinet with selections of world's finest cigars. Well, who doesn't enjoy the finer things in life? :) 

Here you can have a private atmosphere on your own, with some whisky and cigar.

Malt & Leaf has a spectacular and breathtaking view of the city too!

" Stratosphere" : Helipad Champagne Bar 

...and finally here comes the star attraction of The Roof: The first-and-only-in-Asia luxury open-air rooftop nestled on a helipad. Here's the place for drinking in the serenity from Stratosphere and experience the elevation of the ordinary.

This is truly a heaven in the heart of a city! ♥♥ 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first step into this luxury rooftop champagne bar. The 16,000 sqft Stratosphere is so spacious, and I feel so near to the twinkling stars! Here you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. If you used to love the atmosphere at Ampang LookOut Point, I can assure you will love The Roof even more! 

Elevator in the sky // ♥ 

 Be it on the couch or tall counter chairs, the comfort level there is at its peak as 
the breezy winds take my worries away, with the stars gracing the night's serene atmosphere...

Trust me, the view during daylight is as mesmerizing too!

....When the Sun falls, and the moon is up.

*secretly wishing for a birthday party or garden wedding "in the sky"* 

Can you spot KLCC and KL Tower from far?

Stratosphere is indeed a perfect option to indulge in exquisite drinks 
and mouth-watering canapes for the best memorable experience!

The Roof also caters for parties, events and private functions.
For more information, visit The Roof at its Website / Facebook page.

The Roof
1, First Avenue,

Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7729 1628
Fax: 603-7729 1668
Website: www.theroof.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/TheRoofMalaysia
GPS Coordinate: 101° 37’ 1” E, 3°8’ 51” N

28 October, 2013

Mentos Classic Candy x Cintai Malaysia Contest

When I was a kid, I always wanted to own a candy shop--- to have FREE candies all the time! Well, as a kid, who can turn down candy? But Mentos is not just a typical candy that kids crave for. In fact, it is an iconic chewy candy brand, popular among both young and old since a century ago!

Having so many candies here makes me a happy kid again!

For me, Mentos is my favourite candy companion since young. It feels as if Mentos has actually grown up together with me. I remembered Mummy only bought me Fruit flavour when I was a kid. The silly me didn't know Mentos had lots more interesting flavours too. And now my favourite is Rainbow, because I can try all 7 fruity flavours in one roll! 

Mint, Sour Mix, Rainbow, Secret (Limited Edition!), Fruit, Mintensity, Mix Grape, Air Action.
Which is your favourite? ♥♥♥ 

Recently I noticed the packaging for the new Mentos roll is different; it has something eye-catching printed on the wrapper! Do you know what's that? It's "Peraduan Cintai Malaysia"!

Mentos is giving you the opportunity to refresh your soul with eight island holidays in Malaysia and daily prizes worth RM130,000. Mentos Roll’s “Cintai Malaysia Contest” runs from 15 October 2013 to 15 January 2014 in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia’s 2014 Visit Malaysia promotion.   

Time to look out for Mentos roll with such wrapper!!

I wanna win the grand prize of an amazing trip to Sipadan Kapalai It's the most beautiful island in Malaysia, and I've longed to travel there! Other prizes include a trip to Taarans Redang Island, Langkawi Island and Tioman Island, all are Malaysia’s hottest travel destinations. Well, if I can win some daily prizes of one smartphone and 54 KFC vouchers worth RM10 each, it would be good enough.

Simply purchase any Mentos Roll, UNWRAP IT CAREFULLY, and follow the
instructions behind the wrapper. Don't forget to keep the outer wrapper as purchase proof!

This is how the outer wrapper should look like. More than 5000 prizes are awaiting you!!

Behind the wrapper, you can see the wrapper code on the top, followed by clear instructions 
how to submit your entries via SMS or via facebook at facebook.com/mentosmalaysia. 

Method 1: SMS
Type MENTOS, your wrapper code, answer to the question given (A/B), 12 digit IC number and full name,
then send to 36322. Each SMS only costs RM0.30, but what you might win is worth thousands of ringgit!
Method 2: FaceBook

You can also submit via Mentos Malaysia Facebook: www.facebook.com/mentosmalaysia
Visit Mentos Malaysia Facebook page, and click on the "Cintai Malaysia" tab on right.
Don't forget to LIKE their page first!

For first time user, you'll have to submit your name, IC and telephone number, before submitting the code.

Then answer the simple question which is already printed on your Mentos wrapper earlier on.
Click "Submit" and you're done! Multiple entries are encouraged to gain more chances of winning.

Mentos roll retails at RM1.20 each, available at supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores,
and pharmacies nationwide. Time to grab some Mentos candy rolls and win fabulous prizes!

Contest starts from 15 October 2013 to 15 January 2014.
Start buying as many Mentos rolls as you can now!
If you can't finish all of them, I'm here to be your recycle bin =P

For more information about Mentos Malaysia, please visit:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mentosmalaysia
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